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  1. rethorn

    Let's talk 5th wheel hitches.....

    I have a Blue Ox Super Ride that I bought from 4wheelonline. It is easy to operate and remove from the truck bed also.
  2. rethorn

    Tool box for truck bed....

    I have the same box. It is well built and spacious enough for my important tools. Right now, I'm planning to get an Access tonneau cover to protect my other stuff in the truck bed.
  3. Try to visit some local upholstery shops and request for a quote.
  4. I dig the response of Ford. Great content and execution.
  5. rethorn

    Who waxes their cars?

    I usually wax my car every 4 months. Then, spray wax after every wash.
  6. rethorn

    Alternator replaced, now won't idle

    Could be a bad IAC or a vacuum leak.
  7. rethorn

    2012 edge spark plug change out

    To lower the cost, you can order the OEM plugs online and let an independent shop do the install.
  8. rethorn

    Cooling fans not working

    Pretty common issue. Replace the fan assembly.
  9. rethorn

    2022 Ford Maverick Pickup thread

    You got a nice-looking Mach 1, blksn8k2! Love those wheels.
  10. rethorn

    Bedliner Coverage on Power Tailgate

    Try to find an installer who knows how to do it right.
  11. rethorn

    Engine Cleaning Question

    The Autoglym engine cleaner is a good product.
  12. rethorn

    04 taurus

    You mean the engine is running but your car will not move?
  13. rethorn

    Pictures of delivered trucks

    Awesome truck! Congrats. Now let the mods begin!
  14. rethorn

    2017 escape door bottom rust

    Maybe applying some sort of rust converter before painting it can help.
  15. rethorn

    Ordered my F150 Tremor today!

    Good news, indeed!