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  1. falconlover 1

    New 2020 Navigator

    The top-of-the-line Ford Motor Company vehicle is a very good one. The best big luxury SUV. Congrats for your purchase
  2. falconlover 1

    Evolution of the continental

    cool , nice post. thanks
  3. Every car need one design element that capture attention in one way or another. Generally, those design elements are controversial, some may look strange, but it is the elements that give character to the car, that make it recognizable and that put people to talk about it. For example, the strange roof of the 1986 Cougar, the rear end of the 1980 Cadillac Seville, or the black D pillar of the last Jaguar XJ ... This strange C-pillar is the characteristic element of the Bronco Sport ... people will talk about it and it will be its distinctive.
  4. Is not so retro...looks with a modern design, with small retro feeling... Nice.
  5. falconlover 1

    BMW i4 Electric Concept

    Well... we need to wait. The Porsche Taycan is not as good as Porsche promissed... the range is bad. The EQ vehicles from Mercedes-Benz dont convince too much. Maybe the germans are not so good in the EV production area...
  6. Looks like GM is in a good position to compete in the EV market as soon as the people want to buy those EVs... And the Cadillac propositions are promising.
  7. falconlover 1

    Hyundai Prophecy Concept

    Is the rigth shape if Citroën´s DS brand designers want to make a proper modern DS ...
  8. Ford Electrovan
  9. falconlover 1

    No More Cars

    The auto trends are ciclic. The new trend of high ride vehicles (crossovers/SUVs) is not new. Here some pics of the 1937/38 Fords, as high as a 2020 Explorer, with no trunks... in other words, a SUV/crossover of today... In 10 or 20 years, the low ride, long and wide vehicles, like in the late 60s could be the trend , again...
  10. The Explorer nightmare continues.... This car needs a redone....ASAP. The interior is a mess in its design and materials/quality, and must be completly redone.The exterior needs a new grille, more in line with others Ford models (new Escape/Kuga, european Puma...). And the Chicago plant, where this car is assembled, needs a big shake out... with new managers and an strict quality protocol. The completly new and modern RWD Explorer cant take on the old Honda Pilot... this is a big failure, a great mistake from Ford.
  11. Autoblog say that is not a short bed Raptor, they think is a big BOF SUV with Raptor caracteristics. A Bronco Max based on the Expedition? An Expedition Raptor? This is very interesting!
  12. One publication say the powertrain in the new Bronco will be the 2.7 V6 with 10 sp auto. 350 HP? https://fordauthority.com/2020/02/heres-what-will-power-the-2021-ford-bronco-exclusive/
  13. falconlover 1

    Pre Production Mustang Mach E

    In 10 years what will not exist will be the current RWD ICE V8 powered Mustang in a low ride coupe form...
  14. Oh! Ford has hired the GMC Sierra designer! Good work, buddy. But the next time, try something different...
  15. You didnt read the article: "So, no, don't expect a big V8 solely for America, and an electrified turbo-four for Europe in the same car. Pericak pointed to the Mustang's future as a perfect example of these exact discussions going on right now." "What we would never do is compromise," he declared. "If it's a Mustang, it'll be a Mustang. Whatever is offered will be a Mustang and live up to the Mustang expectation."