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    no cold start

    How are the plugs? Spark plugs that are very worn do not like to start in the cold.
  2. You are correct. Those saw cuts are bad news and Ford knows it. Hopefully they revised it to a drilled bore instead of the saw cut like the 1.5 update. Lots of 1.5 short blocks are being installed because of their sawcut leading to coolant ingestion.
  3. theDuff

    Who checks this a blind person?

    Good luck. It has to be better than a warranty write up...
  4. theDuff

    Free replacement part FOREVER

    I don't understand. Maybe the article is mistaken? If the the flex coupler has failed to the point we have to replace other components, we install a u-joint. We installed u-joints on unsold stock last year. How is the permanent fix not ready?
  5. Ah, the 10R80MHT finally makes its debut. I saw one of these firsthand last winter. The unit bolts to the front of the bell housing, but does not add that much length. Maybe 4 inches? Its serviced as an assembly with the torque converter.
  6. theDuff

    2020 Explorer, sync 4?

    I sat in one about a month ago, and I checked the software level. I believe it was version 3.4
  7. theDuff

    Possible PTU Issue in my Fusion

    There was never really a pattern of catastrophic failure with that style PTU. Your most likely dealing with an intermediate shaft seal leak if I had to guess.
  8. theDuff

    2017 Fusion Hybrid Front Wheel Bearing Replacement

    I believe bearing hubs are covered under the 5/60,000 powertrain warranty.
  9. I pack the hub bearings with grease using a bearing packer. Nothing crazy like a front bearing. It takes a long time for fluid to reach the hubs on a floater axle. Some guys will jack up one side of the truck to get fluid out there. I just prefer to pack them.
  10. theDuff

    2020 Explorer

    Taking Western Digital hard drives nomenclature? They may have had grounds for a lawsuit.
  11. It's way more then 3. There have been 3 complaints to the NHTSA, yes, but that isn't every failure. Our service department has fixed several. I've seen other reports on Ford technician forums. This is a way bigger problem then .00036%.
  12. I would try a different flash drive.
  13. Do they use other bed lengths at KCAP? I've been wondering that.
  14. Whoever it is, they aren't doing a good job. Would not recommend for a do-it-yourselfer right now.