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  1. Including shots fired on the wrong net. Great quote but not what Wayne Gretzky was talking about. Example, Ford has a small diesel suitable for a half ton. There is market demand. Ram is doing it and GM will be offering one shortly. Do you take THAT shot?
  2. And most of the workers cant survive on $250/wk for that long.
  3. J-150

    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    That hole is pretty far up the lift gate, given you can see the amount of exposed area still to be covered with a bumper cover. It would have to be that handle with room for trim and backup camera. License plate would be lower in the bumper cover.
  4. I'm sure GM and FCA have received their fair share of the same.
  5. Point is, as a marketing tool it's as bad as the Chevy "real people". Oh you hate Ford? Here, drive a GT. Not, hey drive the vehicles that make you hate Ford.
  6. Funny video. But I noticed they didn't have anyone driving a DCT Focus.
  7. Toyota will do what Toyota always does. They watch to see what everyone else is doing then then join in only after they see if there is demand. Chrysler has been much the same for the past 25 years.
  8. Oreo Oreo is just Oreo. Which makes room for Golden Oreo,, Oreo Double Stuff, Oreo Fudge, etc.
  9. I dont like it either, but Jeep has pulled off putting their name on a Fiat 500. Porsche is selling a helluva lot of tarted up Volkswagen SUVs and still asking an insane amount for their cars. It can be done with success, as long as the base brand remains class leading.
  10. J-150

    Nissan Titan diesel is dead.

    They had one, singular point of difference. Were they not supposed to promote that?
  11. J-150

    Nissan Titan diesel is dead.

    And yet Ford, GM and Dodge have offered "heavy half" payload packages for decades. So yeah, someone did ask the question... and it was answer by Detroit many times. Nissan has been struggling to find a niche they could exploit. This was a valid niche. But they guessed wrong on the take rate. Kind of like when Toyota tried a flare side and failed miserably.
  12. Why only 10 years? BEV penetration won't go from 20-30% in 2030 to 100% in 2031