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  1. twintornados

    2020 F350

    Assuming that the F350 already has the additional gear (coolers, front springs, etc) to handle the 7.3L that F250 lacks which would point to the $325 price difference?
  2. twintornados

    Corsair GT Hybrid Plug In

    Makes no sense to put that in a RAV4....a Lexus? Sure, but your average Toyota CUV shopper won't really "care" about 302HP...maybe they will care about the 39 miles in EV mode, but Ford Escape Hybrid plug in does 30 miles...
  3. twintornados

    2020 F350

    That stokes the "loner" in me the still enjoys the ability to order a single cab model.....lol
  4. twintornados

    2020 F350

    According to the "build and price", the 7.3L gasser is a $2045 option...a bargain compared to the over $10K up-charge for the Powerstroke.
  5. The whole "Ford Mustang Mach E' or "Ford Mach E" kinda reminds of what Ford did in 1974 when they came out with the Ford Gran Torino Elite. In 1975, they renamed it Ford Elite and it continued for two more years like that, same car...dropped the Gran Torino moniker.....
  6. twintornados

    Any Lincoln News at LA Autoshow?

    Lincoln Continental MK-E.....its the little things.
  7. Would have been interesting if they named the Mach E the Thunderbird instead or even Falcon.
  8. I would assume that within 6 months, there will be a Lincoln variant of this new EV. Not a carbon copy, but a variant just the same.
  9. And Fusion/Mondeo is still being produced.
  10. twintornados

    Dodge among top in reliability, Cadillac last.

    Right....by 2012, Crown Victoria was rock solid. LOL
  11. Boo hoo hoo...the "regulars" are being mean to me...when you posted here in an open forum, you get opinions whether you like it or not.... Funny you see trolls everywhere, you must live in a house of mirrors.
  12. My girlfriends nephew has a new Wrangler 4 door all tricked out and he was showing it off to me this weekend, when I told him I was looking forward to the new Bronco, he replied, "Me too...I really want a Ford."
  13. Sorry... I don't buy the "it was a gift and 10 weeks late.." no excuse for accepting a vehicle that had that many problems at time of delivery AND taking it anyway. YOU accepted delivery of the vehicle and now you want to complain?? Lincoln is at fault for letting it out of the factory, and the dealer is at fault for letting it roll over the curb, but YOU at fault for accepting it.
  14. Bring back Duraweave in the cool 70's colors too!!
  15. twintornados

    Goodbye Focus, hello Flex

    Well, going from a Focus to a Flex sure will be an adjustment...that Flex is like two of your Focus.