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  1. Escape17

    2018 25K 1.5L EB Coolant loss

    I just got a notice in the mail for my 17 Escape 1.5EB which i turned in 2 weeks ago Ford issued a Customer satisfaction program 19B37 to reprogram the power train control module to improve engine cooling
  2. Escape17

    2020 Escape questions

    I picked up my Hybrid escape yesterday and took a look at the A/C compressor. There is no engine driven belt, its hooked up with a orange wire to the High voltage battery, so the engine will not have to run for the AC to work
  3. I have had an escape since 2002 6 of them, and i am about to pick up my 7th one this coming week!!!! I do have the electronic dash , but think the interior is just fine.
  4. Escape17

    2020 Escape Issues

    I test drove my truck last week and it drove perfectly fine!! Titanium Hybrid AWD. no vibrations or noises Picking up next Saturday
  5. Escape17

    2020 escape hybrid news

    Is that VIN for a 2020 escape Hybrid? My vin starts off with 1FMCU9DZ8LUA. i would think it should be similar start? i think just the last 5 change?
  6. Its arrived fresh off the truck!! will send a better pic when i pick it up on the 4th Thanks for all of your tracking help!
  7. How do you like your Hybrid so far? Mine came in Tuesday off the truck and i took it for a short drive even thought it was still in transport mode and wrapped in plastic. I am not picking up until Jan 3rd with hopes the incentives for leasing go up. Only 500 right now.
  8. My Rapid Red Hybrid came in Tuesday (build date of 12/7) i took it for a drive and it has the same hum as you have when i put it in reverse. Dealer had no idea if its normal or not.
  9. Escape17


    I was at my dealer today and was told the extra 1000 was not on leases
  10. 2020 Escape - VIN 1FMCU9DZ8LUA84477 Can i get an update for this week on the status of my Truck Thank you!!!
  11. I recently a stalling, and no starting issue with my 2017 Escape EB 1.5l Check engine light came on as well. $550.00 later they replaced the purge valve, which i contend is part of the emission system. Dealer told me according to the computer, this particular purge valve is not covered. Has anyone had a similar issue? was it covered. How do i go about changeling the fact that the dealerships computer says its not a covered part?
  12. What exactly is blending dates? i see a blending number on my sticker of my inbound escape. It looks like it contains the date my truck was built??
  13. 2020 Escape - VIN 1FMCU9DZ8LUA84477 Can i get an update for this week on the status of my Truck I am guessing it was built last week, if so could you give me the actual build date. Thank you!!!
  14. Escape17

    2020 Escape Hybrid release from plant

    Good luck with your new Escape. Mine was built yesterday 12/7 with an ETA of 12/22. I hope they up the incentives by then since its only 500.00. I ordered mine on 10/28, so the whole process for me will take about 7 weeks. i was not expecting delivery until at least January You said you got 38MPG was that highway, city or mixed driving?