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  1. J-150

    Tesla unintended acceleration

    Closer to PT Barnum
  2. That C1500 I used to own is still on the road as I see it every once in a while. Probably has 6-700k on the odometer now.
  3. Had one of those in a '89 C1500. If you drive fast enough, the speedo comes back around
  4. Jeep sales are hot... all on the strength of 4 doors.
  5. J-150

    Genesis GV80

    Ford did this with the 2008-11 Focus. The display was up on top if the dash with knobs below.
  6. He's on the run. https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/carlos-ghosn-turkey-japan-1.5413812
  7. How about alcohol interlocks and speed limiters. They would save more children than a backup camera. It's pure politics.
  8. I don't think Pete said anything that hasn't been said here. Additionally, I dont think he's being hard on Ford at all. There's a large degree of truth in what he said.
  9. How much are they losing? Did the margin on Fiesta and Focus even cover development and manufacture costs?
  10. GT levels of secret skunkworks project here. No one saw this coming...
  11. J-150

    RIP: Ford Flex

    To me, it was about taking the slow selling Freestyle/Taurus-X, and squaring it off to make is less wagon and more SUV.
  12. I suppose being in California, you've never been on an unpaved, muddy road to the cottage.
  13. In my experience, Kia's have a bouncier rear axle than Fords. The driver feels bumps being absorbed. Rear passengers just feel carsick. But just the rear. Front axles are stiff. Strange way to tune a suspension. So if that's their definition of a better ride... yeah there's some bias. As far as performance, any Kia 8ve driven has an extremely sensitive throttle. A light touch just launched the vehicle, for a false sense of power. Once you get the pedal down halfway, there is no more. But that's in my experience. I haven't tried a Telluride yet, but I'm sure it follows the same corporate formula.
  14. J-150

    news coming....

    100% or nothing. Got it. But given the level of tech available in the auto industry alone, not including tech available elsewhere, i dont believe for one minute it cant be done.
  15. J-150

    news coming....

    So the throttle is all-go or no-go? That's what you're suggesting. 100% torque all the time. That just isn't true. The throttle can be programmed with limits such as max 50% torque output in Eco mode. DC electric subway trains have have adjustable throttles since 19th century. It can be done.
  16. J-150

    news coming....

    I dont see why it can't be both. Many gasses have the "eco", "normal", and "sport" modes. You can do the same with electric. Eco for range and Sport for increased power output. Normal for a halfway point. Just like a 3 way light or a dimmer switch.
  17. J-150

    news coming....

    Dont even need wires. A contact on the door and a contact on the door frame
  18. Maybe their new partner Navistar can rework the 444 for them 😎
  19. Hasn't that already been done to a degree with Lincoln variants? And to a degree of success?
  20. J-150

    news coming....

    Is the dual battery thing just 2 packs? Or is it an option of single or dual? If it's that latter is the dual battery pack for dual motors like Tesla? Regular Mach E single motor and HiPo Mach E with dual motors?
  21. I do remember them. 2 door and pickups are what I remember most. I also remember Jeep Wagoneers. That said, I dont see how Navistar is equipped to sell and service. Their partner GM on the other hand...
  22. If GM wanted to refresh their plans for a retro off roader, you just nailed it. I think an IH Scout sold through GM dealers would be a hit. More than a retro Blazer/Trailblazer. Especially since the Hummer brand has been tainted.