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  1. Looks like the same screen radio and HVAC controls as the F150
  2. buddysystem

    F150 reveal set for 6/25

    The Expedition has the same oversize taillight problem. What ever happened to the slimming down of headlights and taillights that was referenced a few years back? I forget what designer stated it or maybe I was imagining?
  3. In that video, around 0:34 the drivers side rear wheel is braking while a left turn in happening. What is that?
  4. buddysystem

    Courier FWD Trucklet

    Composite bed? In bed trunk? Pass through bed/cab?
  5. So we really have no idea now when the Bronco reveal will take place correct?
  6. Just build a new Excursion already on the F250 platform using the Expedition Max body....with a butch new grill, offering the new 7.3 gasser and the 6.7 diesel. Leaf spring rear solid axle. It'll be smaller than the new Suburban by a few inches so it'll fit in the garage. Maybe call it the Expedition HD Max?
  7. Really love those Ford trucks based on the Willys wagon and truck. Saw my first one in person at a car show last summer. Really want one. Rare in the US for sure.
  8. That roof rack looks like it will work with the front roof panels off. BTW, the fuel tank on the Wrangler is forward of the rear axle. Not sure anyone does that anymore since the Pinto days. Just the muffler in back. One thing my Wrangler does have in the cargo area that is handy is a small trunk under the cargo panel. It's handy for tow straps, off road accessories etc. It could certainly be bigger. Hopefully Ford took advantage of this space.
  9. This black truck shows a black removable top and I think that makes sense. I believe first gen Broncos all had white removable tops. That would look great on some of the lighter colors.
  10. I wonder if the tailgate has an electric rear window? It looks pretty tall. My 19 JLUR Wrangler rear soft top window can be a PITA to load the cargo area. A glass window could work with both hard and soft tops. It would have to be a rugged design but it's been done before. Might need to talk my wife into a Bronco or me and she gets the Jeep ??
  11. Round or squared off wheels flares....looks more like round vs. that concept shown.
  12. KOH for Tremor? Raptor? Bronco?
  13. When I bought my 2019 Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited, I was actually choosing between it and a mustang GT. A Bronco V8/5.0 would have won that battle.
  14. Watched this this morning. Hadn't heard of his reviews before. Came over here to see if anyone had noticed it yet. I just felt sad watching it. The chassis sounds and looks great. I hope Ford listens to it. Hope a early refresh fixes the issues quick. Just start over on the IP.