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  1. skkyking

    Latest hold up?

    Does not have AS but does have sprayed in bedliner, fifth wheel prep, electronic locking rear axle, and angular chrome running boards.
  2. skkyking

    Latest hold up?

    Just received notice of a build week of Nov. 15th and a VIN. Ordered on Sept. 15th.
  3. skkyking

    Aftermarket Antenna

    Now that is what I call a innovative antenna! I think I will look into it.
  4. skkyking

    Tire Pressures

    That’s what I do on my F350 SRW also. No use running excess pressure in rear tires if your not carrying near max load.
  5. skkyking

    5th wheel on a short bed?

    A lot of travel trailer manufacturers are just now catching up the shorter wheel base trucks.
  6. The factory floor liners don’t appear to go upward on the sides like the WT or Huskies. They have a good rubbery feeling and appear to be quite heavily made.
  7. skkyking

    5th wheel on a short bed?

    I have always had a 8’ box, so never needed a slider. My brother was trying to get on a spot at a state park and broke his back window out and creased his cab a couple of months ago. All it takes is a split second and it can ruin your day. We both have ten year old trailers which don’t have the rounded corners. Since I ordered the 6 3/4’ box I decided to go with the Demco auto slider. Don’t need the worry or excitement of forgetting on a hard park.
  8. I have WT in my f350 now. They have been pretty good, except slippery. I have ordered WT in the HP version for my order, they are supposed to be more like the Husky WB’s and not so slippery.
  9. skkyking

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Sorry, I just saw that your date was 5 months ago. Guess I must be blind?
  10. skkyking

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    What was your order date?
  11. skkyking

    Let's talk 5th wheel hitches.....

    My vote is for the B&W also. Quality American company.
  12. skkyking

    Our 3 new 2022 Super Duties

    I agree, wasn’t to sure about it when I ordered, but glad I chose that color now. Good luck with your rigs.
  13. skkyking

    Latest hold up?

    Guess I will leave them on the order. Not in that big a hurry anyway.
  14. skkyking

    Post Delivery

    No build date on mine, either. Weather tech floor liners and mud flaps, Demco auto slider fifth wheel hitch, ARE work cap. Should do it for now.
  15. skkyking

    Latest hold up?

    I have both wheel liners and spray in bed liner on my f250 order. Maybe I should drop them.