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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. I hated them cancelling some models and hate that they’re ditching and not redesigning the Edge in N/A but some of the replacement products that they have come out with have been excellent too like the Bronco and Maverick for example.
  2. Jim Farley says the Edge is a commodity product and that there is a glut of two row crossovers. I guess there is room for growth in the 3 row EV crossover segment in Fords eyes. Like you said maybe Bronco Escape Maverick etc etc will gain sells from this void in the line up for now.
  3. I see no Edge but then again we have to see the vehicle unveiled that person seen the vehicle so maybe there is some truth to it?
  4. There’s room for 3 EVs OAC is huge 2 plants merged into 1 like MAP was. We were told we were getting 5 EVs which I felt was BS so if they wanted they can add a third which I’m very skeptical will happen!
  5. I hope the small following you speak of is enough to facilitate 2 shifts of production. We need more than a small following, I know in the beginning we will build alot to scale up but I hope it’s successful. I really can’t wait to see these products so we can truly assess the products. For now it looks like a giant Prius under cloth. I also agree that differentiation from ice explorer aviator may be good but for the love of God please get the design right Ford!! Also on a forecasting site I only seen an EV Aviator Gt after 25. CAP was only showing ICE Explorer no ICE Aviator I bet that will change too!
  6. The Explorer is a cash cow for Ford so maybe you’re right. John Savona was at Oakville a few months ago before he retired and said the product would be iconic. If it’s not an explorer then what is it?? How do we know that thing under the tarp is truly the final product. It looks like a giant Prius! They project this EV ford and Lincoln 7 seaters to sell a combined 200,000 units. I sure hope Farley is right as he seems to know what he’s doing for the most part.
  7. Hope so cause it looks ugly as hell under that tarp if that’s truly the vehicle. Last thing we need at OAC is an ugly piece of shit FLOP. We’ve been off enough since 2020 lol. Too early for me to say anything anyways just talking shit.
  8. Oacjay98

    Ford Sales May 2023

    I would have to agree that it could be a change in the tax credits and the production pause as well. As for the numbers on the lots is that not excess inventory?? They’re now producing much more of them and sales are down? Hopefully this doesn’t turn into an ongoing trend.
  9. Oacjay98

    Ford Sales May 2023

    I wonder why Mach-E sales are down so much. Did they not ramp up production?? I will say it’s too expensive but that’s not good. Jim Farley projected 160000 plus units a year, this downward trend better stop.
  10. What an absolutely hideous looking vehicle under the tarp. I don’t think it will look any better with the tarp off I pray to God that’s not what this vehicle is gonna look like or it’s gonna be a massive flop!
  11. Ok because I was like WTF they said suppliers are getting ready for some time of explorer aviator EV in Oakville. Then I read that and I was like that couldn’t be true although we know ford changes plans all the time.
  12. Who told you that the EV Explorer isn’t going to Oakville?? If this is true this will be the fourth time they moved this not even built yet product!