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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Per our parts catalog (Microcat Live): front HC3Z-16F099-A & rear LC3Z-9927886-A. Nice of Ford to create different basic numbers for the similar products. The callout for the fronts is actually 16102.
  2. You can see how much assistance Ford is able to provide technicians. SSM 50718 - 2017-2022 F-Super Duty - Pull / Drift During Braking - Workshop Manual Update Some 2017-2022 F-Super Duty vehicles may exhibit a pull / drift condition during braking. This may be due to the brake pads needing to be broken in. The Workshop Manual, Section 206-00 Symptom Chart for vehicle pulls or drifts during braking has been updated to reflect this information. APPLICABLE VEHICLES 2017 - 2021 TRUCK: FE P558N SUPER DUTY 2022 TRUCK: FE P558N SUPER DUTY Workshop Manual Section 206-00 Symptom Chart: Vehicle pulls or drifts during braking Brake calipers and/or guide pins Brake flexible hose Brake pads Brake discs NOTE: Diagnosis of brake pull should not be performed on new vehicles with less than 500 miles. It usually takes 200 stops to completely break in new brake pads. Most low mileage brake pull issues will correct themselves during the brake pad and brake disc break in period. The break in period is dependent on number of stops and will affect the amount of time for improvement. Proper break in will ensure friction material is cured and properly mated to the brake disc. Some heat or odor during break in period will be normal. INSPECT the brake system components. INSTALL new components as necessary.
  3. WillSD

    Fordpass Rewards Points

    @litage -- As stated stateside but Canada may be different. Edit to add that according to some Canadian Ford dealers' websites, you earn a "thank you bonus" of 40,000 points upon purchase. @Kirbdog44 -- Yes you can use them for accessories or future service visits. The original idea is that it covers the first 3 maintenance visits.
  4. WillSD

    Fordpass Rewards Points

    From 10 days to 10 weeks; should be 42,000 points ($210) for gas or 75,000 points ($375) for diesel.
  5. @Terroirnosaurus - - Take the information received from cyberdman and show it to your selling dealer (Ramp 6P Kansas City). Your selling dealer can then have their zone sales manager contact the ramp directly and have them find your poor lost unit. Also, the receiving dealer in Iowa has absolutely no control in this process; they likely received a delivery package or e-mail from your selling dealer in California summarizing the vehicle specs to aid in checking in the vehicle. As you already know, your selling dealer has really dropped the ball in this transaction. Good luck.
  6. WillSD

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Scheduling does normally occur on Thursday. With the Customer Owner Verification Program (COVP), verified retail orders can now schedule outside of the standard window.
  7. WillSD

    Trailer Brake Module Fault?

    @TinManVT - - We have now seen this on three 6.7L Super Duties right off the transport. There are no DTC set or stored. All connections were dry & secure. There is also a message on the internal Ford message board with no solution or common areas of concern noted. I would keep an eye on it and contact dealer if the concern reappears.
  8. WillSD

    Keyless Entry

    Your dealer didn't provide this info during the delivery? Try checking the secondary (upper) glove box; that is where they usually are upon receipt from the factory. If not, call your dealer (hopefully they record the cut key code and factory keyless code on the deal jacket and in their DMS).
  9. WillSD

    2022 DVD System

    @ice-capades - - As you can see, I am no longer involved in the vehicle ordering process at the dealership (still an old CONCEPS fan). Thanks for the update.
  10. WillSD

    2022 DVD System

    Perhaps a glitch in the Web Based Dealer Ordering (WBDO) system as there does not appear to be any holds or restrictions. Should be as simple as adding option code 91D to the order. Your dealer will have to contact Ford.
  11. WillSD

    How do you program the door keypads?

    @IUEC135ELEVATOR - - Haven't installed one of the accessory kits in years but the sales brochure states that it requires programming (via Ford FDRS or FORSCAN). Install instructions are supposed to be on www.motorcraftservice.com under Free Resources but I could only find troubleshooting guide. I'll dig around FMCDealer to see if I can find the installation instructions.
  12. WillSD

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    @mikemdd Dealers have the option of receiving unattended deliveries. The units are dropped off "subject to inspection" and the dealer has a defined period of time to notify the carrier of any damage or missing items. Most carriers now send the dealers an e-mail in advance outlining which units are on the way.
  13. I hope Ford ditches the insane "reservation" system. It has accomplished nothing but create negative feelings towards Ford Motor Company and the dealer body. It did not guarantee product or pricing. I realize Ford is using it to show analysts the potential future sales and how popular its products are but they have shown with the 2022 MY Bronco allocation that reservation timestamps mean nothing. Finally, as @silvrsvt has again pointed out, we dealers are our own worst enemy.
  14. WillSD

    Where Was Our 2021 Navigator?

    @20Navigator - - Post or PM the last 8 digits of your VIN. I believe I can obtain the release date of your unit. My guess is that it was awaiting parts or QC approval (which would also explain the extra miles). If a unit is pulled for random extended QC testing, the factory is supposed to attach a small sticker with the amount of miles hand written on it. I am always surprised at how many of our retail units have been pulled for random extended QC testing since we are a very small dealership.
  15. F-Series once again increased their lead in the sales leadership race: September (month): F-Series 63,164 Ram 39,677 Silverado 29,670 September (YTD): F-Series 534,831 Ram 434,772 Silverado 407,266 Approximately 5,400 F-150's still held due to semiconductor shortage with release expected by early December. For the most part, these held units are relatively "fresh"; August and September builds. Super Duty release was completed one month ahead of schedule. As noted in the thread title, Ford Motor Company was the number 1 seller in the month of September. Only like the 6th time in 20 some years that they outsold General Motors and Toyota.