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    Well technically the Corsair is completely new since it doesn’t exist now.
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    GT500 powered Raptor

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    2020 Lincoln Corsair with less camo

    You're right. That statement could be read either way. That indeed it will be something new, as in not Corsair. Or it could be "WTF, something new? You've got to be kidding me, the order banks open mid May!"
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    2020 Lincoln Corsair with less camo

    The problem is the design language of Infiniti. MB moves a quite few of what is essentially the same vehicle in the Boston area. Infiniti tries to stand out in the crowded lux and near lux field but ends up looking garish. I think the new corsair will find space in the market because new englanders appreciate a more understated design language.
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    Flat Rock to build BEV

    In our market the Escape incentives total $2,500 or $3,000 for "VIN Specific" units in stock that are considered "aged" inventory.
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    Boy...that is one sharp looking Kia...