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  1. J-150

    VW ID.4

    Not impressed with recent VW styling. They seem to be borrowing a lot of elements from other manufacturers.
  2. All of these startups are great. Too bad none of them, including Tesla, have figured out manufacturing and supply chain.
  3. J-150

    2022 GMC Jimmy Render

    Hummer H4 was planned before that.
  4. What happens when you produce a T6 SUV that doesn't have all of the extensive offloading features of the Bronco? You get a vehicles costing less.
  5. Yes, at 10k less than a comparably equipped Bronco. Not everyone wants a BOF utility that can scale K2 and ford through Lake Superior. Kind of like how we have a Ranger because not everyone needs the capability of a Super Duty
  6. No they don't. Toronto has some of the rudest, selfish, entitled and oblivious drivers in all of North America. There is more passing to the right than to the left on most highways.
  7. Special edition? Like they are having trouble selling these?
  8. J-150

    Titan dead in Canada after '21

    No surprise. They just don't sell well. I wonder if the vans will go next.
  9. J-150

    TFL: Transit 350 AWD

    Most cupholders I ever had, was 10 in a 2004 XLT Supercrew. 1 in each door, 2 in the dash pullout, 2 in the front of the console and 2 in the rear of the console. 10 cupholders for a vehicle that seated 5.
  10. J-150

    Tesla suing Rivian

    Lol. The same Elon that put his tech out into the ether for everyone to use now says the opposite.
  11. Not every pickup hauls lumber. Many contractors will use these to pull trailers with their tools and material. Not to mention that a Supercrew with 4' of length can still haul a pallet with 500lbs of items or a 36" reel of cable weighing the same. These buyers know exactly what they are buying and how it will fit their needs.
  12. Let's start a pool. How long after the launch before they have an emergency refresh?
  13. Apparently the banks also watched the Bronco launch.
  14. I'd hardly call the North American market regional or isolated. It made Chrysler a lot of money over the years