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  1. Hopefully they reveal the Bronco/Bronco Sport ASAP. Give us (and their stock) a boost!
  2. Also, a little known fact: In Japan, American car manufactures can only advertise in English and not Japanese. The have this law to protect the Japanese domestic car manufacturing.
  3. zipzoomflyfast

    Courier FWD Trucklet

    Perhaps the Maverick will be a pickup plus offer a CUV, but slightly longer than the Escape it is based on...think if it as a 3 row Escape.
  4. zipzoomflyfast

    Courier FWD Trucklet

    I agree, 4 door only. I don't see any reason for a supercab version. Possibly a single cab for fleet, but that is a stretch too.
  5. zipzoomflyfast

    Yahoo article on Fusion Active

    I honestly hope that Ford...if the Fusion Active (my opinion: should just be called the Fusion - leave off "active") makes it as capable or more capable than the Outback. Also...any idea if there would be a Lincoln version? High priced wagon segment is dominated by the Germans and word on the street is Caddy is about to jump back in.
  6. zipzoomflyfast

    Courier FWD Trucklet

    Much like any modern Ford or other manufacturer, the "base" truck might start at/near $20k, but will have VERY limited supply and a nice fully loaded Maverick will prob end up around $30-$34k
  7. zipzoomflyfast

    Courier FWD Trucklet

    I think Bronco Sport Trac would be a great name for a true Gladiator competitor - Maverick is a solid name for the compact Bronco pickup
  8. zipzoomflyfast

    New 2020 Navigator

    congrats! Beautiful!
  9. zipzoomflyfast

    Farley investment

    I've liked Farley from day 1 - not only a car guy, but a Ford guy. He has the smarts and passion. I would vote for him to be CEO.
  10. zipzoomflyfast

    Courier FWD Trucklet

    Sport Trac was technically (at the time) a SUT or Sport Utility Truck. A truck made and built off an SUV platform that was catered to the "activity" lifestyle vs hard core work. It would fit for the Gladiator competitor or the smaller pick up.
  11. zipzoomflyfast

    Courier FWD Trucklet

    So are we thinking the following....Bronco lineup is possible ? Bronco (2 and 4 door) Bronco Sport Trac/Maverick (Gladiator Competitor) Bronco Sport Bronco Sport Pickup (Ranchero/Courier) That would be a very STRONG lineup...love it.
  12. zipzoomflyfast

    Courier FWD Trucklet

    As a current Sport Trac owner...I would LOVE a Bronco Sport Trac...Bring it!
  13. zipzoomflyfast

    Courier FWD Trucklet

  14. zipzoomflyfast

    Courier FWD Trucklet

    This is great news! I just hope the cab and back seats are large enough for 2 adults.
  15. zipzoomflyfast

    Rivian Based Lincoln EV Cancelled

    Dang! I was really hoping for a Rivian based Lincoln!