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Ford halts sales of its home EV chargers

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Any Mustang Mach-E owners on this forum order the Connected Charge Station from their Ford dealership? My wife and I plan on using the ChargePoint Home Flex Level 2 charger we already have at our house when our Mach-E arrives. IMO, the Ford branded charger is somewhat expensive for what you get, but that's typical for dealer accessories.


Ford issues stop sale of home electric vehicle chargers (autonews.com)



"Ford Motor Co. has temporarily stopped selling its home electric vehicle chargers and is directing dealers to third-party sites such as Amazon for generic versions of a key accessory as sales of its Mustang Mach-E ramp up.

The automaker issued a stop sale for its $799 Ford-branded wall boxes on Feb. 24 after it discovered some weren't working properly, a spokesman told Automotive News. It's unclear how long the hold will last, although the spokesman said Ford was "working hard to alleviate the matter with all parties involved."

While the delay isn't a deal-breaker for most customers — many don't purchase the Ford-branded charger and instead use the free but less-efficient mobile cord or a third-party wall box — it's another bump in the launch of one of Ford's highest-profile new vehicles and a growing pain for an automaker looking to raise its electric vehicle credibility. It's also a frustration for dealers looking to cash in on a major in-house accessory."




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No, for exactly the reason you list - it is (was?) over priced. Haven’t decided which unit I’m going with yet. Looking into ones that support two cars for future proofing. 

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