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  1. stengines1

    2021 F250 Tracking

    Thanks for what you do and your time Cyberdman. Still awaiting shipment. Now due this Sunday
  2. My build has been interesting and frustrating ! Spray in bed liner ? 2021 Lariat, Diesel, Order receipt 12/28/2020 Finally got a Vin 7 weeks later 2/9/2021 Built 3/12/2021 Delivery est date gets down to 2 days. Then extends out another 5. Dealer shows it released. Jack Cooper showed it along with Bill of lading. Now states " Not a valid VIN or shipped by another carrier" 14 weeks now and counting. 3 since build and not shipped
  3. 2021 F250 - Shows built 3/12. Build the estimated del date keeps moving back .. On hold or Released from KTP? Shipping back-up creating longer delay? Thanks in advance.
  4. stengines1

    cloth seats for a Lariat.

    I love the Lariat trim and insulation compared to the XLT. But when you are in and out of the seat several times per day. The cloth wears better.
  5. stengines1

    Rapid Red color

    Does the Rapid Red color take longer for delivery? Love the color but see on some other places that they are only doing it in batches so up to 6 weeks longer. Already a $385 option and adds a delay Really?
  6. stengines1

    F350 Rear Differential and Axle

    If you have an electric locking diff then its the DANA M275, otherwise it should be the M300
  7. stengines1

    Sent to factory

    Mine has been 4 weeks. Still not built
  8. stengines1

    GM will be Exclusive Electric by 2035

    I can see the EV working in a city environment. But a rural setting? The infrastructure is not there. Most do not even have High speed internet.
  9. What tonneau cover is anyone using with a cross the bed tool box? Been looking at the Access roll up one. Farm truck so need access to gooseneck quickly.
  10. stengines1

    Ultimate vs Value package

    But you have to have the Ultimate option to even allow you to order. Would have thought that the LED's would be an upgrade at any trim level. Better, safer, etc.
  11. stengines1

    Most Popular Color of 2020

    I'm still the Red guy. Get more comments on my red vehicles than all the other colors ones combined. Too bad the Rapid Red is an increase cost over the others
  12. stengines1

    F350 Heavy Duty Payload Package

    I believe that you have to order the ultimate trailer package to get the increased axle rating. I believe that this also bumps you to a DANA axle
  13. stengines1

    Standard vs. Quad Beam LED Headlights

    Ordered the LED’s hope its worth it. I’m blind in 1 eye so extra light is a great thing
  14. stengines1

    Super Duty Long Box vs Short

    Short bedfor over 20 years. The wheel base is a big difference when doing in town driving and these new parking lots. Pulled several different trailers and not a single problem using short bed