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Found 22 results

  1. Howdy! I sold my last Mustang a few years when I moved into northeastern Pennsylvania - up here you need a 4WD in winter and I could only afford one car. Well, we're getting to the point where I could use a daily driver that does better on fuel. And is FUN. So, what else is a man to do? Get back into Mustangs of course!!!!! SO THEN, I'm on the lookout for a good used Mustang. I don't need the V8, and I don't want a turbo, so I'll be looking for a V6 convertible. My initial research says the 2017 V6 'Verts w/ Automatic transmissions were pretty good. Does anyone have a good source of info for reliability? I don't use CR (Their data comes from their readers? NO ONE I know subscribes to them.) I also heard the 5-Speed manuals were more reliable then the newer 6 speed manuals? Really? Any pointers would be appreciated.
  2. Has anyone seen any pricing on the Dark Horse? Asking for a friend.
  3. Ford Motor Co.’s hot-selling Mustang Mach-E electric SUV and other plug-in models are being rendered unprofitable by rising raw material costs. “We actually had a positive bottom line profit when we launched the Mach-E, commodity costs have wiped that out,” Chief Financial Officer John Lawler said Wednesday at the Deutsche Bank Global Automotive Conference, referring to 2020, when the vehicle went on sale. “You’re going to see pressure on the bottom line when we launch our EVs, they’re not going to be positive.” link: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/ford-mustang-mach-e-profit-170117652.html
  4. Hello, I'm Sam. New member from NJ, but not new to Fords & other forums. My Past/Current Fords: '89 LX 5.0 Hatch '93 Lincoln Mk Viii '97 Mustang Cobra Conv (new, still have) '09 F-150 XLT SCAB '22 GT500 - on order...stuck in unsched clean
  5. I'm still waiting for one of the majors to do a true test, but this is a start: Autoblog on the Mach 1
  6. New to the group and fairly new to Canada. Currently driving an F150 and thought it was time to have something a bit more fun! Patiently awaiting the arrival of my Mustang Ecoboost Premium Convertible (just in time for all the snow ?)
  7. Great to see America's Ford Motor Company bring back the famous and FAST Mustang MACH 1 in early 2021 ! Thoughts....
  8. According to CarBuzz, we will get a Mach-1 after the Bullit has ended production. https://carbuzz.com/news/ford-mustang-mach-1-is-making-a-comeback
  9. https://www.motor1.com/news/396681/new-ford-mustang-coming-2022/ Job listing for wind/road noise and air leakage plant vehicle team (PVT) engineer. Article at motor1.com Coming in 2022 as a 2023 model.
  10. Article claims the new Mustang GT500 curb weight will be 4,225 lbs! Holy cow, that's ridiculous!
  11. Cool article on thedrive.com about a Mustang SSP still being used by Nebraska State Patrol. https://www.thedrive.com/news/28004/nebraska-state-patrols-1993-ford-mustang-ssp-is-still-out-there-nailing-speeders
  12. https://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2019/04/ford-applies-for-mustang-mach-e-trademark.html I just found this on the autoguide website.
  13. So I'm currently looking at my choices for my next car and the 2015 Mustang is at the top of my list. My main issue with it is winter driving, will winter tires be enough? I know the 2015 will have a winter mode according to some of the articles I've read, but I'm wondering how much I'll have to fight the car. Does anyone have first hand experience in their Mustangs that would recommend or not recommend the Mustang as a daily driver in Michigan? I really want one but I don't want to regret it too much in the winter, although the $4-$6k difference between an EcoBoost Premium and a Lincoln MKC could buy a good snow tire/rim combo and quite a few sandbags... Attached is the one I want, although I'll likely add the performance pack:
  14. http://www.top10cars.com.au/top-10-possible-australian-cars-restart-industry/ possible Falcon replacements in terms of police and taxi cars. Thoughts?
  15. Hi everyone, please enjoy this article I've written about how a Ford product has defined the direction my life ended up taking. It includes reflections on Ford's global product decisions and references to F150, Mustang etc. I hope you like it. http://performancedrive.com.au/editorial-ford-falcon-an-emotional-tribute-1715/
  16. Not the best rendering in the world, but it'll do. 2016 continental coupe. Coupe offered with 3.0 and 3.5EB The "Continental R" will be offered with a 5.2
  17. This is up on STANGTV.COM still in a camo paint job sporting a full roll cage, large rear wing and Continental racing tires. http://www.stangtv.com/news/exclusive-gt350r-makes-debut-at-daytona-roar-before-the-24/
  18. Hello, My name is Jim Cowen and I am the founder of Automodello maker of premium specification, resin cast, hand-built, limited edition models in 1:43, 1:24, 1:12 and Crossovers. I started Automodello because I couldn't find a model of a car that I owned...little did I know that less than four years later we would win Model of the Year (twice), be the Official Model for Amelia Island and Concours d' Elegance of America (twice), and, secured a Ford license to use the Mustang 50 Years logo. It has been an incredibly challenging and fun ride so far. In December Automodello released our first Ford licensed product, the 1962 Ford Mustang I Concept which is also our first Crossover in both 1:43 and 1:24 scale. In March our 2nd release is the 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III in 1:24 which was never a promo-model, never a kit, and never released in a large scale. And we'll announce our 3rd Ford model, the 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 7-Liter Hardtop. Automodello as a brand is fueled by enthusiasts and I try to engage clubs around the world each time we select a new model. Many have been Ford-powered hybrids like the Sunbeam Tiger, TVR M-Series, Bricklin SV1, Intermeccanica Italia and Griffith Series 200 to name just a few so far. Thank you, Jim Cowen Diecasm, LLC | Automodello http://www.diecasm.com | http://www.automodello.com
  19. Hello, April's Mustang 50 Years event at Charlotte Motor Speedway will feature the 1962 Ford Mustang I Concept currently part of The Henry Ford museum's collection. Automodello working with Ford, The Henry Ford and Dan Gurney recently released the first ever 1:43 and 1:24 scale models of the Concept. Two hundred were signed by Dan Gurney who debuted the Concept at the 1962 US Gran Prix at Watkins Glen. The signed 1:43 model is sold-out and a few 1:24 remain. Automodello will be exhibiting at Charlotte Motor Speedway event and is one of Ford's select group of licensees eligible to use the "Mustang 50 Years" logo on their products. For more information about Automodello visit http://www.automodello.com and under the Heritage tab there is a complete story written by Model Collector magazine UK on how the 1962 Ford Mustang I Concept went from concept to model in 9 months: http://www.automodello.com/designanddevelopment.html. Thank you, Jim Cowen CEO Diecasm, LLC | Automodello
  20. http://jalopnik.com/this-is-the-best-rendering-of-the-2015-ford-mustang-yet-1445533766?
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