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  1. Article claims it’s a next Mustang Mach-E design mock-up, but I don’t think Ford would abandon the current RWD proportions after the trouble of redesigning the Mach-E for that reason. Side profile reminds me a bit of the Lincoln L100 concept.
  2. https://fordauthority.com/2023/02/is-this-a-design-mockup-for-the-next-gen-mustang-mach-e/
  3. Lincoln needs something soon. The last totally new product was the Corsair in 2019. The most interesting addition in the lineup was the Aviator back then. 3 vehicles are not enough and a bit concerning to someone who thought they were entering a renaissance. Adding an EV might bring Lincoln to the future, but would it save the brand? I think it will have to be executed very well to be a Lyriq competitor. It needs to be both attractive & practical for the average Lincoln buyer, unless they are hoping on attracting a whole new demographic with the EVs.
  4. I wonder when we will get a reveal. Are we expecting another generation after this refresh? Or is it all EV Aviator from here?
  5. BigBendMatt

    Two Row Aviator Render

    Hey, I appreciate the feedback! Great point about rounding the front off. I can definitely see the Bronco in it now haha. I’ll clean this guy up and see what I can do!
  6. 19 year old Ford/Lincoln fan checking in with a very amateur render of a two row Aviator! Excuse the poor quality, I have little experience in photoshop. I did this just for fun on an iPhone app while on a long car ride (that might explain the awful brush strokes, ha.) I’m sure it seems a bit derivative, but at least I got some practice in. Criticism welcome!
  7. I wholeheartedly agree here. In my opinion, Lincoln hit gold, or at least was on the cusp of it with the design of the ‘18 Navigator (especially the concept). The double DRLs were much more distinguishable, and pretty attractive. I would have loved to have seen a scaled down Navigator, with those distinguishing details as the next-gen Nautilus. (The Aviator, while handsome, has a much softer appearance than the Navigator.) This new Nautilus, being a stretched version of it, is very Corsair in design. A modern take on the more “brawn” design of the Navigator would have been cool to see, though it seems the company is going for a more progressive design for its future vehicles as shown on the Star concept, which itself is not bad looking, but definitely a bit different than Lincoln 5 years ago. I am curious to see what other changes are made to the supposed NA model in addition to the Continental style handles. The front is very Chinese in my opinion, and I wonder if they will distinguish the front fascia’s like the American Corsair versus the refresh over in China.
  8. It seems the forum is dead now. I used to enjoy the discourse over there as a Ford fan growing up before I found Blueovalforums and other auto blogs! Did something happen?
  9. 2024 Lincoln Nautilus Spotted With Continental-Style Handles This prototype seems to differ from the previously leaked model. Unlike the leaked model that has normal flush-mounted door handles, it has similar handles to the discontinued Continental . It is an interesting decision to bring back those style of handles from the discontinued sedan. I always thought they were unique to the brand and wondered why Lincoln didn’t make use of them across all new models. 18C101CB-DE92-4E57-9AAA-4593B9FECFE3.webp
  10. Hi there, was lurking and found that the front end of the new Nautilus looks a lot like this EV teaser from Lincoln in 2021. Could they be related? Maybe it’s the electrified version https://fordauthority.com/2021/07/enhanced-lincoln-ev-teaser-image-reveals-zephyr-inspired-front-end/amp/ 738C8EEC-E968-48F3-900C-11FADF9D5757.webp