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  1. My car is ready but need to go pick it up in another city now; still waiting on ford to see if they will pay for the rental I had to get prior to them approving the loaner 8 days later
  2. Update it is the transmission cooler and they finally approved a loaner.
  3. The problem is that the car is in Kissimmee And I live in Miami so it’s not at the dealer that I bought it at.
  4. Just an update I got a call from the regional manager who said they are trying to reach the dealer and no one has called them back ; then I called the dealer and they said no one has called them and they were going to call again so it’s a huge run around.
  5. The most disappointing aspect that I was stranded in another city with the car and ford as to today 7 days later has yet to approve a loaner; dealer is saying it’s the district manager that needs to approve; I’ve called ford directly to escalate this 3 days ago and still nothing ; I have own fords and Mercury’s since 1998 and never had any issues with them ; this experience makes me really want jump brands ; at least it’s a lease so I’ll get out of it at some point
  6. They did mention that it had no coolant on it but they didn’t finish the diagnostics; is there anything online that mentions that?
  7. Anyone here or any issues ; I have a 2020 Explorer got it a month ago 1000 miles on it transmission went out left stranded out of my city I was traveling. dealer hasn’t fully diagnose issue they are saying they have gotten others in with transmission issues ford has yet to approve a loaner ; district manager won’t call me back its been a nightmare
  8. saintlaz1

    Autoshow leaks soon?

    There is no such vehicle Corsair; stop trying to make that name happen;
  9. Corsair is weird hard to pronounce doesnt really roll off the tongue. How they dont see that Mariner is the obvious choice Ill never understand. Mariner as a mercury was a fantastic suv.
  10. saintlaz1

    2019 MKC first look

    Should have just been Mariner already
  11. saintlaz1

    2019 MKC first look

    Why is the 2019 Hidden in the Lincoln site ; its not under future vehicles nor the MKC page? Doesnt make sense this didnt get a name I dont see any worst than the MKx refresh
  12. Shouldn't we have seen something by now? Or will it not get refreshed ?
  13. my feelings are mixed on the front end, i loved it on the Continental but i feel its bit forces on the MKZ, maybe it will grow on me, but perhaps I was one of the few that like the current grill on MKZ. I think though this grill would look real good on MKC and MKX. maybe we will get MKC in Detroit ?