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  1. This will have the same reaction as calling a Holden Commodore a GTO
  2. Doesn't look that far off from.an Avalanche
  3. Fords Chairmen have always been involved. Unless things go south then the CEO takes the fall.
  4. The TC is smaller because it is smaller. It makes a convenient small package for light deliveries and tradespeople doing work in large cities. See NV200 and Promaster City. The T-150 replaced the E-150.
  5. Leno needs to tread carefully and not get too technical. He is trying to appeal to a larger audience than just gearheads. Even Farley had to rein himself in when he knew he was getting too technical. I think it was a well balanced segment where Ford got their news out with it becoming an infomercial.
  6. It's not offensive, but certainly doesn't scream "buy me"
  7. Apparently, Tata is also worried about the Bronco.
  8. Unless they are repurposing an existing truck plant to EVs.
  9. J-150

    Unifor contract update

    You need to factor in the exchange rate. Canadians measure a week differently.
  10. J-150

    VW ID.4

    Not impressed with recent VW styling. They seem to be borrowing a lot of elements from other manufacturers.
  11. All of these startups are great. Too bad none of them, including Tesla, have figured out manufacturing and supply chain.
  12. J-150

    2022 GMC Jimmy Render

    Hummer H4 was planned before that.
  13. What happens when you produce a T6 SUV that doesn't have all of the extensive offloading features of the Bronco? You get a vehicles costing less.
  14. Yes, at 10k less than a comparably equipped Bronco. Not everyone wants a BOF utility that can scale K2 and ford through Lake Superior. Kind of like how we have a Ranger because not everyone needs the capability of a Super Duty