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  1. An EREV pickup would be the perfect solution for my wife. She commutes 21 miles per day each way to/from work, but tows her horse trailer to shows sometimes 100+ miles each way on the weekends. With the Lightning's meager towing range, we just couldn't make it work, so we have a PowerBoost F-150 for now. With an EREV, we can plug it in at the house every night and she can commute all week as a pure EV, then get the 300+ miles of towing range needed on the weekends. Once Ford comes out with their Ramcharger-like EREV, we'll be ordering on day one!
  2. I'll give you the awful EcoSport, but the Fiesta (minus the terrible DCT) was one of the best small cars out there, especially the ST. I still miss that car!
  3. I was hoping to see at least one Avenger!
  4. TeslaTap and Lectron are two popular providers of Level-2 adapters for Tesla home and Destination chargers. I have the Lectron adapter for my Mach-E and it works great at hotels and other public Level 2 chargers. Yes, you'll have to carry two separate adapters, but having access to the Supercharger network more than makes up for that minor inconvenience, IMHO.
  5. Nope—the adapter doesn't have the pins for Level 2 charging, only DC Fast Charging.
  6. Flood Ford, Lombard Ford, and Anderson & Koch Ford are the longtime suppliers, but Granger Ford (IA) has stepped in and become a recent leader. They're at $50 over dealer cost.
  7. Yes sir! A sad move for not realizing the inevitability of the rEVolution! Sigh.
  8. I'm just here to watch our resident Tesla Apologist™ explain away all these failures.
  9. Feigning ignorance when called out is another frequently seen tactic.
  10. That's how I felt about the 2013 Fusion (home run, hard to beat). The minute I saw it, I remember thinking, "This looks SO good...how are they ever going to improve on it with an MCE or redesign?" Turns out...they didn't! :D
  11. Did Ford really produce zero Mustang Mach-Es in January, or is it just delayed reporting?
  12. It's there, last row on the first page (Page 2 of 13) - P800 Ford F-Series Lightning at Blue Oval City, starting 8/18/2025.
  13. I suspect so. Once they decided to revise the S550 platform instead of moving to CD6, I'm sure the increased cost for hybrid, AWD, and EV adaptation was a losing business case. I'm still holding out hope that the 8th generation moves to CD6 or another new platform and incorporates all of the above, to ease the transition into all-EV someday after that.
  14. Who had the quote from an old user here that insisted we'd only ever see 412hp from the Coyote? ? EDIT: It's in deanh's signature, and the old user was Sizzler. Good times!
  15. I'm eager to see it in person, but after the leaks and official reveal, I'm underwhelmed. We knew it was a refreshed S550, but there's too little differentiation for me. Dark Horse has no heritage, and for a 59-year legacy with so many historic nameplates to choose from, why create a new one? Since they highlighted the Tremec for the Dark Horse only, that implies to me that the regular GTs will be stuck with the MT-82 again. And of course, no mention of pricing yet. I'll wait and see how they evolve the line as this generation advances, but at the outset...I'll be keeping my '07 GT500 quite a few years longer.
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