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  1. TexasRedneck

    2022 Toyota Tundra Thread

    True..until you're rolling with a 10k lb utility bed service body truck. I'll gladly take the V-8 over the smaller turbo any day - I'm not seeing good service life out of the smaller engines, nor is the shop that does my mechanical work. And, yes - I run gas engine. The diesel's have been so screwed up by the "green" garbage, you can't give me one.
  2. TexasRedneck

    2022 Toyota Tundra Thread

    Meh - I'm not so much about "latest and greatest", personally. Heck, until last month, my stable included a resto-modded '58 Delray w/a gear-driven, bored 454....lol
  3. TexasRedneck

    Ford isn't scoring any points

    With all due respect, COVID is playing absolute havoc with supply chains all over. I own a residential water treatment company, and we've been hit with supply issues from every direction - resin, tanks, chips/circuit boards, even salt. And transport....some trucking companies are so short-staffed it's a miracle things are getting out. My wife's 2020 Aviator was rear-ended in late August last year. Minimal actual damage to the car, but he went UNDER the reat bumper, resulting in a twisted exhaust system, which leaked exhaust fumes into the cabin. It sat at a local body shop until late DECEMBER, waiting on a new exhaust system from Lincoln. Add to that that many places are "making do" with temp workers while folks are out sick or working remotely.....it's a complete and total mess. The wife's Aviator has been back for repairs so many times that as I write this, she's put less than 8,000 miles on the car in the 18 months we've owned it - and that includes a 1,000 mile trip right after we got it. In normal times, I'd be all up in someone's face - but these times aren't normal....and based on my 40+ years with FOMOCO products, in normal times the situations would have been sorted out long ago, IMO. I'm trusting enough in the product that we have a 2022 Aviator BL on order.....first year models - yeah, I knew better...lol
  4. TexasRedneck

    2022 Toyota Tundra Thread

    It's funny....whenever we're considering a new car for the wife, we try to look at all brands. We looked this year, seeing if there was anything she preferred over the Aviator. I flat-out told her that Lexus was off the table no matter what - I can't stomach that front end. She agreed w/me, thankfully.....lol
  5. TexasRedneck

    Why Isn't Ford.com current for 2022?

    Thanks - I'm sure we will! And yeah - the chip situation is driving everyone nuts right now. I can't imagine the nightmares that the auto makers are going through, though - I think we've all seen the satellite pictures of the Ford trucks parked at the holding area! And you're right on the used car values - they're talking TI a bit over the purchase price on our 2020.
  6. TexasRedneck

    Why Isn't Ford.com current for 2022?

    Thanks. I certainly didn't intend to come off as complaining...just somewhat disappointed. Having said that, I certainly understand the situation with thSe chip shortage - I own a small business (water softeners sales & repair), and have purposely gone back to analog-style controllers for that very reason. What I get from the order tracking system is: Ordered: 8/5/2021 Order Number: 2231 VIN: 5LM5J9XC3NGL05068 We ordered ours the last week of July, and knew there'd be a delay on it showing up as ordered. Still no window sticker or blend date, so we're pretty much in limbo. Then again, every month they delay it is a month closer to being able to write a check for most of the car purchase, so that's okay. We're trading in her '20 Aviator RII w/under 9k miles, so there's not going to be a huge $$ gap anyway. It'd have more miles on it if it hadn't sat waiting for parts at various times for a cumulative total of over 5 months....lol We're not mad about it - I knew better than to order a first-year model vehicle, but the wife fell in love w/it, so it is what it is.
  7. TexasRedneck

    Why Isn't Ford.com current for 2022?

    This is the first time we've actually ordered a vehicle, so all of this is new to me. Usually, we've simply gone to the dealership and were able to find what we wanted. This time around, I wanted to order an Aviator BL exactly the way the wife wanted it...which was basically "with everything AND the kitchen sink"....lol But, since the first thing she does is make sure a .45 will fit in the console, I'm not going to argue with her! It IS aggravating to sit back and watch zero progress/updates on our order....placed August 5th and have the VIN # - but that's it. No kind of hint/guidance as to when it'll get built, etc. The last word we got from our dealer was that it was scheduled to be built October 25th - IF that date holds, can anyone venture a guess as to when we can look for delivery? We're trying to plan a trip out to NV, AZ and NM once it arrives, and I'm just trying to figure out if we'll be able to get it in before the snows hit, or if we should wait until early spring.
  8. TexasRedneck


    New member as of a week or so ago.....long-time Lincoln owner, having had several Town Cars, a MKS, MKC, MKT and now a '20 Aviator w/a '22 BL Aviator on order. Yes...the overall quality of the '20 was somewhere just south of kissing your grandma with her dentures out, but I pretty much figured going in that a first-year model was going to be pretty problematic...but we love the platform, so opted to buy a new one this year. Wife's hobbies are jewelry shopping.....mine is gun shopping.....lol
  9. TexasRedneck

    Order times

    So....it's kinda like - "We got this, just hang tight....." LOL Honestly, this is the first time we've ever ordered a "custom" build. I wanted the order one that would be exactly what the better half wanted, usually we've compromised on one or two items to get one. I'm not sure which method I prefer.....<G> Thanks!
  10. TexasRedneck

    Order times

    Does anyone know at what point they update the Order page (your personal page)? As noted, the sceduled build date was w/o 10/25, so I doubt they'll be updating much yet, but just curious. We do have the order date and VIN number showing, but that's about it.....
  11. We have a 2020 Aviator. I knew better than to buy a 1st model year car, but the better half fell in love with it - and given my hobby of gun collecting, I try to keep momma happy....lol It's been in the shop for the 4th time w/various sensor issues, and smoke from the tailpipe periodically. Our SA knows we've got a BL Aviator on order, so he was setting it up to return it to us late this week...until I asked him about the smoke issue - pointing out that it's most likely a defective turbo. He mumbled something about it'd "be okay for a few weeks" - until I reminded him that the oil has poisoned the cat convertors, so I expected both the turbo system to be repaired AND the cat's to be replaced. We shall see........... Don't really regret the purchase - momma loves the car, so no big deal.
  12. TexasRedneck

    Order times

    Ordered ours the end of July. Showed up on tracking August 5, dealers is saying build is tentatively scheduled for week of October 25th.
  13. TexasRedneck

    Tracking Aviator order

    I;m using this site - my understanding is that it won't really show a whole lot unti a few weeks before the car is to be built. Ordered ours around July 28th, showed up on the link about August 10th w/a order date of 8/5. Since then, the only "update" has been pictures of the car ordered (BL Aviator). https://shop.lincoln.com/vehicle-order-tracking#/status