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  1. Yes. No dollar numbers and expect high. Won't even consider purchasing until been out a year minimum and get an idea on problems potential. Everything said about what they are coming out with is nice featured.
  2. I drive Ford F150s and am considering a hybrid version. At this time however I am waiting to see about the Ram hybrid. I like the thought process behind it. Think Ford had better do some rethinking and consider what Ram is doing. 650 mile range and over 600 hp is impressive.
  3. This guy sure seems to make things up as he goes along. First he says steel tarriffs were for national security whatever the f that was supposed to mean. Latest is because of Canadas' dairy tarriffs. Of course he neglected to mention the heavy subsidising of Americano dairy farmers which Canada does not do. Also that 5 times as much American dairy products go to Canada versus the other way. Idiot probably doesnt even know facts just flaps his gums. Canada is rightly becoming frustrated with the US as he seems to be well supported. Myself I think I will just fly over the US to Mexico or Europe for a winter vacation versus Florida. My little act of protest haha.
  4. From a Canadian perspective I think (hope) these tariffs and other Trump international antics may be a blessing in disguise. Short term pain for long term gain. Canada has far too long been reliant on the US as the major trading partner. Time for Canada to go to work and create more diversity in sourcing alternatives rather than picking the low hanging fruit as in the US just because it is next door. IMO the US can not be relied upon anymore to stick to international agreements ala global warming withdrawal, Iran agreement, NAFTA ..... I hope Canada can make the recent trade agreements with the TransPacific and European work. A good step in turning away from the US as the major partner in trade.
  5. So if this truck is not being produced for a year why would I be getting advertising on it in my email already? Cheesy!
  6. I wonder how much weight difference there will be between this and the F150 if they stick with steel. I hope there is significant fuel mileage difference unlike the old Ranger which from my experience was very poor for the vehicle size if not worse than the full size. IMO and for my purpose this would be a definite consideration. If only 10% or so difference may as well stick with an F150 with more capacity.
  7. Anyone know whether it is going to be aluminum?
  8. Any possibility the Ranger will be aluminum (I hope)? or maybe discussed already!
  9. Not trying to be negative but: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/fords-europe-sales-rise-6-101810295.html
  10. If both the Ranger and F150 are available in China and other countries why cant ford justify both in NA? Is it the cost of meeting regulations, competition against F150 profits...? Dont know and just asking!
  11. You pussies. Try driving on this crap every spring. http://cjme.com/article/197309/sask-highways-minister-agrees-highways-220-322-terrible How do you think autonomous cars would handle this? haha
  12. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/ford-march-u-auto-sales-133746775.html
  13. Well at least one NA manufacturer made a vehicle in the top 10. http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2016/03/19/these-two-automakers-absolutely-dominated-the-list.aspx?source=yahoo-2&utm_campaign=article&utm_medium=feed&utm_source=yahoo-2
  14. Just a question for you techies.. Would the frames on these need to be as heavy duty as say an f250 or 350. Could they be aluminum for weight loss?
  15. https://au.finance.yahoo.com/news/ford-begins-2016-record-breaking-153000368.html and thats without selling trucks? Impressive for how long been in the market.
  16. Ford Motor Company January 2016 Sales Results Ford Brand SUVs Post Strongest Start since 2004; Ford Vans Have Best Start in 31 Years, Thanks to New Transit Ford brand SUVs have their best start since 2004 with 50,212 vehicles sold; Edge sales up 26 percent Transit sales increase 51 percent, driving Ford van sales to their best January since 1985 Lincoln posts January sales up 8 percent on strong demand for all-new Lincoln MKX Ford Motor Company average transaction prices grow almost three times the rate of overall industry; U.S. sales of 173,723 vehicles decline 3 percent versus last year DOWNLOAD JANUARY SALES PDF WITH CHARTS DEARBORN, Mich., Feb. 2, 2016 – Coming off strong results last January, Ford Motor Company’s total U.S. sales of 173,723 vehicles declined 3 percent last month versus a year ago. Bright spots for January include industry-leading transaction price increases for the month, the best start since 2004 for Ford brand SUV sales and an 8-percent gain in sales for Lincoln. “For Ford, overall transaction prices were up $1,800 in January – almost three times more than the overall industry average – driven largely by strong customer demand, especially for our SUVs and F-Series pickups,” said Mark LaNeve, Ford vice president, U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service. Ford SUVs totaled 50,212 sales last month – a 3 percent increase versus a year ago and the brand’s best sales start since 2004. The all-new Edge was the biggest driver, posting a 26 percent jump on sales of 9,533 vehicles. Transit sales increased 51 percent in January with 9,631 vehicles sold, lifting overall Ford van performance 20 percent for their best start since 1985. F-Series January sales totaled 51,540 vehicles, down 5 percent. F-Series average transaction pricing grew $2,500 last month, while incentive spending was down $500 versus a year ago. “We continue seeing strong commercial fleet orders for F-150 and will be filling more orders this year,” LaNeve said. “As the largest seller of commercial vehicles, this represents good news for Ford trucks and the overall economy.” Lincoln sales increased 8 percent, for the best start of the year since 2008. Lincoln sold 7,177 vehicles, and the all-new MKX posted a 51 percent increase with 2,052 vehicles sold. It was Lincoln’s best January for SUVs since 2001.
  17. True. They do work great for fog and drizzle and blowing snow. However I just get anoyed at those in particular with the extra brights. But I guess they dont realize or maybe my eyes are just light sensitive.
  18. Where I'm from the big thing is to drive with the fog lights on in addition to headlights. Some of these are LED or whatever and pretty bright. WTF need them on for when seldom foggy is beyond me.
  19. http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2016/01/01/will-2016-be-ford-motor-companys-best-year-yet.aspx? Lots of reason to be optimistic! Hope Europe pans out. Hope new Super Duty is a hit.
  20. Heck I had my f150 in for engine light on 3 different occasions within a month or two. This was a couple years ago. At the time they told me if the light is flashing I have a problem so I said Fuc it and have driven with the light on ever since. On occasion it does go off but not for long.
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