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2024 Ranger


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8 hours ago, akirby said:

Why would they advertise something they don’t have?  There are 17 2024 Rangers within 100 miles of me and all 17 are dealer ordered.  Nothing in stock.

The better question is why don’t they have any 24 models at the dealers.  It’s February 2024 already.    

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32 minutes ago, tbone said:

The better question is why don’t they have any 24 models at the dealers.  It’s February 2024 already.    

Gee, I can’t imagine.  It’s not like the plant was on strike or anything…..

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If MAP is going through what CAP is going through it might be a while before MP1 or MP2 reaches Job1. The VO teams have little experience and no planning abilities then here at CAP they go from a 2024MY new body style components to changing their minds and making 2024MY a VIN Roll and push everything new and unproven over to 2025MY. I get it 5 weeks of down time but again no experience and no planning lead us to utter confusion. 

One VOME group doesn`t communicate last minute chances to another VOME group. The unknowing VO group then has to stop and try to make changes after the non communicated changes.  Less than professional. (complete BS)

Of course the 2024MY has all the issues from 2023MY because a VIN Roll is just that, don`t fix the issues just push everything to model year balance out. Annnnd dam there`s the same issues. 

Now mix all that with the boxes checked promotions and you have customers waiting for their 2024MY units and then the phones calls trying to get the customer to consider canceling and reordering a 2025MY toooo wait more. Roll in 20 to 25 precent AWOL of hourly and then have three process coaches per crew in one department...one is off per crew regularly. 

CAP has FHEV orders coming out our ears. Police/Service FHEV orders are 20% higher than 2023. Open a facility for PHEV`s & FHEV`s but someone decides hey lets close the FHEV & PHEV facility, imagine the savings was said. Imagine all the people coming to the main facility Hey!!! we will cover all the AWOL`s. But wait... the FHEV & PHEV facility was opened for??? not enough floor space in the main facility... Did they think to add some square footage to the main plant? Before closing the other? Did bringing the people from one facility to the main plant make the AWOL`s go away? You can answer. all three questions with two letters N-O. 

I thought 2020 was a VO & NMPD total disaster well we are fixing to make 2025 another launch to remember... 

Good Luck MAP but some of the VOME`s with their liberal arts degrees are the same here at CAP and buncing back and forth to MAP. 

Thank goodness the all electric eco fad is starting to fade away like those super fat rear tire custom Harleys. 

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