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  1. Ididntdoit

    Woke Up This Morning... Got Yourself a Gun

    We all should be making "Strike T-Shirts" and selling them 25$ a pop, make some extra pocket money off the picketers. Solidarity Chicago style. Sometimes going to work is like going to a mini market with all the side hustlin' entrepreneurs.
  2. Ididntdoit

    Woke Up This Morning... Got Yourself a Gun

    Can't we just fire them and sue for a refund of dues before Trump appoints someone to mediate.
  3. GM needed to make a cut in labor cost, they just cut a weeks labor cost without having to pay anyones vacation time on the UAW's dime. IUAW needed to be relevant to it's members and find away to spend some strike fund money to continue at the higher dues rate. The longer they take to stall the inevitable the more creative the rumors sound.
  4. Ididntdoit

    GM/ IUAW contract negotiations

    it's ok, they're taking the weekend off while everyone bask in solidarity. By monday picketers will be eligible and enough strike fund will have been spent so they won't have to lower dues anytime soon. Ford might see something by Oct 4th? hopefully
  5. you must be new, yes we pay 7-10% of our wage in dues after you add dues from bonuses. Don't say I'm wrong and not give the right answer. you're actually proving my point about workers not comprehending very well. Speaking of dues, once strike fund reaches 850 mill our dues were to be lowered. We were reaching the 800 mill mark before this strike, in order for them to continue getting the higher dues they needed to strike and spend some of that strike fund. https://uaw.org/dues-faq/
  6. it'll pass if they get to vote, majority don't even realize how much they currently pay. UAW doesn't communicate very well and not all workers comprehend very well. Put it on a piece of paper ass a lil UAW sugar and it'll pass. Especially now those striking just realized their health care expired with the contract and they'll need to strike 8 days before eligible for cobra and strike funds even though it's written out plain as day on the UAW site they were clueless and thought they were covered for the month. And to be honest 15% is way better then medicare for all like the UAW endorsed politicians want you on. So 3% to 15% is a lot but so is paying 7%-10% of our wage in dues.
  7. Ididntdoit

    GM/ IUAW contract negotiations

    need to strike for 8 days before you're eligible for strike benefits, strike for 5 to save some of the credibility of the IUAW and use it as a loophole to tap into more strike funds without paying members. That's what I see.
  8. Ididntdoit

    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    I totally agree, the plant doesn't deserve it
  9. Ididntdoit

    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    shinny new contract will magically make morale increase as well as the quality. All these negative headlines beating us down effecting our work flow, extending deadlines just makes it worse.
  10. Ididntdoit

    Bye, bye Gary jones

    I see all those amounts of union funds embezzled, I see 9 convicted and sentenced. How much money was taken from members or that should of gone to members instead of their pockets? Who replaces the money embezzled? is that a lose members have to eat? do members need to file a suit? are there enough members with a backbone to stand up to the IUAW or just sit back watch it crumble and find the nearest exit? Hearing more about the fed investigation then the contract negotiations isn't helping anything, IUAW needs to step up or step out not in a week not next month or a year from now, today right now.
  11. Ididntdoit

    Build quality worries

    the article is actually being generous about the issues, there are issues not mysterious just stubborn management don't listen to veteran employees, we called out the issues in May they ignored until it became a headline. 6 month retooling done in 30 days new equipment into a 100 yr old plant, low moral during contract negotiations, I can provide a book of excuses as to way the quality isn't there. A nice new shinny contract will do wonders to moral and help put the quality back into the products we build. Delaying and extending only gives workers more time to stew in the headlines of scandals dragging moral down even further along with the quality of the product.
  12. Ididntdoit


    I just gotta laugh most of these kids were in grade school when I started, they don't listen to experienced workers they think they know it all. I'm on year 24, been through plant closures, transferred, seen shifts go from 3 to 1 back to 3, seen workers with 5yr get laid off a week before thanksgiving, seen decades of UAW shady politics, nepotism and harassment. And these kids most not even 10 yrs in yet look at me like I don't know what I'm talking about when I see the signs of shifts ending possible product moving to another plant because the workers at the current plant are incompetent and have poor work ethics. Don't be so damn naive, if you have 2 of your biggest profitable products being half ass built in a 100yr old plant that's had a decade worth of recalls over the past year and now the current product having to be repaired right after it leaves the line at another plant you can pretty much guarantee some major changes will take place and not in a good way. I would be completely shocked if CAP is running 3 shifts if any at all. They've learned no matter how much you put in how many you hire you can not produce a quality product with a poorly managed, lack of work ethics, and corrupted local union ran plant. That is why I'd like to offer my 24yr of service for a severance package and pension buyout so that these low seniority know it alls can have their broken plant and corrupted union all to themselves and make it a win win for us all.
  13. Ididntdoit

    Social Security Raises vs Ford Retirement

    Exactly, as it stands now there's no guarantee that in 10 yrs from now Ford sells closes or is reduced to barely nothing. After seeing what the teamsters are dealing with pensions issues I'm not risking my retirement on hopes there will be money for when I'm eligible.
  14. moving on to Ford would be the most intelligent thing they've done all year. But they're not known for intelligence. I'm only saying this because I really really really want a separation with severance and pension buyout. Take one for the team and help Ford's restructuring.
  15. Ididntdoit

    Social Security Raises vs Ford Retirement

    no pride here for Shitcago or their ghetto union thugs, but I do have common sense to get the separation package before the titanic sinks.