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2019 Titanium Hybrid

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I got a 2019 Titanium Hybrid as a rental. My 2013 Taurus SEL got rear ended.  So I thought I'd post my thoughts on the Fusion.


Good things:

  • Interior is very nice.  Leather is soft, door panels/dash all nice.
  • Seats have good lumbar, and adjustment is flexible and easy
  • Center Screen was easy to learn
  • Dashboard "My view" is great and easy to learn.
  • MPG so far has been 42, while my Taurus is usually 25-26  for same route to and from work.
  • Radio sound good.
  • All tech is nice, lane keeper  warning,  to close behind warning etc.   1st time with back up camera



  • I don't like the turn knob gear shift, id rather have a traditional gear shift on console
  • The key fob , push button start will take some time getting use to.  
  • Not mush to not like.  


My wives Freestar mini van is 14 years old with 205,000 miles, so this will go on the list for the next cat possibilities. 

How does the hybrid hold up?  the gas motor turning off and on seems to me would not be good in long run.  

Anyone with over a lot of miles, what has been good or bad?  mines based on 2 days of driving.  







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Many folks have 10 years and 150K+ miles on their fusion hybrids and they're still working fine.

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To my knowledge (straight from a ford Engineer) there hasn't been a single ford Hybrid battery to date that has what they call an "end of life event" meaning the battery is past its useful life. 

You have nothing to worry about from that standpoint

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