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  1. Escape17

    2020 escape hybred FSA 20B14

    My build date was December 4th. Other than SYNC issues i have not noticed any problems. I am getting about 38MPG when i do actual checking with miles vs gallons used. The dash reads 40mpg so its off by 2mpg. My miles to empty is pretty accurate as i get farther into the tank, If i fill up around 50 miles left i get close to 475 per tank. when i first fill up it says around 575 but its really closer to 525 I have 4200 miles and always use eco mode when driving When i do short trips around town i can usually average about 55mpg on each short trip,
  2. Escape17

    2020 Escape Titanium Hybrid - Sync3 issues

    My voice was stuttering as well. I haven't had a chance to see if it got better, Iv only driven about 200 miles in the last 2 months, Good news is i am 2000 miles under my lease and my truck is only 4 months old! I should have about 6500 miles and i am only at 4000!! Although i hate not going out! or going to work I am going to try the same things you did as well
  3. Today my Ford Pass gave me a message that i need to take care of FSA 20B14 Anyone know what this is about? Thanks
  4. Escape17

    2020 Escape Hybrid Deliveries?

    i do notice when its cold out the engine runs more because it never warms up with the heat on. Heat sucks as well unless i am on the highway and engine is running more.
  5. Escape17

    2020 Escape Hybrid Deliveries?

    I have been using eco mode all of the time. i am getting 2mpg more when i use the eco mode. been averaging 38 per tank (Real) Vs (trip computer says 40) I notice a slight drop in power I have a trip i make a lot which is about 10 miles away and pretty flat, i can average 65
  6. Has anyone else experienced any issues with thier SYNC 3 in a 2020 escape? My unit is very slow compared to my 2017 escape Sync 3 It takes a good 5 mins for the traffic delays (and color coded roads) to update when i first start up the nav. used to be instant in my old truck When i set a destination, it starts calculates my route and then delays about 20 seconds before it gives me my route, old truck was very fast now the new thing that is happening if i use the Bluetooth and the phone, the voice starts getting delayed and garbled after about 5 mins of use
  7. Escape17

    2018 25K 1.5L EB Coolant loss

    I just got a notice in the mail for my 17 Escape 1.5EB which i turned in 2 weeks ago Ford issued a Customer satisfaction program 19B37 to reprogram the power train control module to improve engine cooling
  8. Escape17

    2020 Escape questions

    I picked up my Hybrid escape yesterday and took a look at the A/C compressor. There is no engine driven belt, its hooked up with a orange wire to the High voltage battery, so the engine will not have to run for the AC to work
  9. I have had an escape since 2002 6 of them, and i am about to pick up my 7th one this coming week!!!! I do have the electronic dash , but think the interior is just fine.
  10. Escape17

    2020 Escape Issues

    I test drove my truck last week and it drove perfectly fine!! Titanium Hybrid AWD. no vibrations or noises Picking up next Saturday
  11. Escape17

    2020 escape hybrid news

    Is that VIN for a 2020 escape Hybrid? My vin starts off with 1FMCU9DZ8LUA. i would think it should be similar start? i think just the last 5 change?
  12. Its arrived fresh off the truck!! will send a better pic when i pick it up on the 4th Thanks for all of your tracking help!
  13. How do you like your Hybrid so far? Mine came in Tuesday off the truck and i took it for a short drive even thought it was still in transport mode and wrapped in plastic. I am not picking up until Jan 3rd with hopes the incentives for leasing go up. Only 500 right now.
  14. My Rapid Red Hybrid came in Tuesday (build date of 12/7) i took it for a drive and it has the same hum as you have when i put it in reverse. Dealer had no idea if its normal or not.
  15. Escape17


    I was at my dealer today and was told the extra 1000 was not on leases