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My new to me 2017 Lincoln MKZ Black Label 3.0T AWD

Andrew L

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Some of you probably saw my thread from a while ago with my dealership experience so I won't go down that route again with you but this has been in the works for a while and finally found one that worked for me.


While searching I asked on a Lincoln group on Facebook about the buying process trying to hunt down a 3.0T AWD and a lot of people suggested shipping a car nationally or flying to a dealership and driving it back.  I wasn't really a fan of this idea but humored myself into looking.  Lots of options came up then I decided to get bold and throw Black Label in the search term to see if that would get any hits.  Only about 7 or 8 came up nationally and that's when I found the car I bought.  It's a 2017 Black Label in the Vineyard theme which was exclusive to the MKZ in the Philly area.  18k miles and they wanted 28k which was below KBB value for a BL.  I called the dealership spoke with a sales person told him what I was looking for and where I was located.  He sent me about 30 close up and high resolution pics and 3 videos of a walk around showing everything working.  He suggested a shipping company but the reviews were awful so I searched for a few on my own but quotes were coming back around 1000 to 1200.  That's, when my g/f jumped in and said no we need to save money lets fly out and drive it back.  She found flights on Spirit direct from Tampa to Philly for 30 bucks which was absolutely unreal.  


I ended up selling my 2013 MKZ on Carvana for a hair under 10k and let me just say Carvana is legit 10 mins in and out and the deal was done and money was instant. I used that money plus some extra as a down payment and was approved for .9% financing which is less than what Lincoln is advertising on their website of 1.9%.  Granted I plan to have this paid off early payments are pretty low I can swing this easily.  We got the deal done and drove home which took a lot longer than expected due to insane traffic on the VA/NC border which shut down 95 at midnight due to a massive crash.  I also stopped in to see an old friend from a car club I hadn't seen in almost 10 years it was great catching up with him.


Here is the car

2017 Lincoln MKZ Black Label

3.0T AWD 400 Horsepower 400 Torque 

Chroma Cabernet Exterior 

Merlot Venetian Star Interior

Has every option minus the Technology pack which includes the safety driving features like self park, self braking, radar cruise control, and lane keep.  I really didn't need those features so I was OK with passing on that.  It has everything else I wanted like the LED headlights, the Revel Ultima system (which kicks serious ass), Heated/Cooled front seats and heated rear seats, a sunroof, and rain sensing wipers.  This car was almost 60k new.  It was sold in 2018 so I actually have another year of free maintenance and factory warranty on it till the CPO kicks in but I am thinking of extending it just to be safe.





















First wash you can see all the dead bugs on the front bumper:


After, moved them into the garage as fast as possible because the pollen was really bad that day:



Excuse the messy garage I am still working on it but thought this was a nice shot under the LED lights so you could really see the color:



I know this car won't be everyone's cup of tea due to the color but I absolutely love the color inside and out and it's unique and not the same old white/tan/gray/black with white/tan/gray/black interior.  I also cannot stress enough how awesome this engine is we averaged 28 MPG on the way back which surprised me I was thinking more like 24.  We we used cruise control a lot and were setting it around 72 or 76 depending on area and there were a few times we had to kick it down.  

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24 minutes ago, akirby said:


Awesome!  LLSOC?


TCCA actually I used to go to meets and events all the time with Taurus/Sable/SHO guys and kept in touch with a lot of them over the years but haven't seen them in person in a long time so it was awesome catching up and see what they are driving now etc.  Plus we had a few good laughs over some of the ridiculous stuff that would happen at those meets.  I am sad I never got to do one with the LLSOC or any Lincoln LS stuff.

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On 4/9/2022 at 5:55 PM, amizzle said:

This color is absolutely gorgeous!! Congrats. How's it runnin?


I have had it over a year now and it's been flawless the 3.0TT still hits hard when I need it to. 


I did take it on a business trip to Atlanta and back and I managed to get 31 MPG on on the way back from Atlanta thanks to cruise control.  Set it at 72 MPH and just coasted home and thankfully didn't hit much traffic.  I got just shy of 500 miles on that tank around 493.

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