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  1. Escape17


    Anyone know if ford is going to give any better incentives on the 2020 escape anytime soon? Its only 500.00 right now, and not even any incentives if you are coming out of a least into a new one like they usually do.
  2. Escape17

    2020 Escape Hybrid release from plant

    That is strange, i ordered mine on 10/20 and its scheduled for week of 12/9 Rapid red with moon roof
  3. Thank you very much! Quicker than i thought since i only ordered on 10/28 in the evening. I guess nothing will change now until that week as far as what you can see?
  4. I would appreciate any information you can give me, and perhaps a VIN number if there is one yet Dealer: F13156 Order code: 1111 Thank you!
  5. Escape17

    2020 Escape Hybrid release from plant

    i will be curious how it drives and how close to 40MPG it will actually get
  6. Escape17

    Delivery time for Aviator

    Is there any way to use that link if you only have a dealer code and order number?
  7. Escape17

    2020 Escape Hybrid release from plant

    oh ok, is that because your an employee? all i have is an order number right now for mine from the dealer hope you get it soon!
  8. Escape17

    2020 Escape Hybrid release from plant

    how do you know it was released? mine is on order
  9. Does anyone have any information about the release of the 2020 escape hybrids? When they might start shipping them. All my dealer can tell me is that they are all sitting at the plant built but are not being shipped..... They have no idea why or when.
  10. Escape17

    Has anyone ordered one yet?

    I just ordered mine 10/28
  11. I wonder if this feature is being included in the 2020 escape?
  12. That is what i am thinking
  13. Escape17

    Has anyone ordered one yet?

    When did you actually order it from the dealer?
  14. Escape17

    Has anyone ordered one yet?

    Ordered my Titanium Hybrid yesterday in Rapid Red with Sandstone interior. Only option was the Panoramic roof and Floor Liners. Now i will sit and wait to see when its scheduled. Don't want it too soon since there are no programs/rebates out yet - Not even a lease renewal rebate. Hoping for a January delivery
  15. Looks like the EPA has certified the mileage for the escape. I was poking around some local dealers who have a hybrid on order and found this sticker