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  1. twintornados

    1979 Ford Bronco Sells for $64,500

    $64K is a lot...but, it sure is a "time capsule" of cool from 1979....
  2. Wearing a mask and social distancing has no effect on our liberties.....I want the stores and other businesses open just like the next guy but I have also seen the devastation wreaked by the scourge of COVID-19. The main issue is, while I will wear a mask and socially distance, there is a subset of the community that wants to insist that they do as they please...and by doing as they please, it directly impacts my liberties to be free from this virus. My "car doing 100MPH" was an analogy of following direction vs anarchy.
  3. twintornados

    Decision Time, Aviator or not?

    From the article: Ouch....
  4. BRRRZZT...wrong again......you may have started the thread, but since it is here on Blue Oval Forums....it is their thread. Please continue to tell yourself how smart you are...you must really love being wrong.all.the.time.
  5. Too bad you just don't seem to "get it" (what else is new?) you've been around enough to realize that the moderators will step in and lock a thread when it goes off the rails...but, sure...you keep telling yourself how smart you are....
  6. Now THAT is funny......but, keep scrambling bro.....
  7. twintornados

    Decision Time, Aviator or not?

    Hands down, the Aviator....
  8. Cue the moderators in 5...4...3...2....
  9. Hahahahhaa....acting like a child? Who is the one that keeps trying to move the topic....first it was "Cuomo is putting COVID-19 patients in nursing homes" ...when I debunked that LIE, then it was, "Well Cuomo gave 'cover' to his cronies that donated to him..." when I agreed with you and told you they were ALL crooks in NYS, then you try to switch the conversation to "its a great left wing/deep state conspiracy!" and I show articles from far right media outlets running with the lie that you wish was the truth...now you want to resort to name calling? Who is the child here?? ADD ON: "The Hill" website (your youtube 'source' for your expose`) is yet another hard right "news entertainment" site that is about as informative as the National Enquirer for facts.
  10. To the person that was bellyaching at the local grocery shop about how he was tired of being told what to do, I told him he should go out and drive 100 MPH up the commercial corridor main road because speed limits are such a violation of of his right to drive as fast as he wants.
  11. oh, but it is.....however, you keep telling yourself otherwise to make you feel good. https://www.foxnews.com/media/new-yorkers-bash-cuomo-coronavirus-nursing-homes Took all of .0002 seconds to find the link...
  12. Your original critique was "Cuomo is sticking COVID-19 patients in nursing homes" ...that is a lie perpetuated by the hard-right Fox entertainment crowd, it is just that...a lie. As for NY Style politics...here's a hint for you...they are ALL corrupt.
  13. Welcome to NY style politics....I told you I don't like the guy....
  14. Please see @jpd80 posting....couldn't have said it better.
  15. Sure will...I have friends that work in both nursing homes and hospitals and Medicaid reimbursements dictate how long a patient stays in a hospital and when they get discharged from a hospital and are sent to an assisted care facility. Cuomo was directing the assisted care facilities to follow CDC guidelines and ensure proper protocols are being followed, but it is MEDICAID that makes the call on where the patient is cared for. Next thing you know, Fox Entertainment is making Cuomo out to be the Great Satan due to his direction that hospitals and assisted care facilities follow those CDC guidelines..... like hospitals, you have great assisted care facilities and you have some really crappy ones, instead of correcting issues, it is easier to blame a politician for the failings of our government run healthcare system. PS: Thanks for nothing!!! I hate having to "defend" Cuomo, but I cannot stand flat out lies from some news outlets, be it CNN or Fox Entertainment or MSNBC....