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  1. I haven't read all the posts but my take on styling is to give all models the GT grill to clean up that bland face and come up with a better one for the GT. Lose the busy wheels and put on something you'd actually put on a Mustang. The rest is fine. I like the blacked out C pillar roof merge.
  2. buddysystem

    Bronco R Prototype

    I like the hood and front fenders. I was curious if these design cues would be lifted from the 60's. Curious what the back half of the rear fenders will look like. There might be something to the step behind the exhaust.
  3. buddysystem

    7.3/ 6.7/ 10 speed video

    Very odd location for a presser. Looks like it's in somebody's back yard. I do like those hog t shirts
  4. This stunt felt a little stupid like some GM commercials. I'm surprised that the strap held. Would have expected a solid link or a real tow hitch.
  5. buddysystem

    RIP Lee Iacocca

    what a guy, read his book/bio, loved his car spirit.
  6. As far as the 5.0 Coyote rumor, I think Ford Bronco fans would be as happy as Jeep Wrangler fans knowing that a Coyote would bolt in much like the hemis are bolting into the new JL Wranglers. If you have the $$ or know how or both it could be done.
  7. Thinking about this a little more, I like the Zephyr and Continental on the same chassis, the latter being a stretch LWB version is a great idea. You can put a lot of batteries in a LWB platform. Electric Continental in city traffic would be great. The long stretch limo would certainly be called the Town car. 4 door Coupe...Mark X
  8. That beyond blue interior color is wild. Very similar to the 60s color blue/greens you saw in Tbirds, etc. Very cool. It'll be interesting to see the take rate as most car buyers avoid "color" these days. white gray black silver....boring!
  9. buddysystem

    New Ford Puma

    Maybe the US version is the Baby Bronco?
  10. buddysystem

    Explorer pricing announced

    I wonder if Ford is thinking about a more off road version of this. Now that it's on a decent rwd platform they could create something to compete a little better with the Grand Cherokee Overland. I little lift, better tires, some butch elements? Kind of what they did with the Expedition Off Road pkg.
  11. buddysystem

    Kumar Galhotra on Bronco DNA

    I'm going to guess that it will say F O R D across the grill with round headlights or LED rings.
  12. buddysystem

    Kumar Galhotra on Bronco DNA

    One of the Ford Execs comments were that the Bronco would leverage certain Bronco design cues. I understand all the functional must haves and nice to haves mentioned here but what do you think are the key Bronco DNA design elements that need to show up? Is it the fender cut out shapes? The grill pattern and round headlights? The hips on the front fenders? The roof profile? Just like the Mustang has long hood/shot deck, certain fender hips, the fastback, rear quarter windows, front grill elements etc. What is the Bronco design DNA that will stick? I just bought a 2019 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4 door and when it sites next to my 55 Willys Wagon, I know they are cousins instantly.
  13. buddysystem

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Stop with the big mesh grills with the small rectangular air intake. I think I'd rather see all the mechanical bits behind. Looks like hell here and even worse on the GT500. Lets see the bracing, coolers, and plumbing.
  14. buddysystem

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Nah, The drive train and chassis sound great. The styling not so much. Don't like the head lights /grills on the Explorer or Edge. Rear end is okay but too close to last gen. Interior is fair at best. Sorry folks, seems dated out of the gate.
  15. buddysystem

    2020 Silverado HD

    I don't think either are particularly good looking. I prefer a conservative/handsome styling direction on trucks vs. in your face. Both of these faces are better with certain trim levels.