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  1. DTP QLS

    BUYOUT...When Do We Leave??

    That is what I am talking about "Dayshift"......enjoying life!
  2. DTP QLS

    Contract voting results

    1571 Yes 776 No
  3. DTP QLS

    Contract voting results

    Passed at DTP
  4. Agreed, I posted in haste.Since removed just tired of reading his rants
  5. DTP QLS

    Time Out

  6. DTP QLS

    Time Out

    Job Title Janitorial Job Function House keeping Employment Type M - Non-production supplier
  7. DTP QLS

    GM contract highlights

    Thus far.....
  8. DTP QLS

    CAP employees

    Jim Demartino
  9. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/10/16/gm-uaw-agree-on-tentative-labor-contract-that-could-end-strike.html
  10. DTP QLS

    2019 Mustang GT Premium Tracking

    Update: Scheduled to Day (Aug-08-2018)
  11. DTP QLS

    dearborn complex

    We returned to work on Friday - the 18th.
  12. DTP QLS

    Dearborn truck schedule

    Plus "Super's" (Saturday nights & Sunday days) - 4 on the books as of now.