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  1. I looking for advice on how to get a private cash offer from Ford. From every thing i have read it seems to be a random fashion on how the offer issued, but is there any thing i can do increase my chances of getting one? When i bought my 2008 F 250 KR i remember requesting a brochure from Ford and with the brochure a $750.00 coupon was included. Any advise would be appreciated.
  2. usedboxman

    Enhanced Order tracking

    Please Ford, I would like to see an updated vehicle tracking system. It would be great to get updates emailed to buyers for each step in the ordering , Ordering confirmation ( showing all options ordered , so buyers can correct any mistakes or omitted items with the dealer ) Vin assignment , scheduling build week , built , shipped, rail car # Etc... This would save a great amount of phone calls to dealers from buyers for information that is available to dealers but not directly available to the buyers of retail custom orders.
  3. Hello, is there any way you can see if there is a build week / date information regarding my F 450 King Ranch build ? Ordered On 10/28/2020 Order Number K11R VIN 1FT8W4DT3MEC65677 I have been stuck in "in order processing" on the ford order tracking website since I got the Vin on 11/23 I have been wearing out the tracking website for information and the dealer has been less than forthcoming with updates. I really appreciate you offering this service and i thank you for your time in advance.
  4. Just some timeline info on my recent F 450 build window sticker 1/14 Build date 1/24 Tough liner & retractable Tonneau cover installed offsite of KTP week of 1/24 - Shipped rail 1/30 offloaded from railcar on 2/5 In Philadelphia PA delivered to dealer 2/12 in NJ The date on the bottom of the window sticker changed at each step listed above.
  5. usedboxman

    2021 F 450 King Ranch

    Cyberdman, Truck delivered to dealer today . Thank you for all of your help! Here is the first photo after coming off the truck.
  6. Does anyone know why the window sticker date located on the bottom in the center changes? on my superduty build it has changed at least 5 times since it first appeared on the tracking website. no big deal, just curious.
  7. usedboxman

    f350drw order rear axle issues

    If you can look for the 2021 superduty order guide that is posted on the blue oval forums by ice capades , go to page 11 and the rear axel codes are listed. f 350 DRW with 6.7L diesel the 3.55 limited slip order code is X3K. it is an optional rear the 3.55 non limited slip is standard. the VOC would show the axel code that was ordered . Ask your dealer for a copy of the VOC to confirm that the correct axel ratio was ordered. don't wait of the window sticker to confirm as it will be too late to change at that point if not correct.
  8. usedboxman

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    that's great news.. i guess my truck had some option that was not available and it held up the build. My truck was shipped so my wait should be over soon.
  9. usedboxman

    2021 F 450 King Ranch

    Cyberdman, Any updates ? please : VIN 1FT8W4DT3MEC65677 Thank you!
  10. commodity issues I'm sure with certain options are messing up build times. from my observations the simpler the truck it seems to push thru the build process faster than the more loaded trucks with many options. it can just take one missing option to hold up a build . but knowing what exactly is holding up a build is anyone's guess.
  11. I feel your pain.... I ordered on 10/28 and was just built on 1/24 . Still at KTP waiting to be shipped. This Covid deal is messing up the supply chain in every industry . Hang in there it will be here soon...At least that is what I keep telling myself.
  12. usedboxman

    F-350 7.3L Gas order

    if the order was pulled then the Vin was assigned. ask for the person at the dealer who handles the order bank they should be able to get the Vin.
  13. usedboxman

    2021 F 450 King Ranch

    Cyberdman, Status update please : VIN 1FT8W4DT3MEC65677 Thank you!
  14. usedboxman

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    good luck on the 5- 8 week timeframe... i'm at 12 weeks now on my f450 build... and today is my build date 1/22 . eta to dealer is week of 2/8 if the truck gets delivered on 2/10 , it will be 14 weeks ...
  15. usedboxman

    Enhanced Order tracking

    I wish all dealerships would take such care in placing customer orders. However from the many complaints on various forums, sadly it seems like your dealership is the exception.
  16. I know how you feel, took 3 dealers for even one to even look at my order. then dealer took my order and it have been like pulling teeth trying to get info from them. Thank god for this forum and it's members as i would still not know anything about the progress of my build.
  17. I was a life long International/Navistar owner... after being burned by Maxxforce disaster. i'll never go back... EGR coolers / valves/ turbo's every 100,000 miles ... owned the maxxforce for 3 years and it was in the shop for warranty work for 19 months of that time.
  18. usedboxman

    2021 F 450 King Ranch

    Cyberdman, Thank you for the information. You have given me more information in 10 minutes than my dealer has in 10 weeks. I asked my salesman at the dealer for updates but i guess it was too much a bother for him to look. thanks again And ill send photo when it arrives.
  19. usedboxman

    2011 King Ranch Factory Running Boards

    here is the part number for the king ranch running board lamp. 8C3Z-13707-A
  20. My dad bought a 1975 Grand Torino Elite brand new . i think he paid like $5300.00 for it . it was red with a black vinyl top. had big motor in it too...400 i think. what a boat it was... but he would load my mom & the 4 of us kids in it every Sunday for church....
  21. I'm hoping my 2021 Superduty body will be less prone to corrosion vs. my 2014 Superduty which did not hold up well to rust on both frame & underside of the body & pickup bed. I took real care to keep clean but its a loosing battle in winters here the northeast ... I also own a 2016 Peterbilt 579 which has an aluminum cab. 335,000 miles on the truck , no corrosion on cab and the body integrity has held up as well as any all steel truck I have owned ..
  22. usedboxman

    long time viewer/ new poster

    hello, I have been viewing these forums for many years but just started posting. I owned fords for most of my life , from f-250 XLT to now on order a King Ranch F450 . I even owned an learned how to drive a semi 1994 on a Ford single axel LN 9000 tractor. I enjoy the information provided here and would like to add to the conversations if i have some useful information to add.
  23. usedboxman

    Enhanced Order tracking

    I do not think that the customer needs to modify orders directly but if there was a way to check the order online ( like a virtual VOC ) after it was placed, mistakes and omitted items could be corrected at the dealer before being surprised and disappointed at delivery. if i did not visit these forums , I would have never known to ask for a VOC, and after receiving it found a mistake and had it corrected on my order. Would not have been real happy at delivery if the mistake was made.
  24. usedboxman

    photo test

    2014 KR f350 pulling my gooseneck tailgate trailer
  25. usedboxman

    2011 King Ranch Factory Running Boards

    the light & lens is a single sealed unit. the lights push out from behind and pop right back in. I found OEM replacements on eBay. for my 2014 KR.