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  1. Come on now, you just need a charger with 3 or 4 adapters lol.
  2. blwnsmoke

    2020 Explorer ST

    Just wanted to say Thanks again. We decided to take the Magnetic as we couldnt pass up on the deal/price. Although it isnt the one you tracked, here is a pic. 400 mile journey home now.
  3. blwnsmoke

    Gm Diesel engines not compatible with US Fuel

    Ford has had their fair share of this EXACT problem from 2011+ trucks. It is all over the internet.. Ford charging $10k for a full fuel system replacement. All because it showed a few specs of rust from a fuel that naturally has water in it. Ford's water separator on these is pure junk. It's the reason I spent $700 I shouldnt have had to for a dual filter fuel filter system added on to actually do its damn job and absorb the water/moisture. All of this happening without the WIF light ever coming on. I have Blue blood but your comment is ridiculous in this regard as Ford and GM are no different here.
  4. I'm picking one up Thursday regardless but I am curious on what choices you are talking about. I am also getting an 8/150k esp so I'll be covered.
  5. blwnsmoke

    2020 Explorer ST

    Yes, Been watching this disaster of a launch the past couple months very carefully. Debating on a smoking deal for a magnetic that I can get Thursday (2nd choice color) or wait for this Blue (1st choice color) for a little more money. Being a new build, hoping no offsite work and it just ships. If I dont ask for an update next week, its cause we grabbed the Magnetic. Thank you for all your work that you do.
  6. blwnsmoke

    Aviator stop sale

    Not a rumor.. it is true.
  7. There are issues and Ford has been silent. Dealers everywhere have missed ETAs and Explorers have been sitting for over a month idle at the plant. Dealers have no clue.. I am in contact with 4 consistently across multiple states and they are all being kept in the dark. Just look at the tracking forum.. vehicles sitting since end of June with no system updates for weeks.
  8. blwnsmoke

    2020 Corvette revealed

    I rented this 2019 beauty for 2 days when I drove from NH to NY for the auto show. If was an unbelievable 653 miles I put on it (it had 650 when I picked it up lol). From going to the auto show and taking a tourist drive up some mountains and windy roads, is was an unbelievable joy to drive. I'd take this over a vette any day period. The PDK trans is insane!!
  9. blwnsmoke

    2021 Chevy Traverse Refresh Spied

    But yet I can be in public and video tape anyone and post it on facebook etc. Being a little naive, what's the difference? If you are out in public, you have zero right to privacy etc. If you look at the 2nd pic, their faces are not blurred (although a logo is over them) and can make put their looks. There is nothing stopping me from taking pics of people in public and posting them online. Movie stars are constantly harrassed and posted online without being blurred (paparazzi)... same thing IMO. Confused...
  10. Your sarcasm meter needs to be fixed lol. I know they arent.. just saying what certain people on here say all the time.
  11. blwnsmoke

    Retail Builds

    Keep in mind the link Akirby posted will only work for Retail orders. If your order was put in as a dealer stock, it will say the VIN is invalid and it can't find your order.
  12. blwnsmoke

    Retail Builds

    Yes, they started towards end of June.
  13. blwnsmoke

    2021 Chevy Traverse Refresh Spied

    I am curious, why do they blur the people out if they are out in public?
  14. When is Ford going to learn that they have to be in triple digit losses in order to have triple digit stock prices? 148 million profit just is not going to cut it.
  15. But they are so far ahead of everyone else in regards to electric vehicles.
  16. That's not the person sir that I am waiting to see comments from sir...
  17. blwnsmoke

    2020 Explorer Order Guide

    Not an option from the factory and to be honest, a worthless option for the Explorer.
  18. Lol, the things dealers say. And some dealers are charging more than MSRP.. if anyone is charging more than invoice, find another dealer.
  19. I like the Atlas Blue too. Here is one at CAP in natural light. It's darker than what the auto shows show with all the darn lights blasting down on it. I agree, I just showed my wife it and she loves the "Blue". Too bad we already have a Magnetic on order to replace the Atlas that she changed her mind on lol. A local dealer is getting the Atlas within the next week so we are going to drive down and see it in person.
  20. That is "Blue", not Atlas Blue. Havent seen it on the ST but it looks really good in these pics. Atlas Blue is this one.
  21. My local dealer just got a black ST in so I stopped by to see it in person while I wait for mine to be built. It is definitely a good improvement over our 11 lol. It had the tech package and I agree, the screen doesnt look bad. It looks built into he dash more in person than how the pics show it. Definitely doesnt bother me sitting inside and looking at it.
  22. blwnsmoke

    2020 Corvette revealed

    I completely agree. It will sell but there will be many Corvette loyalists who look at this and say it isnt a vette. That is where it will hurt GM.
  23. blwnsmoke

    2020 Corvette revealed

    Did anyone think before the GT was announced that anyone would pay half a million for a Ford? I certainly didnt think so. Maybe if GM created something super special with a very limited run, they could (nah, they couldnt). But my point is, the Corvette isnt special. It is a good value performance car that they build as many as they can. Over a year ago dealers were selling z06s for 10k+ under sticker.
  24. blwnsmoke

    2020 Explorer ST

  25. https://www.blueovalforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/67492-the-ford-taurus-sho-intercoast-gtp-was-a-wild-tandem-seat-concept/