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  1. On my Windows PC I use an app, Image Resizer to easily reduce the file size. On my Android phone I use a Photo and Picture Resizer. I'm sure there is something similar for Apple products.
  2. After almost 7500 miles on my 2019 Nautilus with the 2.0 EB My overall mileage is 25.7 MPG, most;y rural highway driving with lots of hills and curves.
  3. DeeCee

    Nautilus arrival

    I have the 2.0 I4 eco boost and have been pleasantly surprised with its performance . Have found it adequate and responsive under all my driving needs. The only other options I got besides the Tech and Driver Assist packages were the cargo utility package and the Iced Mocha premium colorant paint job. As far as mileage, I currently have just over 6700 miles and getting 25 to 26 MPG on average, lowest tank has been 23.8 MPG and the highest 31.2 MPG). Most of my driving has been local. I did take one road trip of 885 miles and the mileage was 27.9 MPG. All mileages, are actual, not car computer reporting which is generally about 1 MPG higher than actual. I am very pleased with my Nautilus. Really like the drive comfort and quiet ride.
  4. I have noticed the same blue tooth restart issue on my Nautilus. I have found that if I place either my phone or the key fob in one of the cup holders the problem goes away. I usually have both of them in the same front pants pocket.
  5. DeeCee

    Seen Any Rangers on the Street?

    My local Ford dealer says they have one in transient to their dealership.
  6. Didn't miss it, just wondering why it can't be made retroactive.
  7. Agree with all that the remotes are grossly oversized. With today's technology they should be half to quarter the present size. They should have a finger print scanner interface to activate them when wanted. This would eliminate a lot of inadvertent alarms and window openings from inadvertent button activation while in your pocket. The Lincoln Way app on my phone allows me to lock/unlock and remote start the car. Why not one more option to use it as the key and eliminate the need to carry the bulky remote. My phone uses face recognition and iris scan to unlock it which should;d provide the necessary security.
  8. Just started driving my new Lincoln Nautilus. Previous two cars were hybrids, a 2013 Ford Fusion and a 2017 Lincoln MKZ. Both hybrids easily gave 40+ MPG. The Nautilus is showing about 24MPG. Would love to see a Nautilus with a hybrid or PHEV option.`
  9. Ordered my Nautilus Reserve with Tech and Driver Assist packages late last August. Finally arrived at dealer yesterday (Jan 5). I think I will have to name it Java as it has the Iced Mocha paint job with Coffee/Cappuccino interior.
  10. DeeCee

    2019 Lincoln Nautilis

    Took Delivery today. Thanks for your informative service.
  11. DeeCee

    2019 Lincoln Nautilis

    Bump for Lincoln Nautilus VIN 2LMPJ6L98KBL19754 Again, thanks in advance and also a Merry Christmas
  12. Any further info regarding having this system work for Lincoln orders?
  13. DeeCee

    2019 Lincoln Nautilis

    Bump for Lincoln Nautilus VIN 2LMPJ6L98KBL19754 Thanks in advance
  14. DeeCee

    Airbag Recall - Free Rental

    I also learned to drive at age14 in a dump truck. It was my grandfather's truck used for trash pick-up in our town. When full, we (I) drove to a ravine in the "country" and dumped the load in the ravine. We then got out of the truck with our 22 rifles and shot at the rats in the ravine. This area in my old home town is now a subdivision in the expanded city limits. I often wonder if the people living there know they are located over an old garbage dump! And by the way, this was not in Arkansas where I now reside, it was in Illinois.