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  1. I gotta believe Ford knows what they’re doing and have it all planned out nicely. I hated when they killed the fusion and focus and was questioning the company yet sedans don’t even sell like they used to so I guess Ford was right. Too bad Evos likely will never see the light of day here.
  2. How do you feel about that Chinese Evos that likely won’t see the light of day?? That would be nice in North America. Maverick is great and I like the bronco sport it’s solid it just reminds me of original escape although it’s better than that obviously.
  3. What are they gonna replace them with?? EVs right??? So they don’t have a glut but they’re getting rid of edge and stupid Ecosport. What’s coming EVs, maybe fusion active puma who the fuck knows right?? They have to replace those with something.
  4. The Edge is a solid product looks better than the Escape to me!! I’m biased though I make them, too bad Ford is abandoning ship on them! They should at least bring the Evos to N/A since they’re killing the Edge. The Evos is a stellar looking product. I thinking the ST LINE Edges and Titanium’s look great. Ford is just intentionally killing the product since it has no future in their line up with there glut of crossovers.
  5. I agree, I was thinking thinking Mexico. I know this is a bit of a left turn but I’m still wondering about this so called fusion active. I’m wondering if that will be happening. Good riddance to the bland Ecosport!
  6. Good analysis, I agree with your assessment. I still hope Ford can somehow get the price right and get that Puma over here. The Ecosport is bland even if decent, the Puma is a far superior product from what I see. You’re correct not everyone is gonna want a Maverick which is in my opinion even more reason to bring over the Puma.
  7. So what does that mean for the Ecosport going forward?? In my opinion Ford should scrap the Ecosport altogether and get the Ford Puma over to N/A built somewhere in A North America plant.
  8. Oacjay98

    '21 August Sales Report

    July numbers at OAC reflect Nautilus only build for 3 weeks. Production has been 8 hours both shifts in the main plant 9-10 hours in body and paint in August so it has gotten better.
  9. Oacjay98

    '21 August Sales Report

    It is possible especially since ford changes plans constantly it seems. It has gotten better the past couple of months at our plant, we haven’t been laid off as much lately. Since post July summer shutdown we’ve only been down this past week. I believe more downtime is on the horizon even if it’s at a lesser rate. I really hope not as well we can’t just build nautilus only for any prolonged period of time as the edge has always been the main course at OAC.
  10. Oacjay98

    '21 August Sales Report

    They’re pumping out the higher end models to maximize profit in the midst of this microchip shitshow.
  11. Oacjay98

    '21 August Sales Report

    We built Nautilus only for 3 weeks albeit low numbers obviously per shift in July so that’s where the bunch of Nautilus came from. The vehicles that are sitting outside OAC are all Edges which are slowly being fixed with new microchips being installed.
  12. People at OAC have been speculating that retooling will be moved up, we've been told nothing yet. I believe we will run til sometime in late 2023, we still have another contract to deal with which I believe will take place before retooling. So my prediction is we will balance out late 23. We were told at contract retooling could take 5-16 months. 16 months is ridiculous unless they’re gonna demolish and rebuild some of the plant. I know they’re obviously gonna tear most of it out but Ford can move way quicker than that.
  13. Well we now according to auto news Mach-e to OAC no more edge
  14. Well they say Mach-e at OAC so doubt escape will ever happen.
  15. Thanks very interesting that’s 4 out of 5 EVs now announced for OAC.