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  1. Sterling Archer

    GM/ IUAW contract negotiations

    We need to do more for the lower tir workers. One day they will out number us Legacy workers and will remember how we screwed them by not sticking up for them. We should have NEVER passed the contract when we agreed to allow lower paid workers. Everyone should be paid the same...not have 3 or 4 different tirs of workers.
  2. Sterling Archer

    Best Supporting Actor & Actress Goes Toooooo

    Do you really think any candidate Democrat or Republican really give a shit about any UAW member? They are like our union reps and plant committee. They only come around when they want your vote. The rest of the time they could care less.
  3. Sterling Archer

    Where Is The IUAW?

    I honestly expect Hillary Clinton to throw her hat back in the ring once all of the Biden crap comes out. She sure has been in the news a lot the last few weeks.
  4. Sterling Archer

    Ford workers told to expect tentative agreement soon

    So 480,000 equals MILLIONS ? Now thats a stretch...Let me guess...You tell people 6 inches is really a foot? BTW I am ONE OF THOSE former military personal !
  5. Sterling Archer

    Ford workers told to expect tentative agreement soon

    Millions of people? Exaggerate much Cecilmeyer ?
  6. Are you nuts ? Do you have any idea how much 15 % of your health coverage would cost you? Lets say Ford pays a family of 4 around $ 2000 per month for coverage. Thats $ 300 out of your pocket per month. I dont know about your situation but that extra $ 300 for a faimly is quite a chunk of change. Thats $ 3600 per year less. That could go along way for a family's expenses. Until upper management at Fords start to take some pay cuts. ( how many BILLIONS $$$$$$$$ profit did Ford make the last few years ?) I will vote NO every time.
  7. Sterling Archer

    GM gets to set the pattern

    Any contract they try to sell us with ANY KIND of health insurance deductible or payroll deduction will be an Immediate NO from me. I can under stand Co-Pays for prescriptions and some office visits but how many BILLIONS of $$$$ did the company make the last 4 years? Also we need to get rid of the TPT employees or give them a path to full time....Like a time limit...TPT for 12 months then they HAVE to make you full time? I know people that have been TPT's for over 3.5 years and they keep hearing from the union...Just hold on a little longer to see how many people retire or if buy outs are given on THIS contract THEN you MAY get hired full time. Can anyone really believe ANYTHING coming out of IUAW? I agree...it will pass 51 % to 49 % with Local 600 passing it by 90 % to make up for the other plants saying NO.
  8. Sterling Archer

    Signing Bonus?

    $ 18,500 ? Shit I can make that in OT in the first 6 months of the contract year ! NO THANKS .
  9. Sterling Archer

    It`s Gettin Close

    Sterling Axle and VanDyke transmission also have them stored in blocked off parking lots. Im not sure what they are stocking up for? Maybe they are planning on a long strike?
  10. Sterling Archer

    Election time at Local 228 Sterling plant.

    Heard a rumor today that the soon to be FORMER plant chairman and his cronies are planning on challenging the election results at local 228. Dont know what he plans to accomplish since he lost by a nice margin. Maybe he is trying to get to 100 of his buddies hired in before he HAS to step down.
  11. Sterling Archer

    Election time at Local 228 Sterling plant.

    They dont have an app that I am aware of. They just plaster their posters all over the plant and expect someone else to take them down after the election. The one good thing out of our elections is we have a new plant chairman. We will see how he works out. Alot of promises were made. Lets see if he can keep any of them. The one bad thing is we elected someone that only cares about himself and his close friends. He will stab you in the back or throw you under the bus if it will help him get a minute of O.T.
  12. Sterling Archer

    Election time at Local 228 Sterling plant.

    Well I did see a couple of our Elected people. They were transferring golf clubs from one vehicle to another before their 930 am secret meeting ! LOL
  13. Sterling Archer


    Which plants are putting on new employees? We have people in zone # 2 that have been TPT's for OVER 2.5 years.
  14. Sterling Archer

    paystub site

    I'm not sure how it works with Ford but I know with other companies you can demand to speak to someone from the USA and by law they have to connect you. Good Luck
  15. Its funny to see all of these elected union officials that you haven't seen since the last election campaigning for votes. Most of them only come around at election time asking you to vote for them. They cant be bothered to spend any time on the floor during NON Election years. They claim they are to busy in meetings, trying to save your job or get new work .They they don't have time to walk the floor and visit us peasants and see how things are really going on the floor. Its really funny they don't have time to walk the floor but can spend weeks campaigning for your vote. The only ones you see are the committee people on a regular basis.