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  1. I jumped right into the owners manual to see if the Corsair had at least the same towing capabilities as the 2020 Escape. No love here. . Not even as good as the Escape with a max towing capability of 3000 lbs. I guess the weight of the extra luxury stuff on the Corsair cuts into the GCWR enough to make up the 500 lb. difference. Oh well. Still want one of these for the wife to replace the mkC.
  2. Unless you like high dividend paying stocks, which F is. I’m not concerned at this point that they’ll cut the dividend at all or by any significant amount.
  3. Too bad the Build Your Own tool doesn’t do a better job of representing the colors. Better than the old way of having a paint chip printed in a brochure for sure. I thought there would be a limitation to which colors could have the Performance Package but apparently not. You can only get a black interior though on an ST. I imagine most STs will be primary colors though. Did see a Star White Platinum on the lot close to where I live. Color reminds me of the Triple Platinum White on my MKz. Pretty sharp looking at night.
  4. Nice to see that you can do more than just red, blue, white, black or silver. Pretty much any color available for the ST then?
  5. I don’t like the taller tablet screen either but I’m pretty sure you can opt for a slightly smaller horizontal unit that looks much better IMO. I might warm up to the front end over time but agree with others it just doesn’t look as good as the rest of the vehicle.
  6. Sounds like the starter on the 2.3 in our MKC
  7. Chromey

    Full size Bronco mule?

    Another possibility. A push truck? https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a27795091/weird-ford-f-150-raptor-test-mule/
  8. Chromey

    Full size Bronco mule?

    I don’t see how this can be a Ranger-based Bronco mule with an F150 body on it. Especially since this is a Raptor-width body. The tracks are significantly different.
  9. Chromey

    Full size Bronco mule?

    Starting to look that way for sure. A full-size “Bronco-Raptor” or whatever they call it is exactly what I am looking for. Retro styling or not doesn’t matter to me in the grand scheme of things. A Ranger based retro-looking Bronco to compete with a Wrangler would be ok too.
  10. Chromey

    Full size Bronco mule?

    Maybe we’ve got this all wrong. The “leaked” images of the Maverick/Scout/Bronco-whatever, was widely assumed to be of a SUV/CUV based on an Escape sized platform and the silhouette of the larger Bronco behind the aforementioned vehicle was assumed to be based on the Ranger platform. What if the Maverick/Scout/Bronco-whatever is actually based on the Ranger and the Bronco that is represented in the silhouette is actually a full-sized F150 based vehicle? A retro styled full size v8 Bronco would truly be a B__ A__ King Kong Beast that would blow everything else away. Nothing else like it anywhere. Probably cost $70k...but may well be worth it! Yah, I know. I’m crazy. But crazy is fun sometimes. 🤪
  11. The new Expeditions have them so maybe there’s a chance.
  12. Yup. Do that in my ‘96 all the time!
  13. Lol. In all seriousness though, if you guys in the know say it’s going to look right and have some retro-style going on w/o being overdone then I’m good with it. I do think vent windows on the doors and wipers at the top of the window frame would be pretty cool to see on the final product.
  14. I guess a nice little V8 fender badge like the 1st gen could be considered a styling queue, right? 😁