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  1. I'd rather see the GT500 powerplant in a Lightning.
  2. J-150

    2020 Escape odditly

    Maybe the exhaust is re-routed on the AWD, with a slightly longer bumper to accommodate.
  3. J-150

    2021 Mazda BT50

    Does make it a sister vehicle to the Colorado/Canyon?
  4. J-150

    2021 Nissan Rogue

    Congratulations, Nissan. You designed a Hyundai.
  5. J-150

    Nikola wants to crush the F150

    They will find out what Tesla did. You still need to manufacture the vehicle. Building 500,000+ vehicles takes a lot more than promises, threats, chest thumping and stock market ponzi schemes.
  6. J-150

    Jeep Grand Wagoneer

    Already being towed to the dealer LOL
  7. J-150

    Task for today/ F150

    Reflections would show a backwards N and E. Those are not backwards and not a reflection. As far as the letter spacing, we dont know what it will be. New truck. New styling elements.
  8. People have been moving for work for hundreds of years.
  9. J-150

    Farley investment

    That should please Wall Street.
  10. the tailgate lift assist with the 2004 model and the tailgate lock in 1997. This "war" is competitors catching up.
  11. Funny thing is, this is what Fields was planning for. It was just 2 years late from his prediction.
  12. Just like most F150s, Rams, Silverados...
  13. Profits go to shareholders, whom live all over the world, including the US. That also applies to parts manufacturers. Well, except the Chinese parts manufacturers that Ford, GM and Fiat like to buy from.
  14. J-150

    Toyota Yaris Cross

    Looks like a Hyundai or Kia concept
  15. A little to sloped with the squareness of the truck.