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    New member with a story

    Hello all. I posted this in here because I didn't want to bother anybody who wasn't going through the pain of a GT500 order. In my story, I have been lucky enough to build two fox boy notchbacks that both made the cover of Muscle Mustangs And Fast Fords. Then life happened. I am a police officer, then got married and now have two beautiful young children. The 1000 horse power, True Street Champion of 2010 notch had to go. I have missed that car very much. The joy of the children took the sting away, but anytime I would hear the rumble of an off road exhaust. Well you understand. Anyway, life was about to throw me a curveball like you would get in the bottom of the 9th in game seven of the world series with 2 outs and the count 3 and 2 with bases loaded being down 2 runs. This curve ball was not to be swung on and missed, but launched out of the park. Without the details, funds were going to be available to order my dream. A 2013 Shelby GT 500. After zero luck of any dealer letting me order what I wanted with no ADM, I gave up and thought it wasn't meant to be. Out of the blue, my phone rings from a dealer who I called looking for an order. He tells me he has an inbound car that the original buyer backed out on. He further states that the order can still be modified. He then drops the bomb that because of my service to the public, the owner will do MSRP!! The order is placed, and within ten days I have a vin number. 30 days later, my car is built, and in area 51. Now somebody on another forum I am a member of tells me about Blue Oval Forums. I find out that a gentleman here will track my car for me. I am sooo excited now I can hardly type. I look forward to my membership here, and if any member here is from New Jersey and needs any information on law enforcement, or motor vehicle code, please hit me up. Thanks for listening, and I will post pics as soon as I take delivery! Dave
  2. Hello, and thanks in advance, and also for helping me with my shelby. posted pics on that thread. my wifes explorer please. Vin 1FM5K8F81DGB96101
  3. dave 316

    2013 Shelby GT500 Order

    mine is awesome in every sense of the word. they got the exhaust sound down perfect for stock!!
  4. love mine, still didnt tow yet thou
  5. mine was a dec build, and i never had this problem, thank god. awesome truck!!
  6. dave 316

    2013 Explorer

    my wifes explorer please. Vin 1FM5K8F81DGB96101, thank you sir!
  7. dave 316

    2013 Explorer

    my wifes explorer please. Vin 1FM5K8F81DGB96101, thank you sir! happy new year
  8. dave 316

    2013 Explorer

    Vin 1FM5K8F81DGB96101, just checking to see if there is a change Merry Christmas, thanks again
  9. Thanks in advance, pics will be posted at delivery. Dave dealer number F13058, order 600R vin 1ZVBP8JZXD5265272
  10. dave 316


    that looks really cool. love the wheels
  11. dave 316

    2015 F-150 Concept

    man, that fx 4 is pretty cool! great work
  12. i know what the towing is on the EB, with my old 5.4 towing an open car trailer with a 4000 pound car on it was a breeze. havent done it yet with the EB, anybody have feedback?
  13. dave 316

    Retro bronco look.

    this would be a really cool idea. much like the retro look of the mustang, they could have a big seller on their hands if done correctly.
  14. just ordered the limited 2013 for my wife. have the EB motor in my F150, love it. cant wait to see it and see what it can do in that vehicle
  15. i had a 2010 with the 5.4 platinum, now i have a platinum with the EB, and all i really notice is how much smoother the EB seems to feel. milage is up a touch also for my habits anyway. FWIW
  16. dave 316

    2013 Shelby Gt500

    love it! thanks for the help, and understanding. just ordered the wife a 2013 explorer. started a new post. thanks, and merry christmas!
  17. dave 316

    2013 Shelby Gt500

    Cyberdman, may I have an update please? dealer number F13058, order 600R vin 1ZVBP8JZXD5265272 Happy Thankgiving!
  18. dave 316

    2013 Shelby Gt500

    Thank you sir
  19. dave 316

    2013 Shelby Gt500

    dealer number F13058, order 600R vin 1ZVBP8JZXD5265272 . sorry sir, brain fart. thanks again
  20. dave 316

    F 150 owners who tow with eco boost

    thanks for the help guys!
  21. Hey all, Looking at a platinum F150 again. Had a 2010 that was wiped out by a drunk driver, while it was parked (thank God) anyway, was looking at a new one, and found a cheery one but it has tthe eco boost motor. Anyone tow an open car trailer with a 400 pound car, or anything similar? looking to see how that motor tows. thanks
  22. dave 316

    2013 Shelby Gt500

    excuse my moron-ness, but i don't understand the update. thanks !
  23. dave 316

    2013 Shelby Gt500

    Cyberdman, may I please have an update?
  24. dave 316

    Car Show Display stand for Mustangs

    I KNOW THIS IS AN OLD POST, BUT CAN ANYBODY ADVISE ME WHERE TO BUY THEM? I searched the net and came up empty. thanks guys
  25. dave 316

    New Bronco?

    i would hope that if they were to bring it back, it would be bad ass. some things should die with dignity, 4 door charger, the new dart, need i say more?