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  1. Fair enough - Apologies!
  2. Hello Cyberdman, Checking to see if there are any updates: Order # VIN: Thanks again!
  3. Hell yeah! Thanks Cyberdman!
  4. Sorry about that, cleared it out last night and meant to update this AM. Order #: VIN: Thanks again for your help!
  5. Bump. Checking status again. Order: VIN: Thanks again!
  6. Thank you sir! See you in 2 weeks.
  7. Hahaha this is true
  8. Hello, Can I please get any information on order status or if a production date has been assigned? VIN: N/A Order:  Sales Code:  Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Azul

    '10,000/9,900 GVWR Package'

    My tremor defaulted to 10k GVWR
  10. It doesn't make any sense, I've seen that too on Tremor forums and here. Edit* dealer contacted me today and mentioned the delay, I guess we play the waiting game now.
  11. They mentioned in our business unit wanting our entire group there at the same time for "collaboration" so it's hard to say. Best guess is that we all come in on the same days so it won't be as flexible as it sounds. Sounds like you guys are doing a similar thing as us then... They started with WFH until the foreseeable future and now it'll be mandatory 2-3 days in office. I guess my preference is 2 if it's mandatory, I'm way more productive at home anyway and could do without office politics and bs.
  12. Damn, this sync 4 delay is going to make it real tough. Was counting on delivery by early to mid fall when return to office kicks in.
  13. I saw, I wish I would have stumbled on this site sooner!
  14. +1 looks good, much better than the current interior.
  15. IMO if 21 production ends soon, 22MY build and price tools should be available. It was aggravating having to rely on a salesman's word of what was available, compatible, etc...when I could have done my own hw in advance.