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2022 xlt to high flow grill change.pics/info

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I love everything about my truck except for the grill. The XLT grill is too rounded for my taste and I have always like the look of the universal flat dually grills (kind of reminds me of the old mack and peterbuilt customs....kinda)


Anyways, there are YouTube videos showing anyone that wants to know on what clip, bolts and covers to pull. 


The dealer said the new grill comes with all the clips already installed. Well... they don't!


 There are 4 metal clips that you can use off of your old grill.


 On the ends of the old xlt grill there are four plastic clips that you can reuse.


But you will need to buy 8 (I bought 12 just in case) of these clips to snap in the lower grill.


 I know there is probably very few or possibly none That will change their grills to this specific one but for the one guy that does search the Internet hopefully finds this and orders them with the grill...in case he gets the same spiel I got.


Hope this helps anyone looking to do this.


LC3Z-8200-GA upper grill

LC3Zz8200-CB lower grill

W714972-S300 (clips needed)





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Or 1500 for oem chrome 1200 for the upper and 200 for the lower, plus clips and tax.   I said to myself I was going to buy that grill but I will give it one year trying to find one used in like new condition off a wrecked truck or out of a junkyard.


 But no one parts out the front ends of these trucks, they sell them as complete packages.


Well...one year is up and since I could not find one used I had no other option.


 I told myself that's what I would do, so I had to honor my word (especially to myself)?

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On 9/2/2022 at 8:27 AM, Gharri30 said:

Looks way better imo. I almost changed my Lariat grill out for the high flow but opted for the platinum grill in the end. 

Does this mean the Lariat grill is for sale?  If so and if it is a chrome one, I may be interested

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1 hour ago, akirby said:

IUEC135ELEVATOR - that response was over the top and 10 times worse than what prompted it.  You need to chill.

Yeah.... I realized that after I hit send the third time


I did go overboard.. I apologize fellas. Sometimes I get ramped up. 


If you take the post down can you at least leave my Christopher Walken picture up....it's pretty cool!?

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