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  1. itguy09

    2020 Ram EcoDiesel sneak peek

    https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a28918699/2020-ram-1500-rebel-ecodiesel-by-the-numbers/ Those are some pretty poor MPG numbers for a Diesel and given the EcoDiesel is quite unreliable and takes expensive fuel one has to ask WHY? No Guts, No Glory, Ram. Built to Serve the Mechanic.
  2. itguy09

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    I dono. The 3.5 with the exception of the exhaust manifolds is built really stout. If they did integrated manifolds and kept the turbos cool I don't think it could work. Yes MPG would be bad (it is on ours when working it hard) but you can buy a lot of gas over the life of the truck for the premium of Diesel in initial cost, maintenance, and any repairs. Our next truck will be an F350 and while we tow a camper and plan on going big, I'm not looking forward to a Diesel. I'd much rather have a turbo gas engine.
  3. itguy09

    RAM June Sales

    It's amazing what cheap will do. It's also a damn shame that the POS Ram is 2nd place. GM better wake up and figure things out to get back into #2. Hopefully the next F150 will be even better and take Ford's lead further. The only good thing is that a lot due to the lack of quality in Ram, those Ram sales today will be Ford, GM, and everyone else in the future.
  4. itguy09

    Ford/FCA Merger?

    Again, everyone that touches Jeep ends up in bankruptcy. Willys, AMC, Chrysler (x2), etc, all 9 of them. They were "hot" in the 90's, cooled way off, and were hot again. They have had a couple months of decline and it will be interesting to see if it's a trend. They have never made great quality vehicles so they can't even fall back on that.... They do have great advertising and proof you can polish a turd, as evidenced by the hype of the POS Gladiator. I personally don't get the love for the Wrangler. It' rides horribly, is ugly like a Hummer and usually is either a Bro or "babe" truck that is gussied up to 'look cool' by someone who wouldn't be caught dead off road.
  5. itguy09

    Ford/FCA Merger?

    Why? It seems Jeep sales are peaking and on the decline. And it's not been good for any of its owners - all have gone bankrupt or been bought.
  6. itguy09

    Ford/FCA Merger?

    Why would Ford want the POS that is FCA? They have had more partners than a $2 hooker and each and every one of them has failed. Ford can do performance and has a much better brand image in Mustang than the Dodge stuff. Ram trucks, while nice interiors are junk the whole way through. Jeep is cooling off. Stick a fork in Chrysler. Maserati - Ford tried that and sold them all off. Alfa - not really going anywhere Fiat - same thing. Ford would be best to go at it alone. Any merger would have the family ceding control which they probably won't do. They need to keep the laser focus on product and quality.
  7. CR has heavily influenced us on many things. Their surveys from actual owners of things can't be beat and generally track what other surveys say about the vehicles. Outside of Alfa and Maserati what is so sexy about the Italian designs? Fiat? 500 is Fugly, 128 is a Miata hit with the ugly stick. And nothing Mopar makes is nicely styled, including Ram (boy racer to generic) and Challenger (lime green leisure suit). And they have garbage long term reliability too.
  8. They have great ads and that's about it. That's one thing Ford could seriously learn from. FCA's ads tug at you and that does get people interested. Ford it kind of getting there with the Built Ford Proud ads but they need to keep it up and get that emotional connection out there. You can see tons of ads for the Charger/Challenger but when was the last time you saw a Mustang ad? Yes, everyone knows the Mustang but it's the better car and they should advertise it. If Ford were to do what FCA is doing they would be crucified. FCA's platforms and engines are ancient. Sure profits are up because they are not investing in new stuff. Hemi is old and inefficient (and has issues), the Pentastar is a good engine but nothing stellar in the competition. They have no smaller engines, little electrification, and no real new platforms in the pipeline. Sure selling old crap makes profits go up. But they still have not figured out reliability so that eats into profits. Sorry, they should have been relegated to a footnote in automotive history in the 80s and again in 2008.
  9. What is there to admire? The powertrains in the FCA stuff are not that great. EcoDiesel has been junk with tons of issues, Hemi has issues lunching cams and other issues. Styling is subjective and IMHO the previous Ram looked better. Up until this refresh they were the least capable 1/2 ton and mediocre 3/4 to 1 ton with the Cummins carrying them. Jeep's platforms are not that much better. The cars are riding in platforms that are old enough to vote, relying on advertising and big power numbers to sell. So what is there to admire? Selling outdated junk with good ads? Ford would be better to emulate Toyota (perceived quality) and Subary (loyalty) than a company that has taken handouts twice, has abysmal quality, and is riding on ancient platforms. I'm not saying Ford has been perfect (Powershift, early EB 3.5 condensation/chains) but I'd bet $$ Ford has a lower TCO than nearly anything FCA. Reliability on all FCA products has been abysmal by most places that track things. Jeep has never been stellar and near the bottom. The most recent JD power survey of 3 year old vehicles bears this out.
  10. And the worst thing is they have a gorgeous digital cluster in the Mustang and Lincolns. Heck, in the Mustang it's a drop in replacement for the analog gauges so it's not like there would be a lot of re-engineering needed.
  11. Love to see a source for that. It's the result of great ads as the FCA products are and have always been crap.
  12. The Taurus has been quite reliable both in civilian and police use. Mine, while needing some stuff under warranty has been super reliable after the warranty. A few little things here and there (belt tensioner, AC blend motor come to mind) but all were simple repairs. Even at 130k I'd drive it cross country tomorrow. Agreed. When I first got it, people at work asked what new car I got. When I said 2010 Taurus they looked at me like I was an idiot. Then I said - see that red car there? That's the Taurus. Then the oohs and aahs came out. We did notice the cramped interior and the back seat room is tight for the size of the car. I kind of like the "cockpit" nature of the drivers's seat. It's most definitely a long distance cruiser for sure. I did PA - Orlando in a day -and it wasn't bad at all. Set the cruise and it was basically gas, bathroom and food until we got there. It's a shame they didn't advertise it and figure out how to tweak it over the past 9 years.
  13. Shame to see it go. My 2010 SHO has been one of the best cars I've owned. It's fast, quiet, loaded with tech, and at 130k has been RELIABLE. Yes, it's a pig, yes the back seats are cramped but the trunk is huge and it's an awesome highway cruiser - getting near 26 MPG and will fly past most cars on the road. For a 2009 non-luxury car it did have the tech - radar cruise, heated/cooled and massaging seats, auto high beams, cross traffic alert, blind spot, push button start, Sync/BT, nav, auto wipers. It's a little thing but I even love the rear sunshade. It's a shame Ford never kept updating it - it could have been a great vehicle
  14. Yeah - when I special ordered my Mustang it was delivered to the dealer with 2.3 miles on it (I saw it the day it came in) and when I picked it up it had around 6 miles on it. Lincoln/Ford should be able to tell you if it was part of a special QC which is not unheard of. But there is usually documentation to that on a sticker or piece of paper in the vehicle.
  15. I've always thought Diesels in the 1/2 tons are dumb. Where I am now, Diesel is around $1 more a gallon than regular old unleaded. When you have an engine like the EB 2.5 that gets close to Diesel MPG and better performance numbers why would I spend more on the expensive Diesel? Especially since it has a higher up front cost, higher ongoing maintenance, and lesser performance.... And then you have the EB 3.5 which will kill the Diesel in every metric but MPG.