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  1. Not sure how Ford converts to km but the US is 8yr max and you can do up to 150,000 miles and/or 200,000km.
  2. I know commercial is more expensive but it is the same coverage.
  3. I'm willing to bet a beer the truck is more than a year old since production. If you havent hit the mileage/usage algorithm, it will trigger automatically at 12 months old.
  4. blwnsmoke

    Ford TireCare

    I have had 3 different dealers and 4 different people tell me it would be covered including the dealer who sells to members on here at cost. He has zero reason to lie to me.
  5. blwnsmoke

    Ford TireCare

    Yes, it would be covered.
  6. blwnsmoke

    Chevy Impala discontinued

    Under appreciated by the majority or over appreciated by the minority? Hmmm
  7. blwnsmoke

    Ford TireCare

    There is plenty of room to negotiate. For my Explorer ST with the 21" rims, dealer cost was $304 for it. Owners are typically paying around $800 for the coverage from dealers so that's close to $500 in markup. This was for 6 years unlimited miles on rims/tires. PS - I didn't buy it (wish I had) because I curbed a rim parking on the side of a dark street on Halloween night and the rim was over $1,000 MSRP (insurance paid).
  8. Tesla sold 367,000 vehicles in 2019 compared to over 90 million vehicles sold globally.. Tesla is peanuts compared to the auto industry. You sound like Tesla will be responsible for the 20 million sales in the next 9 years. Your 20 million by 2030 is from all manufacturers.. and just how many of those 20 million will be from Tesla? Again, peanuts. Stop talking like Tesla and the 1 and only that will be alive producing these 90 million vehicles that are sold each year. Oh that's right.. 5 total gigafactries coming with 2 tents per factory. PS, sell your stock in Tesla before you have 4-5 other automakers launching their BEV in the next 2 years.
  9. So again, Tesla doesnt even rank in the top 15.
  10. And yet not one model from Tesla ranks in the top 15 of highest US vehicles manufactured in the USA (monroney sticker - American made).
  11. I don't own an iPhone. Just like tesla, there are major fanboys that will only own an iphone despite much better options out there.
  12. Completely agree. Been towing campers for 12 years and NONE of that is useful (conventional and 5th wheel). Exactly why I said "and" in my reply.. it is useless tech.. it's an answer to a question that was never asked.
  13. The 2.3 is a great motor. That's what ford should have put in it fro. The start. Has more pep and power then the NA3.5 which was also a dog unless you high revved it.
  14. Underpowered for its weight. From being on the Explorer forum since the 5th gen came out. Every single person complained about it.. could never move out of it's own way. There were never complaints about reliability or city driving. But highway speeds and attempting to get it moving to pass was miserable.
  15. The 2.0 certainly did come in the 5th gen Explorer. Ford later updated it to the 2.3 in the 2016 refresh. Ps- it was a dog in the Explorer.
  16. It's bad enough to be almost 17 years in and still cant turn an annual profit. But hey, at least they are 6 years ahead of technology then the competition. Go Tesla!!
  17. blwnsmoke

    The Jeep Gladiator Is Struggling

    Their overpriced documentation fee
  18. You think? A higher trim level truck should have towing mirrors. Those mirrors are definitely not towing mirrors.
  19. So when you take your foot off the brake, your car is just dead? You have to restart by pushiing the start button? The clunking noises after sitting is normal. It only gives you that warning when your cruise is on with lane Departure set and adaptive cruise AND you keep your hands off the wheel for approximately 5+ seconds. You shouldn't have your hands off the wheel therefore shouldn't get the message. A crotch rocket? After that comment, I simply cant take your post seriously anymore. The aviator does not sound like a motorcycle. And the ding, no clue.
  20. 52k on my f350 and just got DW last week for the 1st time. Parts on BO..
  21. Please stop making sense.. it isn't a good look.
  22. There is nothing wrong with the EB. Your point is invalid. A NA 3.5 was pushing 290hp, 253tq and was terrible off the line really requiring you to rev the crap out of it. The 3.0 is 400/415, HUGE difference.. a NA 3.5 cant compete whatsoever. And yes,I'd love the 5.0.. 460hp, 420tq and can easily throw a SC on it.. and to add that roar. That isnt knocking the EB at all. You wont get a v8 roar out of a NA 3.5 lol.. so again, your point is completely invalid with what I said.
  23. blwnsmoke

    The Jeep Gladiator Is Struggling

    Then this just changed because Koons was doing it as little as 6 months ago when I was researching prices and talking to their Sales Manager.