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Does selecting certain options delay delivery?


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Based on following folks' order and delivery experiences on several F150 forums over the last few months/year, I think you'll find that the 'options and trims subject to delay' is a dynamic, constantly changing list; a source of much speculation and little in the way of meaningful predictability over any given period of time (absent a few very specific cases published by Ford).


I understand your likely objective to avoid those on an order and wish you the best of luck with that strategy!  Your choices today may or may not be 'in-play' by the time your vehicle enters the scheduling / blend / build path, and something you never expected to cause delay may move to that category.


Some of us who view our special orders as long-term investments have adopted two tactics:

  • Omit all options which can reasonably be added after purchase (e.g. spray-in bed liner, wheel-well liners, and similar)
  • Include all of the 'hard options' that we want for our long-term 'dream truck' and accept the delivery delays those may impose 

I realize that's not acceptable to everyone, good luck and have fun!  

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  • ice-capades changed the title to Does selecting certain options delay delivery?
1 hour ago, scottb01 said:

Seems as though every model has one or more things holding up production.  For the Bronco I know its Tow, Lux, MIC, and 2.7.

37 different suppliers.  With the transportation shortage almost any part can be delayed.

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