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  1. Hasn’t there been a number of polls that suggest customers prefer physical controls? I hope they start listening to their customers. I understand it is likely these types of changes were set in motion and have to be carried out but moving forward I hope they return to a balance of the two types.
  2. This is effectively my position. The F Series is the leader of its segment, so it does not need to take big chances. Ford comes out with the Expy in 2018 and it is a very competitive product, and makes some headway but then sputters for lack of timely change. This new generation could have continued to move the needle, but based on what I see it’s a relatively conservative change. If they were the segment leader I could understand this but they are not. Now if this is the reason, I can understand it to a certain extent, but wouldn’t you want to have a vehicle that could exceed demand, which not only benefits Ford by helping prevent incentives, but also the dealer being able to sell the vehicles at MSRP or above as is the case with the Maverick?
  3. True, however, two years too late. We are at a point where this should’ve been a next generation model or at least a year from a next gen model, which means we will basically be seeing this explorer for at least another two years. From a refresh standpoint, it’s solid though. IMO, Ford needs to get back on track to the 5 to 6 year product cycle. Gen 5 ran from 2011–2019 and Gen 6 seems to be trending in that direction as well. These are very long from a generational perspective.
  4. Funny, I had the same reaction to it. I thought I would like it more. Apparently the Santa Fe is a lot more expensive than I recall. That isn’t cheap.
  5. Looks good. Probably the best looking Cadillac model I’ve seen in a while.
  6. Funny how it is all in the eye of the beholder, as I would put the 20-24 at the top. Our 22 ST will likely be our last for a variety of reasons, a few of those are as follows: - The exterior didn’t significantly change enough for what is considered to be a new generation and no change to the powertrain. - I hate the style and magnetic color of the new ST wheels (Yes I know they can be changed but I didn’t want to have to do that) - My wife wouldn’t mind going down to a two row SUV versus three, since the major kid hauling days are behind us. Both our 2020 and 2022 have been good vehicles for us, so it has nothing to do with the quality of the vehicles.
  7. I’m of the opposite opinion, as I liked the previous gen’s grill, however I don’t mind the new one on the ST. I also agree with your point about the shape of the new grill.
  8. It really wasn’t an argument. I was more referring to the complete vehicle and not specifically the character line.
  9. Not a huge fan of that grill either. I personally loved the prior gen’s style. It just got long in the tooth.
  10. We are going to find out how the general public thinks about it soon enough. Make no mistake, I want it to be successful. Can anyone explain why the door skins would have been expensive to change? The doors are two parts, frame and exterior skin. The interior would not have needed to change necessarily. I would think the stampings for the quarters would be more expensive.
  11. Yes, they had no choice but to leave it due to the line running into the rear quarter. Without changing that stamping they were stuck. But for that line, they were already changing the front quarters so I’m guessing the door skin stamping wouldn’t have been too expensive to change.
  12. Things just don’t add up with the C2 models. As you stated, the engineering work has been done for the Chinese market, and with minor changes they could be sold here. Perhaps they could be temporarily imported until domestic production could be arranged, so what exactly is stopping that from happening? Ford really doesn’t have a lot of models to choose from nowadays.
  13. For me, as I have mentioned before, the character line down the side profile makes it stand out that it is the same body since 2018. That can’t be hidden. I think smooth panels hide the age of the body better and allow the focus to be on the front and rear changes. I don’t recall GM carrying over body panels from one generation to another.
  14. I understand the change in theory, but the expedition is also aligned with the truck trim names, which makes more sense to me, considering nobody’s cross shopping an escape with an expedition.
  15. I thought the Ram Revolution EV concept was a pretty good balance between being modern/radical and still maintaining proper truck elements that would appeal to traditional buyers. If T3 is similar to this I think it will achieve very good successes. When it comes to radical, the Cybertruck looks ridiculous in form and function. I like Tesla, but that was just trying to be too cute.
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