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    2022 F450s…Let’s see them!

    Took ownership of mine on 8/19. Love it!
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    Thoughts after 30 days

    Congratulations on a successful resolution to the repairs and adjustments needed on your new vehicle! And congratulations to Bartow Ford for providing the customer satisfaction experience that all Dealers should provide!
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    Thoughts after 30 days

    I bought mine 4 hours from home for many reasons all related to the handful of local dealers. first problem was they didn't want to take my order back in mid march and acted ignorant to the order books being open (thanks Ice Capades for that info) and second was price. 2-5k over msrp before the inventory really fell off. I also drove the 4 hours each way for the work to be done because the dealers once again acted like I was asking too much to have my doors look halfway decent on a 90k truck and how dare I complain about a crooked bumper. enough and sorry for the mini rant.
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    Thoughts after 30 days

    Great to see a dealer doing right! Mine hasn't done anything, yet calls to ask that I give them great comments on the surveys Ford send out. I didn't, so they called to ask that I give them great reviews on the follow-up survey. I asked for the repairs promised during delivery of the truck and they replied, "Uh, yeah....the parts are on the way..so please give us a positive review." Hahahah. They'll get a review when the job is complete, or just before the survey expires.
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    Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring

    Hmm, must be a technology package thing or GT trim level thing since my 2021 Corsair fuel door opens just like your Nautilus and my MKC and MKX before it.
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    A Transit pickup would be bigger than Ranger and already exists.
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    '22 Navigator Revealed

    Changes look great in person, ESP that rear end. They still should have just made the grille a super larger opening instead of that chrome appendage part at the bottom with seeing the Expy updates. It’s clear that Ford focused much more on it than the Navi and that’s the exact problem that Lincoln has. no virtual nav no performance model same size UI screen smaller center screen than Expy same engine output as available in expy, for the FLAGSHIP of your luxury brand?
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    2021 trucks and spare tires.

    A spare tire for your spare tire? They all come with a full sized spare.
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    Sounds like fun.. and definitely just as capable. I always turn off my AC to save fuel mileage so I can make it to the gas station.. oh wait, no I don't. "We were coming up 15-20 miles short, though, so we switched off the climate control and enjoyed the 100-degree "breeze."
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    Good News Bad News

    If the vehicle was ordered with the Full Rear Console (68D) option it should be listed on the Window Sticker. If so, the Dealer needs to file a Misbuilt Vehicle Claim. If not, the process will be more involved. Here's information for the Ford Misbuilt Vehicle process... Misbuilt Policy Checklist It is important for the Service Department to communicate with the Dealership’s Sales Department in order to obtain the required information to determine whether a vehicle conforms to the Company’s definition of a Misbuilt vehicle. Obtain a copy of the Dealer Order Receipt Acknowledgement (DORA) and a copy of the new vehicle invoice Compare the DORA against the new vehicle invoice to determine if there are any discrepancies between the order as placed and the vehicle invoice as built. If a discrepancy is found, review the Order Guide or SSMs for info that would indicate a change or elimination to the vehicle order content. Check the above sales information to ensure equipment was not deleted or supplied based on updated options package information Many Misbuilt conditions require photos to validate. Be sure to take “before” photos before any service is performed, parts are removed, etc. so they are available upon request.