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  1. falconlover 1

    GM Unveils Mid-engine Vette....Sort of

    About the price, is not what the press say. The new "Corvette" will cost much more than the C7. And a 180000 $ midsize super car is not a car for the typical Corvette´s customer
  2. falconlover 1

    GM Unveils Mid-engine Vette....Sort of

    What is your problem with me, guy?. Is this forum a dictadirship?. I feel free to give my opinions as everyone else does here. If you do not like them, then do not read me. Do you think that because you are related in some way to the industry and, possibly, to Ford, you have the exclusive right to express your opinion? Maybe you only work for a company that does the maintenance of some Ford office in Detroit. Your opinions and your "exclusive revelations" prove it. Maybe you can only peek at a desk from time to time or hear what a Ford engineer says. Your post makes it look like that. I think it's time for you to dedicate yourself to your life and let me give my opinion in peace.
  3. falconlover 1

    GM Unveils Mid-engine Vette....Sort of

    Mary Barra will enter the history as the GM CEO that kill the Corvette. That car is not a Corvette, and will be a sales fail.
  4. falconlover 1

    The Ford Mach E (Car and Driver)

    Ford is preparing the Mustang car replacement for the time when cars will no longer exist. In between, some Mustangs will share the “brand”.
  5. Everybody overestimated the self-driven cars. I think will take decades to put a car without pedals/stering wheel in the market.
  6. falconlover 1

    Mustang Mach-E trademarked

    This thing looks like a Mustang. Is a Mustang for a time without sedans and cars. This thing will carry the “eléctric” pony badge at the front of the body. And this thing will be called Mustang Mach E. And this is good for Ford because this thing will be selling like hotcakes.
  7. falconlover 1

    Mustang Mach-E trademarked

    I will write this in spanish (my native language): Yo se los dije!
  8. falconlover 1

    New Ford Puma

    No. The Puma is a Fiesta based crossover (B segment car), the Baby Bronco is a C segment car, based on the Focus platform, like the Escape.
  9. falconlover 1

    New Ford Puma

    https://es.motor1.com/news/316525/ford-puma-2020-suv-compacto/ Confirmed. The Puma will be a new crossover that will be between the EcoSport and the new Kuga (Escape). Europe will have 7 SUVs/Crossovers by the end of 2019: EcoSport Fiesta Active Puma Focus Active Kuga Edge Explorer
  10. falconlover 1

    New Ford Puma

    The new B-segment crossover called Puma was shown in the Ford Spain Twitter account today. Is the EcoSport replacement or a new crossover to replace the C-Max and Grand C-Max? Here the pic
  11. This image is from the Ford Spain Twitter account. Is a mistake? Maybe Ford planned to show the Puma in the Go futher event, but for something thay canceled it and the CM of the account didnt received the advise. If not, why to show in twitter a car one day after de event? Whatever, the Puma is ready. But what is the Puma? An EcoSport replacement? A new B- segment crossover to fill the C-Max space? We will know it soon...
  12. The Kuga (Escape) debut is confirmed for April 2 in Europe. Via Ford´s Instagram/Twiter accounts.
  13. A common marketing for those 3 vehicles (Bronco, Baby-Bronco and the compact pick-up) as an off road vehicles requires a common name or label. I think the Bronco´s wild horse image will be used for all. The name could be Bronco, Bronco Maverick and Bronco ???, or could be different for each one: Bronco, Maverick and ??? However, it takes a long time to know (at least 12 months)
  14. falconlover 1

    Cadillac unveils new CT5 - the CTS replacement

    Maybe you are rigth. In any case, the design of this car is painful. Is cheap looking (a black plastic panel simulating a rear window??? really???), uncohesive, with terrible proportions and bad stance, horrible details (that C-pillar is a mess... is horrible... is emetic), with a front end that can be used in any cheap asian sedan (more fake black plastic air scoops than in a Civic...). I cant understand how this design received the green ligth for production. Maybe because is very cheap to produce it...