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  1. Ranger20

    Fast and Loud

    I love this show, they definitely prefer Fords. They do some cool 67-72 pick ups with modular V8s and Crown Vic front suspensions. They also built a 67 Galaxie with a 5.0 coyote engine.
  2. Ranger20

    Dealer trade good idea?

    Well we took the plunge and ended up buying a 2014 that our local dealer already had on order. They said if we ordered one now from scratch it would end up being a Christmas present because they aren't building customer cars yet. So we have a black on black SE coming with luxury pkg, moonroof, My Ford Touch, reverse sensing and 18in wheels. Its got the 1.5 Ecoboost so I guess we're going to be guinea pigs for the new engine. Thought we got a fair deal and a decent trade on the Taurus. Won't get it for a few weeks but thats ok. Thanks for the help and info guys.
  3. Ranger20

    Dealer trade good idea?

    Well wife is making me go look at the cars tomorrow, so hopefully we can get it done. If not, we're going to order a 2014 from the local dealer.
  4. Ranger20

    Dealer trade good idea?

    Its because the other two dealerships are much easier to get to for us and I guess also because we have purchased a car from each of these places in the past. Dean, you mentioned 399 over invoice. The list on this ruby red 2.0l Fusion SE we're looking at is 31,980. With discount and rebates its 27,409, minus 750.00 coupon- final price is 26,659. Does that sound about right?
  5. My wife and I have been looking at new Fusions. We are considering ordering a '14, but the deals are of course better now on the '13s and we have a $750 coupon that will expire soon. The two closest dealers to us that we drive by all the time have nothing with the right options/colors. We found the right car at another dealer, but its 32 miles away from us and is in a part of the area that we rarely go to. Just curious on what any of you would do. Have my local dealer try and trade for the car we want, or just try and make a deal with the dealer further away? Not sure if I would end up paying more with the trade, and if you get treated different with service and warranty work.
  6. My wife wants a new Fusion and I'm running out of excuses for not getting a new car. We were thinking of getting the smaller Ecoboost because of the better economy and its much easier to find on the SE models we're looking at. My understanding is the 1.6 has a timing belt and the 2.0 has a timing chain. Is that correct, and does anyone know if the new 1.5l has a belt or chain? I'm not sure if I want a car with a timing belt, not really a big deal I guess but don't want the hassle or expense down the road. She is trading out of a '03 Taurus with the dohc V6. Any opinions on if the 1.6 is similar in performance, or is the 2.0l more like the V6 power-wise?
  7. I am a long-time devotee of this website but rarely post. I work for a major car rental company and just wanted to note to Ranger M when looking for a used vehicle only a year or so old: I can tell you from personal experience that many of these trucks in daily rental fleets are used hard and hammered good. I would say they get at least twice the amount of wear and tear for the mileage as a vehicle in regular use. We have a large number of Crew Cab XLT 4x4s with the 5.0l and they regularly come back trashed inside and out. They clean up good but you know it takes some of the life out to them long term. If you plan to keep it a long time I would try to find out what it was used for.
  8. Our local PD is using both the new sedan and utility interceptor. Seeing more of them in the suburbs of St Louis.
  9. Good thing the girl in the back seat didn't get out when the driver threw it in reverse! The door would have taken her down.
  10. Ranger20

    How Ford became #1

    I still have that issue in mint condition. My wife wants me to throw my old magazine collection away, but I'm resisting!
  11. I know of two big dollar Fords (F-150 Limited 6.2L and F-250 Lariat Power Stroke) that were bought by my neighbors just in the last month because they didn't take the bailout money.
  12. Is the book you're talking about Ford Trucks Since 1905 by James Wagner? This is by far the best book on Ford trucks I've ever read. It stops coverage at 1978 however.
  13. Ranger20

    Compact CUV/SUV Comparo

    They tested a Mariner with the 16inch vs the optional 17inch wheels which would have helped the handling. And if they are going to award points for towing capacity, why not test one with the towing package which would up the rating to 3500lbs? I think I would rather tow with the Mercury than the VW. IMO, the results of Car & Driver's comparision tests are decided upfront, then they spin the numbers to back up their choice.