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  1. Although I think the wheels look good, I thought the same. It’s hard to ignore the touch of Camaro that is in this latest generation. The car still looks good though.
  2. It is pretty ridiculous that the latest generation of Ranger doesn’t have ventilated seats in this day and age in the higher end trims. It’s one of a few misses on this new model as far as I’m concerned.
  3. I echo Andrew’s thanks in putting the numbers together.
  4. Obviously, that’s a pretty substantial number, but I would like to see a few more months before I passed final judgment. Clearly something is up though.
  5. I think Ford has jumped the shark on Bronco pricing. Broncos are now being stocked on the lots around me, whereas this was never the case before, and you can buy them with a hefty discount. I’ve even seen bronco Raptors being advertised for $5000 off. They affectively drove me out of the market based on value I see in the vehicle. I think the next few months worth of sales will give us an idea on the impact of Bronco pricing.
  6. I’m curious what Autonation has. The Lincoln dealerships around my area have very little inventory of any model for that matter. I am unclear how to interpret that. Either they’re selling what they’re getting in, or they are having difficult getting inventory, or they aren’t ordering much for inventory. I just don’t know.
  7. The model S is still a good looking car, but as you have stated the design language if 10 years old, so what is the incentive to upgrade to a new car if you already have one. It’s not a surprise the S sales are low now. Lack of refreshes on virtually any car will spell doom for sales.
  8. Perhaps some don’t know or don’t care, but we will never actually know the impact of having the vehicle manufactured in China, until a survey of some kind is done. Nevertheless, I haven’t seen one new Nautilus at any dealers around me or on the road, so having no vehicles to look at or buy off a lot, isn’t helping their sales. Manufacturing in China leads to long lead times and does have an effect on availability.
  9. I feel like Ford is screwing themselves on the Nautilus. It seems the Nautilus has been well received, and manufacturing it in China appears to be impacting its availability. Not to mention lost sales to those people that would otherwise buy one, but won’t because it’s made in China.
  10. I doubt they will sell the deck as a a separate part. These companies seem to want to protect their distinctive parts so you can’t make standard models look like theirs, even though they can make money. At least that was the case with Roush truck parts anyway.
  11. That is an unfortunate fact, considering the Navigator invented the segment.
  12. The styling of the Escalade is not for me. I find it to be very bland. The Yukon and the Tahoe are both much more interesting to look at, particularly the Yukon. Based on the three models, I feel like you are only buying the Escalade to say you bought the most expensive model.
  13. i understand where you are coming from, that this vehicle will have top of the line performance, and I don’t doubt that, but it just doesn’t appeal to me otherwise. As you have pointed out, the garish wing doesn’t help matters, but it has its purpose. I might like the car more if it didn’t have that.
  14. Obviously, Buick is using the same design language across all their vehicles. When I first saw the Envista, I thought it was pretty sharp for an inexpensive vehicle, but I don’t necessarily think the design language translates as well to the larger vehicles. It’s not terrible, but it’s not great either. As others have stated, the interior looks very nice though.
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