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  1. I’m really anticipating this one for some reason lol. I hope it’s a head turner.
  2. matt6

    2025 Tahoe and Suburban

    Nice updates. Ready to see Ford’s answer.
  3. Speaking of, is the aforementioned cancelled Aviator EV the same as the cancelled Rivian-based vehicle, or were they different projects? I think I recall someone stating the Rivian-Lincoln project was one of the most striking SUVs ever and I find it disappointing if a design like that was abandoned for a quirky futuristic one. However, if the current project is comparable to something like the DBX, that is promising.
  4. Looks nice. Hoping for a tougher looking front and rear.
  5. Maybe the 2025 Navigator and/or the Expedition will be revealed at the LA Auto Show
  6. Any info on when this thing might get revealed? Spring 24?
  7. "Bing Create" has been going viral lately. Powered by OpenAI, you can make some pretty interesting renders. Best part is that its free and it's pretty easy to use. Here some quick things I were able to generate from simple prompts like "modern Lincoln coupe" and "EV Ford Edge". You might have to play around with the wording. Highly recommend someone tries it out and shares here. If this isn't allowed, feel free to delete.
  8. matt6

    AI Generated Renders

    I managed to have it cook up something half-decent. Prompt: "Full size Ford SUV with 2023 Bronco Cues, professional lighting" Looks rather small though. Would be a sexy Edge-replacement.
  9. matt6

    2024 GMC Acadia Debuts

    So GM has decided to make the Traverse and Acadia truckier in appearance to match the Tahoe and Yukon. Great choice. Looks miles better than the current gen in my opinion.
  10. Absolutely. Even the front end reminds me of the split wing grille Lincoln more than it does BMW’s traditional kidney grille.
  11. Damn that Corsair hybrid looks good. What were they thinking not bringing that design here lol
  12. matt6

    Akirby, south Georgia?

    Southeast GA guy here and yep, just rain and heavy wind
  13. This short period is what got me rooting for Lincoln. Was hoping Lincoln could go toe to toe with BMW or Mercedes-Benz one day with a full lineup. Super optimistic kid haha. Why is it though that Cadillac is so ahead of Lincoln with EVs? Celestiq, Lyriq, and Escalade IQ which should be available next year. And Lincoln's not getting one until late 2025?
  14. matt6

    Infiniti QX Monograph Concept debuts

    It does look very Lincoln. I wonder if David Woodhouse had a hand in its design direction. I still wonder why he resigned so abruptly from Ford!
  15. None of the front end designs in the spy shots line up with the image we saw in the interior. The headlights aren’t as round, and the grille is much larger and more rectangular. Now this is just a silly theory, and it really wouldn’t make sense as this is an Aviator spy shot unless it was a red herring from Ford, but what if what we are seeing is actually the next gen Navigator?
  16. To avoid going off-topic on other threads in the future, it would be great to have this dedicated space for members to discuss their general thoughts, opinions, and criticisms on Lincoln here. I also think a general thread like this would be good to keep the conversation flowing. Not intended for anything too specific, just general talk about Lincoln and where it is going. I also think this would be a good spot to share Lincoln-specific photoshops for discussion.
  17. That looks incredible. Ford seems a bit stuck in the early 2010s with its SUVs. A front end like this would be awesome without being too gimmicky. And I am certain it would attract a lottt more buyers. At least here in South GA where every girl I know in her mid 20s is obsessed with 'sporty' mid-sized SUVs.
  18. Edit: I misread the thread. Disregard. Thought my Photoshop was mistaken for a BMW. Apologies. But yeah I would have liked a more 4 door coupe style sedan too in addition to the more traditional style Continental
  19. Did something different and photoshopped a hypothetical RWD-biased next gen Continental.
  20. Looks good! Removing that chrome strip made quite a difference. I might have a go at this later today myself!
  21. Just adding on to what mustang84isu stated, I really liked the refined style Lincoln was headed in with the Continental and Navigator. In my eyes, they were becoming an American Volvo in terms of design. Now they are adopting cues from the Chinese models, the design language is headed towards something a bit more trendy. Which is fine because I understand vehicles shouldn't look the same forever and the new looks may help sales, but man 2016-2020 was an exciting time seeing Lincoln revive itself with the stunning Continental, Navigator, and Aviator concepts. They were bold but timeless looking.
  22. Vision: Lincoln takes on the Land Rover Defender with the StarCross Concept - blurring the line between the quiet flight philosophy and light off road capability.
  23. I will forever be saddened at the loss of the CD6 sedan and coupes. I was a young teen lurking this site when those were still supposedly happening and I was hyped. But seriously? That's the first I've heard that they're exiting those segments. Jesus - no second gen Mach-E is a shame. So are all those names supposed to just die out?
  24. Y’know, I actually like how there isn’t a light bar in the middle. It’s interesting how the DRLs swoop into the grille. I think if they connected, it would be somewhat more generic. And it helps differentiate it from the Nautilus. It’d be great if the rear got updated as well but overall I’m happy with this refresh! Can’t wait for future Lincoln product; I’m looking out for the next Navigator.
  25. Well I’ll be damned, I spoke too soon. Looks great!