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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. mattdm

    Advice for securing my truck order.

    Certainly let the dealer know you will be unreachable for that time. A part from that I wouldn't sweat too much. The $500 deposit is as good as a contract, you could easily sue them if they sold it out from under you. All Anyone gets is a signed order sheet before delivery. When I showed up unannounced to check my truck out before I was able to take delivery it was locked and stashed around the corner near the service bays. Had to talk to my salesperson to get the keys.
  2. mattdm

    Factory Pickup Option

    The main reason is they are not set up for it. The Factory is not open to the public, and there are no public facilities at the factory. There are also significant liability issues with things like factory tours. BMW for example does offer factory delivery, but BMW also has a large public reception area and public museum attached to the factory. You still aren't picking up your car off the line, its more like a mini dealership that is on the same property as the factory. As far as I know touring the factory itself isn't an option either. This is more or less a tourism marketing technique geared towards North American buyers who want to visit Germany/Europe anyways. Technically you aren't Purchasing the BMW at the factory either, you are more or less renting it. BMW Collects it back from you and ships it to your dealer at the end of your trip. You complete the sale and paperwork at your dealership when it is delivered.
  3. mattdm

    Fordpass Rewards Points

    I got 40,000 points. Diesel Canadian order. $200 rebate when you spend $100k(canadian pesos) what a deal! It did take awhile. I want to say mine took about 2 weeks from delivery before they appeared.
  4. mattdm

    trailer brake recall question

    mine was built Nov 21st and i just got the recall letter in the mail last week.
  5. Not my truck, Just a random internet picture. I try not to worry too much about the "what ifs" though. Im also good buddies with the owner of the local towing company 😆
  6. Your dealer has the most up to date information availible. Status updates during transit are hit and miss. My truck went dark for 2 weeks before appearing at my local rail yard.
  7. mattdm

    Ford Pro Power

    Im sure you could make something similar with aftermarket products. Find an Inverter out of an RV, trigger it from an upfitter switch, if you wanted to get really fancy you could probably even make it power the factory f150 plugs in the bed. Might also want to consider a high idle switch for the set up.
  8. mattdm

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I had the same frustrating experiance with mine. It was sitting at the local rail yard and nobody could tell me when it would make the final trip to the dealer. Transport is all handled by ford corporate and the dealer has no power or info beyond what the VVR says(same eta info as the online tracker). I even offered to arrange and pay for a local towing company to deliver it but it was still out of the dealership control to arrange release from the rail yard. In the end it sat for a out 3 weeks there before i finally got a text from my sales guy with a picture of it coming off the transport truck.
  9. mattdm

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Shipped is definitely the worst part of the whole process.
  10. mattdm

    New truck on order from Utah

    Yeah your order number isnt nessicarily unique and only relevant to your dealership. At mine the letter designated the salesperson and the number was just the identifier. You wont be able to do much tracking on your own until you get a vin and scheduled production date. You will have to rely on your sales person or you can ask cyberdman over in the vehicle locator forum. Just make sure to read and follow the rules first! If you head to the production and sales forum you will find a pinned post by @ice-capades with upcoming scheduling dates for all ford vehicles including super duty. There have been a lot of weeks of no scheduling lately. Some of the big hold ups include fifth wheel prep, spray in bedliner, and Adaptive Steering. If you dont have any of these you may see the truck sooner rather then later. If you do have any of these you may want to consider how badly you need them or if getting them done locally after delivery is an option for you.
  11. mattdm

    plant delay on truck in transit

    It may be as simple as someone hitting the wrong key when entering the update. My truck spent almost 4 weeks waiting for final delivery.
  12. I suspect that is the final destination for that particular train, but rail cars will be exchanged at various stops along the way.
  13. mattdm

    Momentary Upfitter Switches

    Yes exactly. It would spring back to off as soon as you let go, allowing a 'tapping' action
  14. Mine updated once a week to the current date. Every Wednesday in my case. Any order progress that lines up with a date change is likely coincidence.
  15. $1.90 per liter here today($5.60US/Gal), was hovering around $1.60 prior to the Ukraine crisis($4.71US/Gal) Regular gas is hovering around the $2.00 per liter mark here($5.90US/Gal)