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  1. I believe masks will still have to be worn at all ford facilities for the remainder of the year. Who knows I could be very wrong, just my thoughts.
  2. Very well said, that about sums it up. Mulally wasn’t a car guy like Farley but changed the corporate culture at Fomoco and added some common sense when it lacked. Farley is a car guy through and through and I believe he will continue to perform well. Hackett was good and deserves some credit as well.
  3. As they should!!! The facility is under-utilized and needs products. Farley seems to have a competent game plan so things should play out well.
  4. Alan Mulally and Jim Farley are by far the most competent CEOs Ford has had in along time.
  5. I can’t wait til the 2023 contract year when unifor and the uaw bargain at the same time. I wonder if the UAW will bitch at ford for investing in OAC and undermine EV investment here so the UAW will benefit. Since I see they want to implement all these UAW made provisions on EVs.
  6. Hope so because I’m staring at barrel of 1 month more off at OAC after next week. We’re getting hammered along with every other plant. Louisville and OAC are getting hit the hardest.
  7. Oacjay98

    Dearborn Shutdown?

    Only makes sense in terms of profitability based on demand. F series Bronco Explorer most critical
  8. Oacjay98

    Dearborn Shutdown?

    Yup I totally agree, even without covid shutdowns and this semi conductor mess we still would’ve had down weeks just not this much! We’ve discussed this before and everyone knows the Edge/Nautilus situation. Fords gotta get them trucks to the dealers not sitting in parking lots and with the new products being launched we are OAC know we’re facing lots more on and off work to come. The market dictates what happens but with no major redesign we know how that goes.
  9. Oacjay98

    Dearborn Shutdown?

    It’s the same shit going on up here at OAC. We have 11,000 Edge/Nautilus packed around the plant. We were down for 4 weeks during that time they took parts out of the units parked around the plant and are putting them into the units we are building now. The units we are building now are shipping. Word is we will only be back til May 28th then down til July at least. I knew we would have lots of downtime as ford has to process those f series sitting around Michigan and in Kentucky. I’m just wondering what the process will be to get all of these vehicles of these lots. OT for us,Third party?? This year has been a big SHITSHOW so far in this industry!
  10. Ford does change plans too often hence the reason I’m taking the believe when I see it approach to 5 new EVS coming to Oakville in the mid 2020s. They secured the 600 million government money so somethings coming. The plan will change again before then I bet!
  11. I agree and i believe they have sourced the microchips to MAP as A1 priority to ensure launch goes well. You guys are number 1 on the list of plant priority I’m sure.
  12. Of course the broncos are getting most of the microchips. Ford can’t fuck up this launch. It’s been a messed up year the bronco should be the bright spot for ford until they get this microchip bullshit resolved.
  13. I always said had that 3rd Mexican plant been built OAC would’ve probably been dead in the water. This plan is all still new, I’m pretty sure things will change as they always do with Ford. I’m what way I don’t know but one day at a time with ford and their planning that’s how I’m taking it.
  14. They’re gonna have to build some batteries up here so we will see how it all plays out. It just may be good news for Canada.