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  1. PeterC6482

    More Good Press :(

    That's disturbing.
  2. PeterC6482

    2020 Fusion Production Information

    Thank you for the correction.
  3. PeterC6482

    2020 Fusion Production Information

    I think they just should have stopped production after the 19's and paid whatever penalties to the suppliers, etc. Wouldn't it be cheaper just to leave the assembly plant empty until Transit production begins next year?
  4. PeterC6482

    Hello from New England

    I wish they would keep one model---Fusion.
  5. Hermosillo will be producing Transit vans and a small pickup.
  6. 2020 is still accurate, I believe. No plant capacity available for Fusion/MKZ after 2020.
  7. Fusion is ending sometime in-2020, it was announced.
  8. You mean 2.0 DI and 6F35?
  9. It really doesn't matter anymore--Ford is out of the car business in North America. Just trucks, trucks, trucks and a smattering of SUVs and BEVs.
  10. PeterC6482

    2020 Fusion Order Guide

    I love it.. the company cannot produce a product (at a profit) that is still selling almost 200K units per year
  11. Buyers see a reduced resale or trade-in value when they own a discontinued model.
  12. This discourages regualr retail buyers. They don't want a sedan that could disappear from the market at any time.
  13. PeterC6482

    2020 Fusion Order Guide

    Corrected by the company to 2021.
  14. Now it's back on until "at least" 2021. Why can't they make up their minds? This is very bad for sales.
  15. PeterC6482

    2020 Fusion Order Guide

    It's all moot to me. There was a news story yesterday afternoon that Fusion is ending with the 2020 model year, not 2023.