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  1. I read an article today on fordauthority saying ranger sales have caught up to the Colorado so I believe MAP will be just fine plus upcoming Bronco like you said. We at OAC were told May 25 A SHIFT goes in for days. Then the following week June 1 B shift comes in for nights. Then both shifts will return to our regular daily rotation. For the first two weeks only one shift will be coming in at a time.
  2. Pick ups are the profit machine so that’s understandable. You guys have churn en out!
  3. You’re absolutely right, that’s the way it’s gonna be for the foreseeable future.
  4. Looks like FOMOCO has all their safety protocols and guidelines in place for us to get back to work in some capacity.
  5. Up here in Oakville Canada, the word is May 25th. Rotating one shift. Like two weeks on two weeks off. That’s the rumor.
  6. Yes it is very sad, my condolences to those fellow workers who have died. Stay safe brothers. Ford has announced that there is no definitive date of return as a result of this tragedy
  7. We up here at Oakville Assembly Complex are down til April 20th at the earliest. Hearing that we may only be working days when we return. So many damn rumors. Our downtime was told to us by Unifor local 707 our local so I guess it’s fact. This Covid situation is just unreal!
  8. Yup it’s a contract year, we don’t have much leverage up here lol. Hope unifor can do something so we can get a decent contract. Hope things pick up by then. These are unforeseen circumstances
  9. I hope all this Covid crap can die down sooner than later. It’s an awful situation affecting many. Shutting down the plants was the right thing to do. I hope all of you stay safe. This is a bad year for this to happen in terms of being a contract year up here in Canada. I feel like we’re gonna get screwed over. No chance we get what you UAW guys get, not with all this uncertainty going on. Maybe I’m wrong. This covid situation is just unreal!
  10. You can send them up here to Oakville when we get a new product lol. I’m sure ford doesn’t want another explorer launch. The Bronco will have you guys working 10s! Two shifts
  11. Thanks Fuzzy, I hope MAP executes a far better launch than Chicago
  12. I’m sure December can’t come soon enough for you guys at MAP. I’m sure your launch will be a success. Ford can’t afford another bad launch. I’ve seen them here at Oakville in the past and the recent Chicago mess. They better get it right man.
  13. The Bronco looks awesome so far. Can’t wait to see the official introduction and additional variants. When is job one slated for at MAP???
  14. Oacjay98

    NG Ford Fusion Mule Spied

    I would imagine crossovers are already part of their trucks and utilities analysis. I hope Ford presents some low cost offerings sooner than later. It’s needed in their line up. Being the puma here and finish off the eco sport as well. Puma looks way better.
  15. Oacjay98

    NG Ford Fusion Mule Spied

    I read on Automotive news that 80 percent of the sales in the market will be light trucks and suvs so you’re right about the buying trends.