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  1. We re off for two weeks now because of parts shortages. The week of feb 22 and the week of March 1
  2. Oacjay98

    Microchip Shortage Downtime

    The shortage shitshow continues. OAC down the week of March 1st. Potential short work week last week of February.
  3. Oacjay98


    There will be no hybrid plug in Nautilus.
  4. No Akirby is right I don’t know. I’m just a lowly general production operator lol. BTW OAC will be down again the week of March 1st. We have also lost a shift and a half because of weather and other parts issues. The disruptions going on in this industry right now are crazy. If it wasn’t covid it’s microchips or blizzards or seatbelts. Day to day all I hope is you get your product in the not too distant future.
  5. I hope your brother doesn’t have to wait too long for his order and I hope it’s built with great quality. Lol, we re working hard to get em out.
  6. Oacjay98

    Puma coming to NA?

    Agreed!, if the CEO is tweeting this then I think that’s a good indicator that it will replace the stale Ecosport.
  7. No they haven’t started shipping at all. We just returned to work on February 8th. All units are being held right now as we just started building them. We built 187 in January. Then the chip shortage happened . We are currently building roughly 800 per shift.
  8. Anything is possible and we will hear more from ford as what they intend to put at this OAC in the future. We re up and running this week doing 800 edge nautilus a day til the next downtime because of this microchip disaster.
  9. I’m sure if they have plans this large they’re also working on charging infrastructure improvements. It’s gonna take time. Obviously I hope it all does well but I’m not ready for no EV adaptation just yet. I hope Ford executes this plan well and it doesn’t flop. ICE will still be around for at least another decade or two.
  10. I would have to agree and time will tell. The next ford I buy will be ICE I know that much. Infrastructure is not in place yet, maybe when the infrastructure increases and more and more EVs are on the road in 5-10-15 years I’ll consider it. I just hope as OAC and other plants switch to EV products they use resources from N/A and not do everything in China. Canada is resource rich and I’m sure America is as well, unless the Chinese bought up all our resources too lol.
  11. Very true, who knows right?
  12. Probably but I’m not worried about that at all I’ve been with ford long enough so I’m good whatever they do. Yes I’m aware of the Avon lake bevs just haven’t heard shit about it in terms of when they will start the project.
  13. We were told we’re building edge til 2024. Unless there is some change. We’ve never heard anything about midsize EV in Oakville in 2023. Timetable at contract was 2024-2025 to retool unless FOMOCO changed their plans again. Havent heard a damn thing about Ohio, what’s going on there? I’m still trying to figure out 5 new EVs in Oakville. 2 midsize EVs in Ohio yet they haven’t even driven a bolt to start retooling there yet. We were told 2 door vehicle performance for door vehicles and one large CUV. All speculation at this point. Corsair only confirmed vehicle. Does that mean Escape EV or Bronco Sport EV?? I know I’m reaching but who knows. WE were told lots of the EVs we will build will be heading to Europe.
  14. As an employee of OAC I consider this music to my ears!