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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Early adopters of electric trucks covered, no more (or less) demand of it. The EV adoption run will be longer, much longer than expected. On the other side, fun, big, iconic ICE SUVs and trucks are very popular. So, Ford is taking the correct choices.
  2. I am European. I live in Spain. And I don’t want a 45 to 60000€ electric vehicle like the EV Explorer or Capri. There are not good enough. And the VW sibling sales flop preview the Ford EVs failure . The Mach E is very good vehicle, is a different kind of car. It has a very attractive design and a aspirational halo ( a Mustang is always a desired objet ). Europe, and Spain , are not ready for expensive EVs from mainstream brands. And not everybody want thems. The infrastructure is not ready for EVs. Ford will fail miserably in Europe with their EV strategy
  3. The 1986 Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable had a revolutionary design that shocked everybody. 3 or 4 years later , when the Taurus where the bestselling car , every automaker copied the “aero” design for their sedans. the same will occur with the T3 and the Explorer EV for NorthAmerica
  4. I can’t imagine what will Ford do in Europe. Ford killed everything from the Fiesta to Mondeo. All electric line up for 2030 is not possible right now, because the people doesn’t want to buy them.
  5. I hope Ford star to import from China de Broncos destined for Europe. Maybe then could sell it cheaper than the American units. In Spain, the cheapest Bronco will cost 86000€… or 90000$. That is insane.
  6. .I.

    UAW Demands 46% Pay Hike

    And then people criticize when Ford decides to import the Lincoln Nautilus from China. Given what is happening with the absurd demands of the automobile unions, Ford (and the other American brands) should stop producing vehicles in the USA and move the plants to Mexico, Canada or China. By the way, all these lawsuits do not affect either Toyota or Tesla. I don't know if the idea is to bankrupt the 3 traditional American companies, because that is what will happen if common sense doesn’t prevails.
  7. MEB is a mess. Ford made a mistake using it. Maybe the best for Ford is to wait until the GE2 EV platform will be ready.
  8. Of course. The price is a key element of the EV equation. Is VW gaining money on MEB in China, with the new prices? That is the point. If you don’t get profits, is not working. 🤷🏼
  9. MEB is not working for VW. Won’t do it for Ford. That platform is a mess. And Ford is now in a very difficult position: nothing to offer to European customers. At least, not for middle class Europeans. The current line up (excluding de trucks/vans) are: Puma Kuga (Escape) Mustang Mach E (starting at 55000€) Mustang (starting at 60000€ for the 4 cyl model) North American Explorer (until the end of the year, at 70000€) Bronco (available by the end of this year, at stratospherically price and few units) That is all. 🤷🏼
  10. Oh! Great! The best seller Ford in Europe is the number 17 in the top 20 list! Wow. Some years ago, the Focus made the top 3 bestseller in many Europeans markets and the Fiesta made the top 2 in UK for many years. 🤷🏼
  11. Is not in the 20 best seller list of Europe… Ford hasn’t any vehicle in that list. Ford is turning in a marginal brand in the continent.
  12. Ford of Europe will be in big trouble. No ICE vehicles by 2030? No way. Now, with the Fiesta, the Focus, the Mondeo, the C-Max , all dead, what will Ford sell??
  13. This is true. The change to EVs must be gradual. I see how Ford at Europe is changing their line up to all EV by 2030. That means no new single car cheaper than 40000€. That will be a debacle for Ford. My new 2023 Mercedes-Benz CLA cost me 42000€. Ford will crash in Europe by the end of the decade if continues forcing customers to adopt EV at high prices