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  1. Explorer is also considerably bigger than Highlander and MDX, so there's that too.
  2. It's easy to say "why is it so hard" through a 2019-colored lens. Back when MFT/MLT was still in production, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay didn't exist.
  3. Well, sure, I predict that too. But... 1) I don't expect the transition to be seamless, and 2) Will they be bought to be kept open as a brand (like the PAG brands), or will whoever buys them raid their R&D for their own benefit and say to heck with the service centers?
  4. So, say Tesla goes under some time soon... What happens when current owners need that proprietary service?
  5. papilgee4evaeva

    2020 Corvette revealed

    *whispers* ... and, for now, Bentley...
  6. papilgee4evaeva

    New lawsuit $1.2B

    There are three V6 models. If the lawsuit doesn't specify which one.....
  7. papilgee4evaeva

    2000 Mile Road Trip In A Tesla Model 3

    Tesla Model S (base w/AWD) is slightly heavier than BMW 740e Hybrid and Audi A8, despite being significantly smaller otherwise than either of those cars. Nissan Leaf weighs about the same as the upcoming Escape Hybrid, despite the latter being appreciably bigger. Electric motors and batteries are not inexpensive, and they definitely don't save as much weight as you're insinuating.
  8. papilgee4evaeva

    2000 Mile Road Trip In A Tesla Model 3

    Tesla is to Apple as everyone else is to... everyone else.
  9. papilgee4evaeva

    Ford Drops 325HP Fusion Sport

    Or, even better, keep the V6 and turn it up a bit. 😎
  10. papilgee4evaeva

    Cadillac puts "truck engine" in CT4-V

    To be fair, the Nautilus is pretty much a facelifted MKX. That aside, to your point, since the ATS was pretty much just refreshed into the CT4, are consumers supposed to believe that the same car went from a 3/C/A4 competitor to an A/A3 competitor based on an MCE? GM is really GM'ing themselves into a corner here...
  11. papilgee4evaeva

    Cadillac puts "truck engine" in CT4-V

    At this point, we should just start considering "this is GM" a reason in and of itself. 😄
  12. papilgee4evaeva

    Cadillac puts "truck engine" in CT4-V

    What was so wrong with Vsport that they had to get rid of it?
  13. papilgee4evaeva

    Tesla drops a bomb

    Exactly. I fall under the millennial descriptor and I'm soon to be 36. I have a career too. Imagine that. 🤯
  14. papilgee4evaeva

    Cadillac unveils new CT5 - the CTS replacement

    I know about A3, Q3, and TT, as well as Q4 e-Tron. But A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q5, Q7, Q8, and R8 are not related to any VW models. Four out of thirteen models that share platforms does not a rebrand make. For the record, I'm completely in agreement that Lincoln is not simply a rebranded Ford and should not be considered such. Someone somewhere said that only the Zephyr deserved that criticism in recent years - and rightly so, IMO.
  15. papilgee4evaeva

    Cadillac unveils new CT5 - the CTS replacement

    This is true. Well, because this is objectively largely false. 🤔