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'21MY Mustang facelift - where are the prototypes?

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17 hours ago, HotRunrGuy said:


I was an orange Raleigh Chopper kid myself,,,,  much nicer shift console.



Raleigh Chopper.jpg


Screamer 2 for me:



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The current Mustang is a beautiful car and the 10 speed automatic is a great.    Traded in a 2014 for the 2018 - and liked the look of that car - the rear lights of the 2014 are my favorites.     Only downside of the 2018 is a feel like i'm sitting lower and the size increase I have recently noticed since I've been parking my 2007 Mustang in the Garage while the 2018 is in the shop (minor body damage when rear ended at the light).     Backing my 2007 out of the garage and avoiding the basketball pole on the backing turn is much easier in the 2007.    I don't think its a turning radius issue but the 1.5 inches added to the width that does it.    Hope the future Mustang doesn't grow more.       

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