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  1. PeterC6482

    2019 Fusion Glovebox Light

    It's on whenever the ignition is in accesssory or on position. It doesn't have it's own on/off switch.
  2. Has anyone heard when these new modems and antennas will actually be available at dealership parts departments? 3G AT&T service will be discontinued in February 2022, according to letter from Ford I received recently. Labor to install the new modem will be free. We need to pay for the part itself.
  3. PeterC6482

    Bun Warmers, More Colors

    I believe that rear window defrosters are standard already across all trim lines.
  4. PeterC6482

    2020 Fusion Production Information

    I wonder if photos will be posted anywhere of the last one rolling off the line.
  5. PeterC6482

    2020 Fusion Production Information

    Do the wheel covers on the 2019 and 20 Fusion base model actually stay attached to the wheels? The wheel covers on the 2010s had a bad reputation for falling off.
  6. PeterC6482

    2020 Fusion Production Information

    Thank you. The end of an era. I love the Fusion. I've had four of them.
  7. PeterC6482

    2020 Fusion Production Information

    "Balance Out Date" means that all remaining orders will have been scheduled for production, or does it mean the final day of production?
  8. PeterC6482

    2020 Escape questions

    I cannot imagine that limiting the color choice to one would save them any money. Have you checked your owner's manual? Is the selection mechanism still part of the sync screen?
  9. I am surprised that any car dealer would not take in one as a trade...they can always sell it at wholesale..the values are known.
  10. CarSense in Pennsylvania and New Jersey sells alot of them, at good prices. I'm sure they would take it at wholesale if it's in very good shape, with no accidents. https://www.carsense.com/search/?make=9&model=63&type=All+Types
  11. Focus is still sold around the world..just not in the U.S.
  12. PeterC6482

    More Good Press :(

    That's disturbing.
  13. PeterC6482

    2020 Fusion Production Information

    Thank you for the correction.
  14. PeterC6482

    2020 Fusion Production Information

    I think they just should have stopped production after the 19's and paid whatever penalties to the suppliers, etc. Wouldn't it be cheaper just to leave the assembly plant empty until Transit production begins next year?
  15. PeterC6482

    Hello from New England

    I wish they would keep one model---Fusion.