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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.

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  1. dave 316

    2013 Shelby GT500 Order

    mine is awesome in every sense of the word. they got the exhaust sound down perfect for stock!!
  2. love mine, still didnt tow yet thou
  3. mine was a dec build, and i never had this problem, thank god. awesome truck!!
  4. dave 316

    2013 Explorer

    my wifes explorer please. Vin 1FM5K8F81DGB96101, thank you sir!
  5. dave 316

    2013 Explorer

    my wifes explorer please. Vin 1FM5K8F81DGB96101, thank you sir! happy new year
  6. dave 316

    2013 Explorer

    Vin 1FM5K8F81DGB96101, just checking to see if there is a change Merry Christmas, thanks again
  7. dave 316


    that looks really cool. love the wheels
  8. dave 316

    2015 F-150 Concept

    man, that fx 4 is pretty cool! great work
  9. i know what the towing is on the EB, with my old 5.4 towing an open car trailer with a 4000 pound car on it was a breeze. havent done it yet with the EB, anybody have feedback?
  10. dave 316

    Retro bronco look.

    this would be a really cool idea. much like the retro look of the mustang, they could have a big seller on their hands if done correctly.
  11. just ordered the limited 2013 for my wife. have the EB motor in my F150, love it. cant wait to see it and see what it can do in that vehicle
  12. i had a 2010 with the 5.4 platinum, now i have a platinum with the EB, and all i really notice is how much smoother the EB seems to feel. milage is up a touch also for my habits anyway. FWIW
  13. Hello, and thanks in advance, and also for helping me with my shelby. posted pics on that thread. my wifes explorer please. Vin 1FM5K8F81DGB96101
  14. dave 316

    2013 Shelby Gt500

    love it! thanks for the help, and understanding. just ordered the wife a 2013 explorer. started a new post. thanks, and merry christmas!
  15. dave 316

    2013 Shelby Gt500

    Cyberdman, may I have an update please? dealer number F13058, order 600R vin 1ZVBP8JZXD5265272 Happy Thankgiving!