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  1. For those complaining about name, most first gen Mustangs were stylish commuter cars, not the 428/429 big block V8 screamers. Think of "six and the single girl" ad and Mary Tyler Moore show credits, with her driving a base 1970 model. Average owners had a 302 2 bbl or I6, and didn't drag race every weekend. Many were maybe dad's "work car",{my family} Only fan boys think "all of the classic Stangs were muscle cars!" If Ford just called this a forgettable name like C-Max {one of their worst ever}, it would not get news.
  2. 630land

    FCA and PSA in merger talks

    We won't see any new compact/mid size cars in PSA-FCA dealers after this is done. Only if Millennials start to buy new cars, maybe they could come back? They seem to like SUVs, pickups,,, No "new Sebring" or "return of Omni", and I'm sure some Mopar fan old boy thinks "Plymouth will come back!".
  3. Another thing, I am sick of hearing "old hippie" Datsun fans still whining about the name change. Nissan was used globally, and they couldn't waster money keeping up the façade for the old timers. Younger generations took to the Nissan name, before they started having quality issues, though.
  4. 630land

    FCA and PSA in merger talks

    Opel's left over GM designs are fading out, so no "Chrysler Regal". Also, with car sales way down, don't expect return of Sebring, Dart, or Intrepid, as some Mopar fans are assuming. Others are demanding a "savior" to buy Chrysler and "make it American again". Who? With PSA, maybe more Dodge CUV's for 'volume', but I think Chrysler brand will die off. They are now the minivan brand, the 300 is dying a slow, painful death. And no "new Dodge Gran Fury".
  5. 630land

    RIP: Ford Flex

    If it was on the market as long is it was, it didn't "fail".
  6. Hoping "Mr. Steelcase" gets the boot. Cars/trucks are not "file cabinets".
  7. It's known as a "cheap SUV", so if they redesigned it and the price went up, it would lose sales. Just like the last Chysler 200. When a vehicle is known for simply being "cheap" and "huge rebates for low credit score buyers", it gets stuck in a hole. Dodge fans are having panic attacks about Journey dying slowly. Say "I don't want to spend more $$ on a Jeep, I want a new design Journey". But, still expect huge rebates and "cheap prices" with a "new design". Can't expect car companies to build unprofitable stuff, with huge rebates anymore. No one is "entitled" to a brand new car. Can't afford new car? Get used, save $.
  8. 630land

    Fiat 500 cancelled in US

    All over car message boards, especially Mopar fan sites, posters love typing "FCA this", "FCA that" but then hate Fiat products. Well, what do they think the F in FCA means?
  9. Been like this forever. Why you have to practically yell "No!" when the F&I Manager tries to push "extra profit items" at closing. 601xx ZIP is Chicago area. We used to have even more Ford dealers. Some only 3-4 miles apart.
  10. "... only ZEV will be allowed " Well, look back to 20 years ago, 1999, the 2000's were coming and we were all supposed to be in "futuristic cars" by now. Full sized pickups still rule the market. California's 1998 mandate for more ZEV came and went, for example. A giant "we'll see".
  11. Funny how years ago, there was all this crying about "What will police drive?" when CV was going to be dropped. Like it was the "end of times". "Cops only like BOF Panthers!" Now, all over the place are Explorer cop cars. And unibody Charger, too. [No kids, its not BOF]
  12. 630land

    Did VW need an Edge?

    VW is now mainly another SUV seller. All the "car guys" were praising VW for offering the Golf station wagon, but turns out it's getting dropped. All they did was sit and collect dust. Where were all the "enthusiasts"? They kept driving 15 year old Jetta wagons, with excuse "Oh, I wait till cars are 10 years old before I buy". "Other guys should pay for depreciation". Are they expecting the Gov't to "hand out free station wagons"?
  13. Someone eager for EV's said "oh, my wife and I can go shop for the hour that our EV is charging.." Who has time to "shop"? Mall Stores are closing!
  14. All those pre-BK Chevys had bowtie badges that would warp and peel in the sun. Instead of "halo cars", should have brought out better interiors and badges. And, all these "enthusiasts" who went nuts over the Regal wagon, from Opel, never bought them.
  15. 630land

    First c8 wrecked

    I remember the "first crash of 2015 Mustang" and "first crash of Ford GT". I'm expecting "first mass market driverless car crash!"