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  1. Because it's expensive to change tire suppliers in the middle of a model year, and most potential buyers don't compare braking distances - if it feels good then it's fine. If it bothers you try a set of Porterfield R4S pads and get the dealer to swap you some Michelins.
  2. The CR Edge didn't fail - the point was it took more effort to open the rear liftgate than the CR guy expected. And the Edge wasn't delayed by any particular quality problem - it was simply the higher standards put on the new assembly line and suppliers whereby they had to have 5 straight days with no problems. One problem on one vehicle and the counter starts over.
  3. Nope. Town Car and Lincoln LS intermixed on the same line.
  4. Sorry, FordDirect doesn't show any F350s at Aikman Ford or any of the other nearby dealers. Did you see it in person or on FordDirect.com?
  5. Look up the dealer invoice price on edmunds or kbb - that will be very close. If you can find one on forddirect.com at a dealer I can give you the MSRP and X plan price but I need the dealer name, zip code and VIN number.
  6. My dealership's owner let's the employees keep the spiff check from Ford so they actually get their vehicles for less than A plan when it's all said and done. Pretty sweet!
  7. Basically - yes. The dealers got their state politicians to pass laws back in the 50's/60's that protect the dealerships from the manufacturers to the point that the mfrs have virtually no recourse against bad dealerships.
  8. I heard the 08s would have Michelins.
  9. Yep, and it's around $330 IIRC.
  10. It sounds like they already had the market research about both names which showed that the Taurus name had much more brand equity and loyalty than the Five Hundred name. Seems to me they just needed Alan to pull the trigger which he did.
  11. I added Homelink to my Fusion. I just bought a homelink sun visor off ebay for $35 (this one was from a Maxima but they're all the same) and cut out the homelink transmitter and added it to my sun visor. Not easy and you have to be careful not to screw up the fabric but it just wires right into the lighted vanity mirror. Or you can mount it anywhere else - you just need 12V power and a ground. Or you can get a Zephyr/MKZ visor if the fabrics match (expect to spend about $300).
  12. The Explorer should be almost identical to the new GM CUVs (Acadia, Enclave, Outlook) which look very good. I think it would replace the Taurus X although they could switch the Taurus X back to a more traditional station wagon.
  13. He was talking about A plan, not X. But I can get X plan discounts on Volvos through the FordPartner program. It's 4% off MSRP. I assume the Friends and Family X plan is the same but you'd have to check with an employee to be sure.
  14. Contact Bill Jenkins at Team Ford in Las Vegas. Great prices, awesome service and a heckuva nice guy to boot.
  15. I have a Fusion with the same shifter and I'm sure it works the same. The computer won't allow a downshift that would cause damage so no worries there. What L will do is downshift and keep the RPM around 4K with engine braking. It will still shift up and down as necessary. In my limited testing it seems to be sufficient for a moderate downgrade but a steep descent may require some braking. I have one long hill near my house - I'll try it there. The mazda manu-matic would definitely work better if that's something you do a lot. For occasional use I don't think it would matter much.
  16. Take a deep breath and try to comprehend. I agree with you that it's confusing and should be changed on the website. I also agree that a reasonable person would have assumed the energy/nav/audiophile unit would play mp3s. The only thing I disagree with is that it's false advertising and that it was done on purpose to mislead people.
  17. Wrong. Look, we understand why you might EXPECT that the energy/nav/audiophile unit would be mp3 capable. But that's not what it says. Yes, it's confusing the way it's displayed, but it's not false advertising nor was it done on purpose to trick people. Get over it.
  18. Not sure about the Focus, but the 08 Five Hundred is due out in April. I heard Ford sponsored the pre-game show which i didn't watch - did they not have any Fusion ads at all? FWIW I liked the robot ad. You do realize it was all a daydream?
  19. The picture of the energy/nav/audiophile unit doesn't match the description of the audiophile only unit below it. It's an oversight. Nothing more. Get over it.
  20. Sorry, but the Mariner website does not say that the Nav radio plays MP3s or is satellite capable. If you read the text (instead of just looking at the picture) it says the Audiophile unit does that and the note at the bottom says the Hybrid Energy/Nav/Audiophile combo radio is available but doesn't say anything about mp3s or satellite. A little misleading maybe but certainly not false advertising. What does the window sticker say? The one on forddirect.com doesn't say anything about mp3s or satellite.
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