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  1. Another 2 door SUV/CUV? Why? There is no market for 2 doors.
  2. And yet a Bronco based on existing architecture and powertrain takes how long?
  3. J-150

    Ford's cool side

    I love hearing stories like this
  4. J-150

    Acura Type S Concept

    Quad headlights and it's a BMW
  5. J-150

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Mid 70s Thunderbird and Lincolns. But to your point, that was about moving very heavy cars. Not necessarily speed.
  6. I think that was a miss. The Sky should have been a Saab and the 9-2x a Saturn. The 9-7 should have never existed. Badge engineering can work if done within the brand character.
  7. No love for the Granada as a name? No worse than anything else suggested.
  8. Check your math. Ford alone has 15 models.for every model disappearing, another is taking its place.
  9. You'd call it a Lincoln LT.
  10. J-150

    Silverado diesel 33mpg,,,

    It comes from a wholesaler and its dyed red.
  11. J-150


    Let's get people excited about a vehicle that won't launch for 5 years... then do the same with a variant where the original still hasn't launched.
  12. Seeing as how Silverado keeps slipping, there are fewer and fewer people that agree with you on this point.
  13. J-150

    New Escape

    It will be interesting to see how this compares to the redesigned RAV4. The previous model with the stormtrooper grill sold very well. The Tacoma inspired "masculine" look seems to be selling well, so far. With Ford softening or "feminizing"the Escape, will it gain or lose?
  14. I guess you've never dealt with a Toyota diesel forklift. They're pretty solid without catchy ad agency focus group names.
  15. J-150

    New Escape

    The front end feels Mazda-ish