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  1. I've got an '11 Explorer Limited and I had to have the A-pillar trim replaced right away as it was warped when I got it. The weird thing was that they replaced it when I had an oil change done but the second one was literally just as bad. I figured that they didn't replace it because they were waiting for a part on a new vehicle and there was a delay. A month later I called to learn the status of the part order and I found out they had in fact replaced it. I brought it back in and the service rep was amazed that his guy installed the newer one since it was clearly as warped as the first. A week later a third one came in and it was fine so it was installed. The interior was nice and tight and never rattled for the first 10k or so miles. Then at about 11k miles, I began hearing a buzz/rattle from the passenger side of the top of the dash/windshield area any time I hit a blemish in the road. I can't pin it down by pressing on anything when it's occurring. A couple of weeks ago at 14K, I began hearing a different kind of rattle on the driver's side of the dash. Between these issues and the tempermental MyFord Touch system, I'm having some regrets and I don't like this feeling at all. I've read that you should never buy the first model year of a vehicle but figured that was an old man's way of thinking especially since Ford's quality has improved so much and the Explorer is based on a platform that has been around for several years at Ford and Volvo before it. But now I'm wondering despite my years as a Ford Man. I didn't think I'd find myself saying this at first, but maybe I should've looked more seriously at the Durango. It's also a first year vehicle but it's also based on a modified existing platform.
  2. T'Cal

    MKN, MKLS, MK9

    I like the SUV (Aviator?). And the big coupe. Beautiful!
  3. The next day, I started up the Explorer and SYNC performed a routine scheduled maintenance. Moments later it was fine and I've had no problems since. I'm more confused than ever.
  4. I had a 2003 Marauder for two years and loved it. It sucked in the snow, though. I traded it in for a loaded 4WD Mariner for my wife to get her something nice that would get her through our bad winters and I took over her old car. Two months ago my son called me from a used car lot about 5 miles from our house saying my car was there and for sale. I checked the next day and he was right. They were asking for more than what I traded it for three years before. It was tempting. As with others here, I had a very positive experience with my Panther. It was an excellent vehicle: part luxury car, part performance sedan, and part safe/roomy family car. It was the best sounding car I've ever owned, too. I am so tempted to pick up a used CV, CVPI, or GM, through some 18" Mustang wheels on it, a pair of Flowmasters, perhaps a stiffer gear (3.73), and maybe some buckets and a console. How do you beat that for fun?
  5. Call it whatever you want, I need it NOW. I stopped for gas a couple of days ago and when I started the car after filling up, the main screen was black and didn't come on until I disconnected the battery the next day. It keeps warning me to go to the dealer for a NAV system problem. This is getting worse...
  6. Looking forward to the big update in January... I've had the screen go blank, too. After several moments, the screens displays that SYNC is performing a scheduled maintenance, which takes about three minutes or so. I wish it would ask if I cared to conduct the maintenance first. There are many little annoyances that I hope will be cleared up soon.
  7. T'Cal

    Mustang V6 Mayhem

    I have a real prejudice against the getting the V6 model with stick. I know it's a bit quicker but it just seems so low rent. Oddly, If I bought the GT, I'd get the stick because it's a performance car and I'd want the best performance for that model, not to mention the greater driver involvement and the terrific sounds eminating from the exhaust when you leave it in lower gears. But if I bought a V6 model I would get the automatic as I know I'm not buying the hi-perf model. Still, I'd want the stiffer gearing for improved acceleration and better braking of the Performance Package and would order that if it was available. The 3.7L is a great engine making more HP than the old 5.0s from the 80s/90s. They're quicker than many of them too, despite the increase in weight and size of the newer models.
  8. T'Cal

    Mustang Boss 351 in 2014 ????

    I think it would be an outstanding idea to build a Mach1 with a 351 as the next special Mustang. We've had the Shelby, the Bullitt, and the Boss 302 so the Mach1 would fit right in for 2013 & 2014 before the big change in the Mustang away from retro styling. Make mine Race Red with a black leather iunterior and a six speed.
  9. T'Cal

    New Mustang

    Are these blue renderings based on the Mercury Messenger Concept from a handful of years back? They are beautiful and worthy of a new Mustang's styling.
  10. T'Cal

    New Mustang

    I liked the LTD LX with the 185 HP FI 5.0L and automatic from the Mustang. It was sorta like a four door Mustang GT. My friend's father had one and it was relatively quick. There was also a police package using that drivetrain, Ford's answer to the Malibu 9C1 with the 305 V8.
  11. While I haven't driven the new PIs, I have sat in and examined closely a mock up of each. The Taurus-based PI Sedan feels small and cramped inside and the Explorer-based PI Utility was much better offering more head, foot, and cargo room. The fastback design of the Sedan necessitates an angled rear door window frame hindering entry to the the prisoner area. I applaud Ford for making AWD standard but question why they didn't make the 3.7L V6 standard in both if only from engineering and production standpoints. Who wouldn't want 25 or so more HP in the Sedan? While the new Taurus looks good, the 2008 & 2009 offered lots more passenger and cargo space. Too bad Ford didn't continue to use that as the basis for the PI.
  12. The next gen Escape looks too much like a Hyundai Tuscon to me. It's not ugly. It's just looks too much like a CUV and the current one looks much more like an SUV, which I clearly prefer. I'm sure the new one will sell well. The Tuscon is...um...cute
  13. T'Cal

    Mach 1 or Bullitt in the works??

    Dear Ford, Please hire this man. Fondly, T'Cal
  14. When I look at the current and older Escape/Mariner, I see a small SUV. By that I mean something that looks traditional, rugged, and truck-like. When I see the new design, I see a small crossover that looks like most Asian compact crossovers, meaning it looks like a tall hatchback or wagon that is softer in all the wrong ways. I know the current models aren't heavy duty tanks but their image is a strong one and the next gen is not. I wish it kept the Ford family look, especially the new one that is on display in the new Edge and Explorer. That would make more sense to me.
  15. T'Cal

    Next Generation Mustang

    They actually list in the contract a specific engine and its displacement? Interesting. Is that common?