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  1. Chromey

    Task for today/ F150

  2. Looks like they flipped the brake controller and the backup dial. Makes that easier to reach than the current model.
  3. Maybe so. Figured a preemptive response would be a good idea as the pro-rotary gang would show up and tell me if I didn’t like it, then don’t buy one with it.
  4. Chromey

    Auto startstop

    Just give the steering wheel a bit of a wiggle back and forth right as you stop and before it shuts off. It’ll disable the auto shut off. Works on my 2019 f150. Tried it on some rental cars...didn’t work. Did work on a loaner Lincoln Nautilus though.
  5. Is that a shift lever in the console? I was under the impression that the 2021's would get a rotary dial like the Expedition. Shifting gears in a truck, for me anyway, either needs to be done with a lever coming from the floor or the steering column. Rotary dial in a car? Sure...I'm good with that. I'm just not a fan of rotary dial gear selectors in trucks. So if I don't like a rotary dial shift selector, then why don't I just get one of the current models while I can? Well, that's just what I did! When buying a new vehicle, I've always tried to pick what I wanted from the leftovers of the previous model year. Didn't want to take a chance at the end of 2020 and not getting what I wanted in a trim level and miss out on a truck with a proper gear shift lever. So I just got a 2019 leftover KR in Stone Grey with the Chrome Package and pretty much every option there is other than rear wheel well liners and the Heavy Duty Payload Package.
  6. Chromey

    Bronco R Prototype

    Spot on. I think you’re correct! All the pent up interest in this thing and suddenly we have something tangible to look at. Now we can all go crazy speculating on what we can glean from these pictures. Fun stuff!!
  7. Chromey

    Bronco R Prototype

    You can hear the V6 exhaust note in this video.
  8. Chromey

    news coming....

    Soooo true! Can’t tell you how many Prius drivers around here that act like they’re drag racing EVERYONE! Drives me nuts! I’m just gonna stop there as I feel a rant coming on and I really don’t want to go to that place right now.
  9. Interesting. I can see some potential for a flagship luxury model that is BEV only.
  10. Thanks for the insight on those. May have to buy one of the last ones, CPO, to bridge the gap until they decide to bring them back as I like to have one sedan, one suv and one truck in the fleet at home.
  11. I’ve heard everything from the Continental and MKZ being discontinued after 2020 to one or both of them showing up on the CD6 platform, presumably in 2021. Any insight on their future? Interesting to me they are doing another Coach Edition run on the Continental. Last hurrah or something to keep people interested in that car for a bit while they get the next one queued up?
  12. I jumped right into the owners manual to see if the Corsair had at least the same towing capabilities as the 2020 Escape. No love here. . Not even as good as the Escape with a max towing capability of 3000 lbs. I guess the weight of the extra luxury stuff on the Corsair cuts into the GCWR enough to make up the 500 lb. difference. Oh well. Still want one of these for the wife to replace the mkC.
  13. Unless you like high dividend paying stocks, which F is. I’m not concerned at this point that they’ll cut the dividend at all or by any significant amount.
  14. Too bad the Build Your Own tool doesn’t do a better job of representing the colors. Better than the old way of having a paint chip printed in a brochure for sure. I thought there would be a limitation to which colors could have the Performance Package but apparently not. You can only get a black interior though on an ST. I imagine most STs will be primary colors though. Did see a Star White Platinum on the lot close to where I live. Color reminds me of the Triple Platinum White on my MKz. Pretty sharp looking at night.