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  1. I think that we won’t see new vehicles from Ford beyond the Bronco family, Mach E, F series EV until the middle of the decade when a pair of midsize crossovers EVs will arrive (one Ford and One Lincoln) . The Ford line up in USA will be very irregular: no sedans, no midsize crossover/SUV, no coupe crossover (all automakers have at least one), no minivan.
  2. falconlover 1

    Lincoln zephyr concept car revealed

    Oh! Is a sedan! Seeing it with people aside, I can see is a sedan!
  3. falconlover 1

    Lincoln zephyr concept car revealed

    Sure is only for China.
  4. Is this vehicle related with the Zephyr concept? Looks like the same sedan/coupe/wagon on stilts . When I saw both cars I remembered the AMC Eagle. Those cars are sedans, coupes and wagons with AWD and high ride... the new Ford and the new Lincoln looks exactly like those AMCs. The Evos is attractive. I’m not sure about the six windows profile, but the rest of the car is very attractive. The interior is completely different from any car in the Ford line up. Is this interior only for China? Is the grill... similar as the Chinese Explorer exclusive grill, exclusive for the chinese model? This car will be available in USA? The rumors say not. For sure, this will be the Mondeo replacement in Europe.
  5. falconlover 1

    Lincoln zephyr concept car revealed

    Is overdone in the details, maybe because is a concept car. I hope the production model loses the superfluos and inelegant lines and front scoops.. and that horrible grill.
  6. falconlover 1

    Lincoln zephyr concept car revealed

    Is this a sedan? Looks more than a crossover... a “not-too-tall” crossover coupe.
  7. you mean Lincoln MKZ replacement? Is logical. The sedans are alive in China, and Lincoln needs the MKZ and the Continental there. In fact, the Taurus, the Escort, the Focus sedan , the Fusion, the Fiesta sedan are alive and are important part of the Ford line up there.
  8. I think is hybrid. The grille is for an ICE vehicle. Is lower than the Edge, maybe as tall as the Mach E ( not too tall at all). And the general style will have some Mach E cues.
  9. Fresh news from China...
  10. falconlover 1

    Ford to Launch More Sub-Brands?

    Thunderbird is a perfect name for a new electric luxury coupe crossover to replace the Edge. Some styling cues from the iconic car and you have a winner
  11. falconlover 1

    Ford to Launch More Sub-Brands?

    Taurus, Thunderbird, Fairlane...
  12. falconlover 1

    Volkswagen's long term transformation strategy

    A lie from the altered diesel engines company... no surprises
  13. falconlover 1

    Lexus LF-Z concept debuts

    Lexus Mach E? The silhouette and some styling cues are from the Mustang .... That grille is horrible. No matter is solid, the Lexus grille is horrible.
  14. falconlover 1

    2021 Ford Equator for China

    For Chineses, the red is a good color. Is a lucky one... I hate that interior but the horizontal screen that looks stolen from my Mercedes-Benz A-180...
  15. falconlover 1

    Another new V8 ?

    ICE vehicles will be dead by 2030. The V8s are dead right now (only used in Mustang and some trucks). A new V8 for the big SUVs is a waste of money. The current V6 Ecoboost is the right choice, and the hybrid can fight every other engine from Stellantis .