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  1. I think the point is to why it’s not integrated with a smoother and less obtrusive look. Though that C70 takes the cake. I’m not sure what to think about the long horizontal vent look. Granted it’s not one large vent, but it reminds of a Prius(?).
  2. Don Keoni

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Welcome to Jurassic Park. As great as the profile looks, I’m not a fan of the front or rear. Those taillights... the integration of reverse and turn signal seems like an after thought.
  3. I find the temperature controls interesting. Are they toggles or touch sensitive? The heat/cool arrows seem so close together. Overall, I’m not a fan of the interior. However, better pictures may tell a different story. The the taillights, they remind me of the bulging lights Toyota’s have on their SUV/Cuv lineup.
  4. Lime is huge here in Seattle. I haven’t seen a Spin bike/scooter around since last summer, though. I think this purchase is a wise diversification.
  5. 1) The included press release states these gains are retail sales. 2) LA is not Silicon Valley, if the fleet theory was true why not buy the vehicles locally? 3) I work in Mountain View and have yet to see a Ford with a Google decal slapped on it. Plenty of RXs and Priuises, as well as the weird completely autonomous jellybean car. That thing is an oddball that makes me think of Dr. Seuss. 4) Piggybacking on the eletricification, I have never seen so many Leafs, i3s, Tesla S/X (even spotted a 3 humming around), Fusion Energis, etc around. I didn't even know there was an electric Fiat 500 till I saw one charging in front of my office.